pammyla66 - 2018-01-15
This is a waste of time no one seems to have the power to punish these agencies for wrong doing. Our government needs to get rid of a bunch of agencies , we don't need them and we could save the tax payers millions of dollars.

Dexter Pernell Jackson - 2018-01-14
Stealing ? Why not start with trump and if that was me I would have cursed that mother fucker so to the point I would have been removed bitch wouldn't intimidated me

Sherri Vonch - 2018-01-13
So glad there are still ppl that care...

Darlene Greywolf - 2018-01-12
Why you are laughable!

Greg Rowe - 2018-01-12
If you don't want to be laughed at, put a bag over your head, Ferret Face. Chaffetz, the ultimate quitter. Gets elected, then sees what a clown Trump is, and decides to head for his Fox News golden parachute six months into a two year mandate, rather than go down with him. Good luck in your new job as a human book end on 'The Five,' you little rodent.

James Scott - 2018-01-08
Why do all these videos look like they are filmed with a potato?! I love watching this guy call these assholes out, I just wish it was more clear.

Anita Bonghit - 2018-01-05
cant wait for congress to be labeled racist sexist homophobe nazis. politically incorrect pariahs. for being opposed to corruption.
thats the typical MO of this generation

Bustamante Nessuno - 2018-01-02
More silly superlative "headlines." Misleading click - bait. A total waste of time.

Z - 2017-12-31
fire everyone with a government job . they would fire you

Dexter Laboratory - 2017-12-29
Misquoted in the title correct it please

Louis Johnson - 2017-12-29
They're laughing because you're a joke and won't do shit. As always.

Peter Getinard - 2017-12-28
Those Bastards are wasting our money.....

Sam Fosdick - 2017-12-24
Gowdy/Chaffetz 2024!!!!!!

chad wran - 2017-12-18
why are there people behind this man... its looks stupid

talgwatr - 2017-12-17
if only the DOJ went after these fools like Chaffetz , Gowdy < & Jordan did!!!!!!

J Marcellano - 2017-12-11
Obama's liberals and his NIGGA crews appointed are soon ALL history FIRED

Doonsbury - 2017-12-06
Dear ole Jason must be a very green, or naive, politician....the reason why that person was laughing is obvious.....99% of what Politicians do is laughable.

richard baker - 2017-12-05
after all this ...........nothing is done.......just a lot of yapping......

Boris Pilipenko - 2017-12-03
One and only question is :
Shoud it be

Jeremiah - 2017-12-03
yea, ive been saying it for a while now too...waste of taxpayer money to sit there and ask a bunch of questions and nothing ever comes of it, and very hypocritical of the image Chaffetz and Gowdy try to portray

Sarah VanCuren - 2017-12-03
Sarah VanCuren
1 second ago
isis is not real. isis is law enforcement artificial intelligence. i am victim of it . i was labeled a terrorist because i am a witness and victim of police brutality excessive force police corruption artificial intelligence and mind control technologies has stepped out of the technological world and into the biological . ive had complete strangers come do the meanest things to me.. its not gangstalkers. its A.I. taking over , invading everything and taking our minds

My Name - 2017-12-03
A fat bitch and a nigger, what a joke

Byron Branch - 2017-11-28
boy bout left that F bomb go haha. Chaffetz is the man

Joe S. - 2017-11-27
Americans hates Chaffetz. He's a smug clown faced idiot. Go back to Mexico you Loser! You are pathetic!Ha ha ha ha

hem iraapn - 2017-11-20
Why does it seem everyone is corrupt, in government? And why does nothing ever happened to them?

Adrianna Graf - 2017-11-16
Daaaamn most black people look more like primates than humans. No joke

Tonja Branson - 2017-11-09
Chaffetz and gowdey are the ones who hopefully get to the bottom of some of this corrupt government

Moneyandtime Freedom - 2017-11-07

andy man - 2017-11-07
Come on Jason you can get a little tougher then that

Spookaloo - 2017-11-03
You people are idiots...Who has he ever made accountable ?That is right NO ONE.Why is he so great he never gets any thing done..He gets payed what 160k a year for the rest of his life and who has he made pay..Thats is right NO ONE

John Rogers - 2017-10-30
Another misleading misquote

darryl diggins - 2017-10-22
nothing but talk................total shit show.

allen D - 2017-10-19
politicians are look pro athletes. boths sides, all sides are friends. only the paying public is fooled

Cindy w - 2017-10-15
What's the point of all these hearings? I don't understand. Nothing happens to any one for their misconduct anyway

Damian Talman - 2017-10-13
Why does everybody in this video seem incompetent

zedio369 - 2017-10-08
Way to go with the clickbait title. But your channel is still one of my favorites.

Official GamerXD - 2017-10-06
Wow, wow........wow....

Imunderpar4win - 2017-10-04
Nothing ever happens at these hearings - just a bunch of senators that think they are important - the joke is on them - they can’t change a thing

Joe O - 2017-09-25
"We will follow this through!" Resigns

Geronimo Six - 2017-09-23
This is what happens when niggers and faggots are allowed to run amuck

joseph colling - 2017-09-13

Salman Ismail - 2017-08-31
Jason for president

John Jewell - 2017-08-30
I love this guy!

Prakticle J - 2017-08-28
I am a hard working tax payer Jason is my hero and voice to all hard working Americans

Humanforfreedom 95 - 2017-08-21
You have never had to pay income tax if you do the research and then stop paying income tax specifically nothing will happen legally, sure they will harass you but I guarantee you income tax is a giant fraud no law exists that says you have to pay it, it's completely voluntary and everyone fell for it because in the media they portray it like it's law but it's not.

Just Me - 2017-08-08
If they don't answer questions ...
Obviously guilty....
Slap on the handcuffs and lead them out to a cell, until they get their day in court.
What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Joe Sees - 2017-07-30
Cheffetz for president!

Jonathan Lane - 2017-07-28
Jason Chaffetz is such a disingenuous hypocrite as he abuses his position, deceives the American People, wields his committee's power for political gain to the exclusion of promoting ethics in government that he deserves howling peals of mocking laughter every time he darkens the door of the People's House.

ABLE2OVER - 2017-07-28
Oh Chafetz just about lost his shit. Too bad they threatened his family we sure needed this guy

Rob Moss - 2017-07-22
Fake outrage

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