Hot Water Music - Vultures (Official Music Video)

Hot Water Music - Vultures (Official Music Video)
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If there's anything left for the vultures, don't forget it's a bloody line up when they think there's a quick paycheck. Hidden in weakened wrecks. In the hollow bones. They get digging, with a one track mind, and they can't let go of a good thing. It's a good thing. Gonna rally round a good thing. Till every man gets a taste, and the resonant relics of passing time have all been picked. Taken out under wing, or devoured whole. Giving up everything to the ones that know all the good things. It's a good thing. Gonna rally round a good thing.

Dig to ravage plain in sight. Dig to horde the hallowed aid. Praise is cheap but valid's right. Take your treasure, stand in line.

We live up our article with glory. We go all in all for what it's worth. We live seldom giving back to story. We go on our way collecting surely.

Directed/edited by Andrew Seward 
Hot Water Music - Vultures (Official Music Video)



Shiny Shaman - 2017-12-21
Bit of a Leatherface vibe from this one. Good stuff.

Paulo Heller Hesse - 2017-12-21
This song is really a good thing, good thing, this rocks.

FlawlessRythym - 2017-10-29
Stole the intro from Murmaider and the song still sucks!

DR G - 2017-10-25
Sausage partay

Rusty Shackleford - 2017-10-11
I have to be at least 2k of these views!!!

Marcus Stuckey - 2017-09-26
Got a Misfits feel to it! ๐Ÿ‘

Christopher Gary - 2017-09-15
2:10 There's Bug. The Descendent's roadie.

xjaskix - 2017-08-30
please for the love of all that is good please come back to Finland! you promised in 2010 at Nosturi =)

Samuel Stalcup - 2017-08-25
I can't stop with this song man...

Thomas Kreutzer - 2017-08-23
Stoked about be great able to submit some footage for such a killer band!!

Kurtis Barnett - 2017-08-17
I'm fucking hooked on this song.....can't get enough of it!!!!! And what's with the 44 dislikes!? Morons!!

Daniel Richerson - 2017-08-09
Oh SHIT!! This takes me back to the good ole days. I feel like I'm playing Tony Hawk on PS1

Xaphan Virgilius - 2017-08-01
They still got it!

ova - 2017-07-31

Karz S - 2017-07-25
Anyone interested in the chord progression? E major,

Intro: F#, C#, G#, A
Verse: F#, A, E

droopmodMRC - 2017-07-25
Yes!!!! Fuck yes!!! Thank you! I love you all!!! /tears

MUTE8 - 2017-07-22
Fuck yes

Niko Blug - 2017-07-21
Wow!!!! Memorys inside. Thanx!

crackrocksteady14 - 2017-07-17
Fuck yeah!! This is the HWM I fell in love with all those years ago!

Vladut Catargiu - 2017-07-17
Reminds me old Gallows

Alex D - 2017-07-16
what a song

DSR 555 - 2017-07-15
hope this reflects the feel of the whole album

MJefBR - 2017-07-15
There is energy, at least Rise did not cut their balls off like they did with The Flatliners, but the song is so so, especially if you think it is a single

ใ•ใ‚“ใ„ใจใ† - 2017-07-15

L TQS - 2017-07-15
Long Live Punk Rock.

Peedr - 2017-07-15
Not sure whether I am not just biased by the looks of the video clip, but this song sounds like if it was recorded in the late 90's. And I am digging that sound a lot!

der schreckliche Sven - 2017-07-15
1:10 Regensburg outskirts (eichofen brewery) 17 years ago... amazing show.... got kicked out of that venue cos too many people showed up.. lol, was worth it!!

fct4life - 2017-07-15
I remember Remedy from T.H.U.G.

Good times

Tobias Blackmoar - 2017-07-14
I am happy i decided to click on this . d o p e

Camille Mueco - 2017-07-14
The hype is real <3

Buitre Carroรฑero - 2017-07-14

LJ Sanford - 2017-07-14
Sounds like an Oi! song. I dig!

Aaron Shaver - 2017-07-14
Haha Skiba!! 2:17

Dinba - 2017-07-14
Frankie Stubbs in a cape, lol.

drea natsu - 2017-07-14
Amazing! Just what I was expecting from Chris !
I'm seriously so fucking hyped for the new album

Micah - 2017-07-14
Fuck yeah this is awesome!

Brennvidde - 2017-07-14
Fuck yeah!

Douglas Monteiro - 2017-07-13
Its reason why I love this band!

stephen - 2017-07-13
outstanding. i have probably seen all of those video clips on youtube. great idea.

Bobby Dennie - 2017-07-13

Tai Moura - 2017-07-13
Lack of energy in this song ;(

skullvulture - 2017-07-13
This makes me so happy!

Lulu - 2017-07-13
melhor banda do mundo

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