90s Limit 1 - 2018-01-19
Does it come with a reciept?

DAB! - 2017-01-29
u look soooo pretty

GLOWKID Anthony - 2017-01-02
a Canon

Didi1770 - 2016-12-23
Tinglesssssssssss. Awesome

Didi1770 - 2016-12-23
You look so nice. I've never eaten one of those. I wanna try one so bad

rudy anguiano - 2016-12-08
My mouth is watering right know

T&P 4 ever - 2016-11-29
Making me jealous 😁

natasha durnell - 2016-11-26
that looks really yummy. i love all your videos im a huge fan. you should eat home made beef and noodles with mashed potatoes its a fall favorate of mine. i bet you would love it too.

Azalea Tutko - 2016-11-25
loookkss good

GLOWKID Anthony - 2016-11-25
Yes I do im getting a new camera

lola bocci - 2016-11-25

life saver - 2016-11-24
happy thanksgiving 😃🍗

Canadian Brownie - 2016-11-24
My Canadian extended family just sent me an edible arrangement yesterday for my birthday!! It was soooo good. I ate all the strawberries and half the pineapple right away😂 the rest is saved in the fridge

yum yum - 2016-11-24

Jon Blankenship - 2016-11-24
that looks amazing and thank you so much for sharing with us . you look amazing also , happy thanksgiving, Judy

XXIV VII - 2016-11-24
You should make a Thanksgiving leftovers video.

Payton Hall - 2016-11-24
You look so pretty and fall-ish! I loved this video 😍 that looks amazing

She Eats - 2016-11-24
I wanna get one of those! So so cute

Food Lover - 2016-11-24
You said you were going to save that piece

Girlgamergo star - 2016-11-24
omg I LOVE your videos plz make MORE!❤

Peanut - 2016-11-24
That's looks so cute!!! Loving your videos. Can you please do a video with donuts?

GLOWKID Anthony - 2016-11-24
Can you please shout me out I need more subscribers

Brandy Ramirez Rosario - 2016-11-24
I love you don't stop making videos ever please

Angie's Life - 2016-11-24
Looks yummy!!! I've always wanted an edible arrangement!! Of all the eating videos I've done I never thought of doing one of edible arrangements! Great idea!! And great video!!!😊👍🏼

Nicole Noel - 2016-11-24

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