Brandon Shalkowski - 2018-02-17
CV way to radio guy for the ringer just doesn't fit

Ekhlaas Khandekar - 2018-02-15
S/O to KOC for having the patience to explain simple concepts to Vernon

AceRahim - 2018-02-14
This Vernon is a fucking idiot lmaoooo hes really tryna talk about how hoops summit is better competition than the Euro league and shut the fuck up with your barbaric and idiotic obsession with physicality, you can be as physical as you want the only thing that matters is your basketball skills, dont look at somebody and slob his athleticism if he doesnt fucking know what to do with it. Learn. The fucking. Game. Thats the same mentality thats encouraging this complete bullshit AAU basketball n kids who dont learn the game and the nuances of it, utter garbage and a horrible basketball mind, keep this bum away from any type of media that provides him with a voice, just awful

NBA District - 2018-02-14
What do you mean Rubio needs to develop a consistent jump shot? His jumper has been good all year. He just struggled with turnovers and three point shooting earlier this season.

Bryce Wilson - 2018-02-14
i’m not sure if donovan mitchell is better than gary harris lol.

ty huggins - 2018-02-14
What the heck possessed Chris Vernon to refuse to accept that tall people look like basketball players for that long?
Did he really need to be right that bad?

TheAdidaskicks23 - 2018-02-14
This pod got WAAAAYYY better. Nice job Vernon.

Abdi Nur - 2018-02-14
where the videos at tho?

Shaun Shine - 2018-02-14
Kevin is retarded

MrWashingtonLee - 2018-02-14
Kevin O'Conflict lol

Doah and Duce podcast - 2018-02-14
I love this podcast...

jellyborrayo238 - 2018-02-13
Dear Ringer Video Production, please stop uploading audio only versions of podcasts. Only upload to YouTube if you recorded them in video.

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