Debbie Villalobos - 2018-02-19
I bet she screwed Matt Lauer many times over if I slept with him all the time

Ronald Krikorian - 2018-02-13
I dont listen to her.

Greg Massi - 2018-02-07
Couric  is another phony talking head. EMPTY talking head!

Kay Mitchell - 2018-02-05
I've lost any respect for Ms Couric, both as a woman and a journalist. She was an "enabler" and should have spoken up and complained about Matt "pinching my ass" when he refused to stop...(assuming she ever told him to stop.) But now that other, brave souls have spoken up...she's willing to join the mob. Better that she had never spoken of it than to expose herself now as being complicit in his continued inappropriate behavior and being a coward herself.

PJ Bell - 2018-01-30
the family with secrets.

Marilynn Monnier - 2018-01-27
I think Katie Couric should have reported it to the bosses. She was in error. It continued on as he felt he could continue. I'm not a Katie Couric fan. She's not a good interviewer. Too judge mental. Like her friend Matt.

Putins Cat - 2018-01-27
Didn't Matt work for her?? She probably made him a perv.

Kimberly Jameson - 2018-01-26
Truth will set you free. Katie probably got her start thru Matt

Elvira Gomez - 2018-01-26
That bush girl is soooooo fake

Danita Allen - 2018-01-23
I think she not only knew, I think she was his first & was compelled to continue this "affair" in fear that her career be jeopardized.  She was his first; I further think she felt as cheated on as Anette probably does. She maybe was even in love with him, why would she not have left long before she did.  She can't admit it; she would be looked upon as being as guilty as he is thought to be.  It would tarnish her all American girl reputation .  It sickens me that she knew he was doing this to young girls or very young women, preying upon them & saying nothing because of her past & possibly current sexual involvement with him.  Katie will never say anything because she was just the beginning of a long line of rapes!  It's rape; it isn't sexual harassment!  Why hasn't he been arrested or indicted?  Why do men like him get arrested like any other men on the planet would?  What makes them exempt to prosecution? Money?

shihlin1 - 2018-01-23
I think Katie obviously knows A LOT , but she doesn't want to stir the shit pot any further. Plus she had a great working relationship with Matt, so that's probably what's keeping her from coming out to say anything bad about Matt. Of all the people at NBC, Katie has the most shit on Matt. She'll prob stay mum.

shihlin1 - 2018-01-23
Like Matt Lauer or not, he was in the biz for a long, long time. To think this is probably how viewers will remember him in the end. Just like how Kevin Spacey will be remembered too in spite of winning 2 Oscars.

Empire Patriot Network - 2018-01-21
Just as guilty......
Don't be fooled.
She's just like Meryl Streep...
Lamb to slaughter....

Tracy Pang - 2018-01-18
Disney playhouse

HR Hums - 2018-01-18
When news anchors act like Hollywood starlets, it is hard to take them seriously as valid deliverers of truth.

K G - 2018-01-18
Wow, that’s sad... Acess Hollywood piggybacking off other snippets of real news... oh, sorry, that’s their norm... AND didn’t even have anything from her... yup DaniH, clickbait and I’ll be reporting as well.

wildmercuryfilms - 2018-01-16
I love SJW (social justice whores): “We believe All Women, except those who accuse our friends” Oh how I love Liberals destroying Liberals. Cannibals.

SBn49 AJC - 2018-01-10
Perhaps you should have broken your silence years ago miss priss.

MsJudi54 - 2018-01-06
Maybe one of her "girls" is Matt's??? Hey, I'm just playing The View hit & run game!

D Storm - 2018-01-05
Katie is a leftist, never was a "journallist"

Susan Stoutenburgh - 2018-01-05
that's it?

adam woodfin - 2018-01-03
It's a nationwide television event that Katie is breaking her silence. WHO CARES! She can be just as full of shit as everyone else.

Richard Monaghan - 2018-01-03
Fire Hoda

mikemoair - 2017-12-30
no way they are still perky

Steve Crabtree - 2017-12-29
It take no courage if you won't face your accuser and hide in the corners for a number of years. It seems to me if you have been abused speak out or shut up! Don't come forward after forty years and talk of your pain for god sake you have no credibility forty years later and makes it seem you liked it at the time, you seen this as a opportunity to further your career. I don't believe all these women are the victims they claim to be when they don't speak out at the time of the abuse.

NSpector - 2017-12-28
Don't watch. Click bait . Kaite does not "break her silence." Shame on you, Access Hollywood.

62aquinas - 2017-12-28
I feel sorry for white men in America. One by one they've been brought down by white women. There's reason why Muslims women cover their body, from head to toe.

Joyce B - 2017-12-27
Wellll!! That was very misleading.

Denis Obrien - 2017-12-25
scammer !!!!!!

Spartacus XLVI - 2017-12-24
Matt Lauer is a good man that didn't break any laws but did make some mistakes. He is paying for those mistakes and deserves to be given the opportunity to redeem himself.

David Kunikis - 2017-12-23
Wasn't a god, just a news reporter. Settle down.

Gil Maman - 2017-12-22
Wow they click bait'd the shit out of us

Ingo Vollmer - 2017-12-22
DaniH you're right. The title is very misleading.

Chris Harrison - 2017-12-22
I think Katie Couric is playing her cards.

Omarosie doodoo - 2017-12-22
matt was making women fart in his mouth, while he tea bagged them!

Joe Smith - 2017-12-21
Flagged for misleading title.

G Palumbo - 2017-12-21
What misleading crap.

CrystalPharaoh - 2017-12-21
Women are changing their stories to get money. Money
payments are corrupting the whole "sexual harassment allegation thing."
Thousands of hot Porn actresses take a grand to do it all on
film - what would stop a woman from saying "what it takes"
to get tens of thousands?? Get real America! MEN WILL
we should respect each other -- BUT YOU CAN'T STOP THE

Suzie Paris - 2017-12-20
She is just as bad as he is..all this keeping "silent"....for yrs..shameful on both parts...now they are like a pack of jackels...and they all played the game...equally

Mark Samuelsen - 2017-12-20
Are you kidding me. Must have been a very slow day for you jerks. You shoot yourself in the foot by misleading everyone with that title. Asshole.

Molly McDermott - 2017-12-19
Matt Lauer is a mean person....never liked him or Bryant Gumbel...another mean-spirited type.

Molly McDermott - 2017-12-19
When Katie left Today....the only co-anchor, Meredith Viera, was in same league as Katie Couric. Savannah reminds me of an Amazon woman...and has no style whatsoever.

NOMATIC 1 Lordnomad - 2017-12-19
Who would have thought Matt Lauer was the ultimate scum bag, he always portrayed himself as the corny obnoxious guy.

Greg Montanio - 2017-12-19
CLICKBAIT!!!, she didn't say SHIT!!!, so are there other comments making shit up like she said something, people making comments, some are IDIOTS !!!

CR Rains - 2017-12-19
ditto clickbait crap ...I am UNsubscribing U

ndclark - 2017-12-18
OMG. How silly. Breaks her silence to say, "Its incredibly upsetting and I will say something when I'm ready to."

Mary Diamond - 2017-12-18
why no video?

Gern Blanston - 2017-12-17
Matt Lauer is a human being, he has flaws. Perhaps he should be forgiven? Let us not Judge him for WE Shall all be Judged. He's been convicted by everyone....now, Let it go!!

louise - 2017-12-17
Jenna is a sweetie

Kamrin The Kapricorn AsMr - 2017-12-17
So basically that was a waste of time for nothing lol

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