"Don't You Ever Laugh At Me!" Jason Chaffetz Goes Berserk On Education Official

"Don't You Ever Laugh At Me!" Jason Chaffetz Goes Berserk On Education Official
jason chaffetz one of his best explosive roasts ever
trey gowdy
government oversight and reform

Why Are You Shaking Your Head and Laughing In The Audience!!

Jason is pissed

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"Don't You Ever Laugh At Me!" Jason Chaffetz Goes Berserk On Education Official



Alfredo Lopez - 2018-03-13
I hope this guy will some day be given the position of US Attorney General! It would be nice to see him replace Session and finally bring down Clinton and the deep state!

vee bobic - 2018-03-11
She was thinking what Congress did about Hilary ha ha

Voice Of Reason 4U - 2018-03-10

Gern Blanston - 2018-03-08
Jason Chaffetz is one Outstanding American!!! Irreplaceable!!!

Mark Conner fitz - 2018-03-06
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Mark Conner fitz - 2018-03-06
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jsizzlesaurusrex - 2018-03-03
This is America, you can laugh at any person you want.

Tyler Chambers - 2018-03-03
Chaffetz and Gowdy need to go take over the FBI

Josh Galli - 2018-02-27
This guy rules

Joe Bentley - 2018-02-25
This guy needs to be the president of the United States

Joe Bentley - 2018-02-25
Jason chaffetz needs to stay in office with gowdy

Error inscript - 2018-02-21
Women dont know ethics.

Media Jedi2017 - 2018-02-21
It’s pretty easy to laugh at you fuckwit. The government is a joke.

LaughTooHard - 2018-02-18
Education in America is a joke! The teachers union needs to go and we need to fire incompetent teachers.

Justin James - 2018-02-15
uh uh uh people are stealing and he catches them

Benito Juarez - 2018-02-15
Jason, how did a nice Jewish boy like you become such a fas cist boy.

Jonny Lee - 2018-02-09
I love how these people do crime on a national scale and get no time or punishment but everyday citizens can do a small thing and have their whole life ahead of them ruined

Chris Helms - 2018-01-29
Why wouldn't you laugh at this guy he's a total fucking joke. And he knows he's in trouble why do you think he resigned his position.

David Mack - 2018-01-28
Our congress,,,our reps,,,our government is waaaaaaaay beyond pathetic,,,its beyond being a joke,,,,a sufficient word has yet to be created to define the evil,and twisted turn this country,and the elected leaders have turned into.

A. Lugo - 2018-01-22
2 balls 1 dick zero tolerance

Mister Davis - 2018-01-22
Chaffetz /gowdy 2020

howlingthunder26 - 2018-01-20
Their are tax payer dollars being wasted every minute in just about every branch an more

pammyla66 - 2018-01-15
This is a waste of time no one seems to have the power to punish these agencies for wrong doing. Our government needs to get rid of a bunch of agencies , we don't need them and we could save the tax payers millions of dollars.

Dexter Pernell Jackson - 2018-01-14
Stealing ? Why not start with trump and if that was me I would have cursed that mother fucker so to the point I would have been removed bitch wouldn't intimidated me

Sherri Vonch - 2018-01-13
So glad there are still ppl that care...

Darlene Greywolf - 2018-01-12
Why you are laughable!

James Scott - 2018-01-08
Why do all these videos look like they are filmed with a potato?! I love watching this guy call these assholes out, I just wish it was more clear.

Anita Bonghit - 2018-01-05
cant wait for congress to be labeled racist sexist homophobe nazis. politically incorrect pariahs. for being opposed to corruption.
thats the typical MO of this generation

Bustamante Nessuno - 2018-01-02
More silly superlative "headlines." Misleading click - bait. A total waste of time.

Z - 2017-12-31
fire everyone with a government job . they would fire you

Dexter Laboratory - 2017-12-29
Misquoted in the title correct it please

Louis Johnson - 2017-12-29
They're laughing because you're a joke and won't do shit. As always.

Peter Getinard - 2017-12-28
Those Bastards are wasting our money.....

Sam Fosdick - 2017-12-24
Gowdy/Chaffetz 2024!!!!!!

chad w - 2017-12-18
why are there people behind this man... its looks stupid

talgwatr - 2017-12-17
if only the DOJ went after these fools like Chaffetz , Gowdy < & Jordan did!!!!!!

Doonsbury - 2017-12-06
Dear ole Jason must be a very green, or naive, politician....the reason why that person was laughing is obvious.....99% of what Politicians do is laughable.

richard baker - 2017-12-05
after all this ...........nothing is done.......just a lot of yapping......

Boris Pilipenko - 2017-12-03
One and only question is :
Shoud it be

Jeremiah - 2017-12-03
yea, ive been saying it for a while now too...waste of taxpayer money to sit there and ask a bunch of questions and nothing ever comes of it, and very hypocritical of the image Chaffetz and Gowdy try to portray

Sarah VanCuren - 2017-12-03
Sarah VanCuren
1 second ago
isis is not real. isis is law enforcement artificial intelligence. i am victim of it . i was labeled a terrorist because i am a witness and victim of police brutality excessive force police corruption artificial intelligence and mind control technologies has stepped out of the technological world and into the biological . ive had complete strangers come do the meanest things to me.. its not gangstalkers. its A.I. taking over , invading everything and taking our minds

My Name - 2017-12-03
A fat bitch and a nigger, what a joke

Byron Branch - 2017-11-28
boy bout left that F bomb go haha. Chaffetz is the man

Joe S. - 2017-11-27
Americans hates Chaffetz. He's a smug clown faced idiot. Go back to Mexico you Loser! You are pathetic!Ha ha ha ha

hem reviews - 2017-11-20
Why does it seem everyone is corrupt, in government? And why does nothing ever happened to them?

Adrianna Graf - 2017-11-16
Daaaamn most black people look more like primates than humans. No joke

Tonja Branson - 2017-11-09
Chaffetz and gowdey are the ones who hopefully get to the bottom of some of this corrupt government

Moneyandtime Freedom - 2017-11-07

andy man - 2017-11-07
Come on Jason you can get a little tougher then that

Spookaloo - 2017-11-03
You people are idiots...Who has he ever made accountable ?That is right NO ONE.Why is he so great he never gets any thing done..He gets payed what 160k a year for the rest of his life and who has he made pay..Thats is right NO ONE

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