Abigail Guerrero - 2017-12-01
Hermosos 😍💘

Yulianti Wulansari - 2017-09-18
he sounds like he's sick in this performance :'( I hope you'll always be healthy, Hongki :')

Abigail Guerrero - 2017-07-28
Cómo amo a Ft-Island 😍😘
Me encantan todas sus canciones , Sin duda una de mis bandas favoritas .

Kim Young Shane Jordan - 2017-07-08
i love their son always.....tkecre oppa.....ur voice is ur life bec.u born to be singer..

Hanisss 755 - 2017-06-30
hongki you make me cry again.. 😢

FT ISLAND THU YẾN - 2017-06-29
honk star✡

Daniela Marin - 2017-06-24
even if he is suffering his voice has never dissapointed me, never <3

Arlene Buan - 2017-06-23
Hong Ki's amazing voice.😍😇

Lupita won - 2017-06-22
He has to rest from here now... He is so stubborn, but he needs the rest. It is a matter of rest and take care of his throat. We love you Hong Ki and we want you to get better soon...

Iris Balaj - 2017-06-22
I hope Hongki doesn't strain his voice too much !! :(

Gabby T - 2017-06-22
wow. just wow😍😍😍

Lam 라니아 - 2017-06-21
this song is just perfect.

ccannharp - 2017-06-21
you can hear how much pain he's in from that throat cyst and yet this is still one of the most extraordinary performances I've ever seen.

fea ftskullhongizs - 2017-06-21
FT아일랜드 사랑해요

Winni WANG - 2017-06-21
I love Ftisland, but i still want to say, Korea doesn't deserve them !! They are definitely treasure, the voice of Hongki and the talent of other members! They should be much more popular than now! why Korean people cannot see this...

Black Chocolate - 2017-06-20
เสียงดีมาก สุดยอด👍

FATE of FTISLAND - 2017-06-20
,,shame shame shame,,whatta pain in the ass..its the most upsetting situation a singer felt atm

rlsc_07 - 2017-06-20
even with throat problem Hongki still manage to perform it live..still adore them so much. keep supporting them!

Kamila Wilhelm - 2017-06-20

Izanami-no-Mikoto - 2017-06-20

Skullteng32 婷 - 2017-06-19
worry his voice and his health

nocta66 - 2017-06-19
My heart broke hearing his voice like that... He needs to take care of him before performing, but when will Hongki realize that ha.... ><

LiChien Chong - 2017-06-19
Hongki takes care please. :((((

FTIsland always do a great job for every song, every comeback, every performances.
This is how a good band should be like <3

Brittany Burton - 2017-06-18
Hongki's voice never fails to give me chills

Ikigai - 2017-06-18
I love this song !!!! Hope they will take care !!Especially hongki's voice

Gabriela Martinez - 2017-06-18
🙆🙆 increible !!!😍

sheenyeo - 2017-06-18
Hongki please take care of your voice more. ☹️ Is it not possible to lower the song even by a halfstep? Like yeah the instruments here are not live, coz it's a music show anyways. Is it really not possible? I don't want him to lose his voice.

Novita Wijaya - 2017-06-18
plz respect hongki even when his voice not strong enough because of the cyst and he is in pain but he is still give the best that he could

Panzowa TH - 2017-06-18

heros bazaar art - 2017-06-18
omg I'm yelling at my phone STOP SINGING PLEASE STOP JUST REST... I'm afraid he will get hurt worse. 😯🙁😢😭😭😭😭😭

Minh Anh - 2017-06-18
Hong Ki ah your throat 😭😭 you suffered a lot

Emiliq Marinova - 2017-06-17
Super,super!!!! :-) :-)

Elena SC - 2017-06-17
Esta canción es mi favorita

Cassie Sun - 2017-06-17
I'm crying for Hongki voice. :(

Lixian Kok - 2017-06-17

EM - 2017-06-17
3:47 <3333333333333333

11:11 Hol1d4y - 2017-06-17
My treasures.😢❤️

Hoi Ting Tang - 2017-06-17
Hongki ar.... your throat:(

JessIg 0219 - 2017-06-17
I'm worried about Hongki's throat. I hope he doesn't cause permanent damage by continuing to promote and perform with the cyst. I do love this new song, though! FTISLAND fighting!

Burning Light - 2017-06-17
hongki :(( you're suffering a lot wth your throat

Riska Anggraeni - 2017-06-17

Qing Wang - 2017-06-17
I hope that Hongki can take a break for his throat, pleaseT.T

Fabi Llano - 2017-06-17
The most amazing voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lina Skull - 2017-06-17
he has a problem in his throat and he still performs good on live stage...Hongki get well soon and take care... Love FTISLAND ❤❤

Hongstar Lee - 2017-06-17

prideytasy FNC - 2017-06-17
My poor Hongki is too tired but really sings well. Don't force yourself too much please take of your throat :(

Desmond Lim - 2017-06-17
i miss the times where ft island have better wardrobes...........

RoMayDrako - 2017-06-17
To those noticing e change in Hong Ki's voice it is a throat cyst. He mentioned a cyst being discovered shortly before comeback. Highnotes he struggles with. Since Hong Ki has always had a weak throat he's probably getting more tired by promoting with the cyst. Knowing stubborn Hong Ki he won't stop and take care of himself. More so that this is the 10th year of Ft Island. Wish him quick recovery.

烏やたがらす - 2017-06-17

untitledpanda - 2017-06-17
this song is too underrated

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