Lee Anderson - 2018-02-15
Awesome American Singer--Such a sad loss. What a Talent.

dismo ver - 2018-02-14
one of the greatest singers ever what a voice

Wayne Kermode - 2018-02-13
loved Vic's voice............RIP

PalJoey1957 - 2018-02-13
First record I ever bought. A 45 on Columbia.
Be sure to check out "Separate Tables" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LNAVzo9CKA

jon smith - 2018-02-13
Sad to see another great one gone,R.I.P Mr.Damone,Thanks for the great songs and memories.

Milton Moore - 2018-02-13
Hopefully, Vic Damone now resides on a "street paved with
gold," lined with lilac trees!

I would like to
think that Vic
Damone has now
joined the immortal Sergei Vassilievitch Rachmaninoff, "The master of
melancholy and bard of intimate moods," whose favorite
flower was the white lilac, a fitting
remark to make
on this channel,
so sentimentally
named "The sorrowful flower."

(Can you post the
non-jazz version of Vic's OUT OF

Wayne Zeidenstein - 2018-02-13
RIP Vic ! We lost another great singer. What a great singer.

Stephan Murphy - 2018-02-13
Be Thou at Peace

buzz tp - 2018-02-13
R.I.P Vic and thanks

Leslie Thompson - 2018-02-13
I thought you'd post one of his numbers today. Excellent choice!

Wayne Beau - 2018-02-12
What a nice collection of his photos!

Jymster46 - 2018-02-12
Another great singer gone, Heather. Sad day, for sure. Just a wonderful big hit song of his. Thank you.

Rosa Carmina - 2018-02-12
R.I.P....Great artist..

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