XD HicksKillerlama - 2017-10-11
WTB Tennessee vols

gus brandmeyer - 2017-01-17
Y the fuck is Missouri on here, they've never even gotten into the elite eight before.

USCTROJANLOVER JordanAdams1andBriannaBarret23 - 2016-03-07
In my opinion USC should've been number 1 anyone else agree

Alan Stringfellow - 2016-02-25
great list!

nicholas lockmiller - 2016-02-12
were is UOP come on we play BYU to

-DHicks56- - 2015-08-17
UNC is better than Duke

southtucky Dipper - 2015-02-01
least uk number1

MKWHacker100 - 2014-11-18
Louisville should be higher

Franco Pacini - 2014-03-25
Update the list! I agree Michigan State should be higher. I'd put Arizona higher, too. Geez, at least put them ahead of BUTLER. Also, no love for UNLV? 10 Sweet Sixteens, 4 Final Fours, 1 National Championship, and we can't even get an honorable mention? I'm not saying we should be number 1 or anything, but at least put us on the list. 

NuttyBuddy208 - 2014-03-23

Mike Shalhoup - 2014-03-03
How bout u state fans shut up look at the all time MSU vs Mich rivalry in football and basketball

Jack Birmingham - 2014-02-23
Ya I agree with Caleb go green michigan is shit

Go BigBLUEforLIFE - 2014-02-15
You got the #1 team rite but UNC should be #2 and Duke #3 

zaeem siddiqui - 2013-12-08
KU should be #1

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