Shreyansh Creation - 2018-02-07
Aashhh meri chut lelo

Anam Banjar - 2017-12-23

SPINE HITTER - 2017-12-14
Isme hot Kya Tha be chu

Vicky Kumar - 2017-11-29

Ranbir Shah - 2017-11-16

Sandeep Yadav - 2017-10-30
Sandip Yadav 7410930078

Lalmankima Lalmankima - 2017-10-22

Nahida Nahida - 2017-10-21

DP fans - 2017-10-05
3 one is not hot

cantika imoet - 2017-09-26

nishant wadhwa - 2017-09-23
Mujhe drd ho gya wo v guard dekh k

Aakash Rudra Sheikh Khoundkar - 2017-09-21
I've actually watched all five as a kid! the commercials actually came in breaks during cartoon shows! real surprising!

Asian Glitz - 2017-08-31
hot dance

Malishka Velani - 2017-08-25
Ban adds like FAIR AND LOVELY AND FAIR AND HANDSOME instead of all this

atal nutan bhengra - 2017-08-25
I have seen this ads in tv

Krishna Bhowmick - 2017-08-18
cà 5pp

subramanyam karukonda - 2017-08-15
There have some limitations on business promotion because your family also see

vishwas pt - 2017-08-06
hello to all indian rapists. plz dont spoil your life by raping a girl or women.... just have wildstone .... they will cooperate with you ... think wisely... save your life by getting into prison

The Legendary Minecrafters - and more - 2017-07-27

Nana gaykwad - 2017-07-23
tere ma ki hand me mute ka land

Nana gaykwad - 2017-07-23
here mas ko chit ban Kat de benchoad there ma ki hand Bambi benchoad

Talha succ - 2017-07-19
Chutiyapa h sab

manisha Sonker - 2017-07-19
jisne video banaya chutiya hai. sab t.v pe dekhe hai

Rusdi Setiadi - 2017-07-18
why that car ads need banned?

Sumit Martin - 2017-07-17
last vaala toh hona hi tha

Aaron Gastineau - 2017-07-17
India sucks

Rising Kaur - 2017-07-17
these are old ads....

Biplab Kakoty - 2017-07-17
bhupinder 12345 tell me when were this ads banned. u need to be banned

YOUR FATHER - 2017-07-17
sare ad TV pe aa chuke hai bkl

Maxx Batth - 2017-07-17
kache wali ad to siraaaaa hi thi sayad sabi aurte os kache ko ache se janti thi

All in one - 2017-07-17
love from Pakistan pls subscribe me

Nitin Patel - 2017-07-17
😂😂😂😂😂 wild stone

Ghanashyam Mori - 2017-07-17
chutya samaj rakha he

Eva Deshmukh - 2017-07-17
1:57 Song Name Plzz..!!

Jiten Arora - 2017-07-17
You could call them bold ads, not banned. Incorrect title.

AgenT K - 2017-07-17
She was washing the underwear like she's having an orgasm

Balram Sharma - 2017-07-17

Suman Brahma - 2017-07-17
wild stone 😂👌

mh 559 - 2017-07-17
hahaha chutye randians

WOLFMAN - 2017-07-17
Wild stone powder jo chudai dilwa de

Fun King - 2017-07-17
saale ajj to condom ka aad aise dete hai jaise pura naga ho

Lfanga Prinda - 2017-07-17
I knew, last one must be there !

Doodlyscott - 2017-07-16
My daughter has a friend that has a dot on her forehead,she was visiting one day and just for fun i pushed it with my finger,the garage door opened up,fancy that!

ata ur rahman shahid - 2017-07-16
i have seen the wild stone ad several times on tv

Rei Lawrence Bautista - 2017-07-16
Video in number 1 should be banned but the rest of the videos.., I dont see anything wrong about those vid... Just sayin my thoughts.

Amol Gaikwad - 2017-07-16
ohho...funny add..good.. marketing..of product

techtricks24.com - 2017-07-16

Keep Mee - 2017-07-16
try to change the title...

Ali Azar Chandio - 2017-07-16
Wtf is this shit turning on people in advertisement

amina khan - 2017-07-16
woow nice

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