Ranbir Shah - 2017-11-16

Sandeep Yadav - 2017-10-30
Sandip Yadav 7410930078

Lalmankima Lalmankima - 2017-10-22

Nahida Nahida - 2017-10-21

DP fans - 2017-10-05
3 one is not hot

cantika imoet - 2017-09-26

anjaneyaya - 2017-09-26
Those were the days in India. The peak period of "Cultural Marxism"..The denigration of Hinduism, the hideous efoort of breaking down the superior Vedic Hindu conservative Family Structure of Indian Society & the slow injecting poison of "Marxist Globalists' Sinister "Radical Feminism" propaganda & Gimmick to establish "Alister Crowley" & "Adam Weishapt's The order of Illuminati...
They been able to break down almost all civilizational values with their Deceptive "Ultra-Modernism", & "Ultra -Liberalism" ..... SANATAN Dharma is their last target...

nishant wadhwa - 2017-09-23
Mujhe drd ho gya wo v guard dekh k

Aakash Rudra Sheikh Khoundkar - 2017-09-21
I've actually watched all five as a kid! the commercials actually came in breaks during cartoon shows! real surprising!

Asian Glitz - 2017-08-31
hot dance

Malishka Velani - 2017-08-25
Ban adds like FAIR AND LOVELY AND FAIR AND HANDSOME instead of all this

atal nutan bhengra - 2017-08-25
I have seen this ads in tv

Krishna Bhowmick - 2017-08-18
cà 5pp

subramanyam karukonda - 2017-08-15
There have some limitations on business promotion because your family also see

vishwas pt - 2017-08-06
hello to all indian rapists. plz dont spoil your life by raping a girl or women.... just have wildstone .... they will cooperate with you ... think wisely... save your life by getting into prison

The Legendary Minecrafters - and more - 2017-07-27

Nana gaykwad - 2017-07-23
tere ma ki hand me mute ka land

Nana gaykwad - 2017-07-23
here mas ko chit ban Kat de benchoad there ma ki hand Bambi benchoad

Talha succ - 2017-07-19
Chutiyapa h sab

Rishabh Sonker - 2017-07-19
jisne video banaya chutiya hai. sab t.v pe dekhe hai

Rusdi Setiadi - 2017-07-18
why that car ads need banned?

Sumit Martin - 2017-07-17
last vaala toh hona hi tha

Aaron Gastineau - 2017-07-17
India sucks

Rising Kaur - 2017-07-17
these are old ads....

Biplab Kakoty - 2017-07-17
bhupinder 12345 tell me when were this ads banned. u need to be banned

YOUR FATHER - 2017-07-17
sare ad TV pe aa chuke hai bkl

Maxx Batth - 2017-07-17
kache wali ad to siraaaaa hi thi sayad sabi aurte os kache ko ache se janti thi

All in one - 2017-07-17
love from Pakistan pls subscribe me

Nitin Patel - 2017-07-17
😂😂😂😂😂 wild stone

Ghanashyam Mori - 2017-07-17
chutya samaj rakha he

Eva Deshmukh - 2017-07-17
1:57 Song Name Plzz..!!

Jiten Arora - 2017-07-17
You could call them bold ads, not banned. Incorrect title.

AgenT K - 2017-07-17
She was washing the underwear like she's having an orgasm

Balram Sharma - 2017-07-17

Suman Brahma - 2017-07-17
wild stone 😂👌

mh 559 - 2017-07-17
hahaha chutye randians

WOLFMAN - 2017-07-17
Wild stone powder jo chudai dilwa de

Fun King - 2017-07-17
saale ajj to condom ka aad aise dete hai jaise pura naga ho

Lfanga Prinda - 2017-07-17
I knew, last one must be there !

Doodlyscott - 2017-07-16
My daughter has a friend that has a dot on her forehead,she was visiting one day and just for fun i pushed it with my finger,the garage door opened up,fancy that!

ata ur rahman shahid - 2017-07-16
i have seen the wild stone ad several times on tv

Rei Lawrence Bautista - 2017-07-16
Video in number 1 should be banned but the rest of the videos.., I dont see anything wrong about those vid... Just sayin my thoughts.

Amol Gaikwad - 2017-07-16
ohho...funny add..good.. marketing..of product

techtricks24.com - 2017-07-16

Keep Mee - 2017-07-16
try to change the title...

Ali Azar Chandio - 2017-07-16
Wtf is this shit turning on people in advertisement

amina khan - 2017-07-16
woow nice

Max Koushik Das - 2017-07-16
Admin ko bol raha hu... jaa k apna eye checkup karwa ke aao...

Nome Light - 2017-07-16
nice dear

Riddhi Raval - 2017-07-16

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