Helen Mirren Follows These 5 Rules to Live a Happy Life

Helen Mirren Follows These 5 Rules to Live a Happy Life
Give It Your All Speech - Screen legend Helen Mirren points you down the simple path for you to follow to happiness

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Helen Mirren Follows These 5 Rules to Live a Happy Life



Sachin B.V - 2018-02-28
Dame Hellen Mirren...BRAVO👏👏

Andrew N - 2018-01-28
I am a Tulane alumnus and I was in the graduating class that received this speech! I still remember it like it was yesterday, sitting right in the middle of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, half-drunk and enjoying every bit of it! Roll wave!

BrookTP - 2018-01-21
"Treat people like people!" This is why education is broken. They treat us like robots and my teacher justifies this claim by telling us we need to be "mechanical". People like this need to help the world.

Patrick jDH - 2018-01-14

SleeplessinSeattle - 2018-01-07
Say thank you when merited. Do open your heart to love. Grab the opportunity when it presents itself

SleeplessinSeattle - 2018-01-07
Don’t put hot cups on waxed wooden surface. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t loose your sens of humor. Do confront bullies. Don’t smoke or chew tobacco. Don’t dive in water if you don’t know how deep it is. Don’t confuse sex with love. Love usually lasts longer than 2 minutes.

SleeplessinSeattle - 2018-01-07
1. Don’t rush to get married. 2. Treat people like people. 3. Ignore anyone who judges you by the way you look. 4. Don’t be afraid of fear. 5. Don’t over complicate things.

Kehayov Fitness - 2018-01-06
Very motivational !! 👊

Abishek Natarajan - 2017-12-30
Music too loud

P4 S1GN - 2017-12-28
music is too loud :/

Aʻole Pilikia - 2017-12-27
🤩 Love these inspirational speeches!
..😒 Just that the added background music is a bit loud to hear her. Otherwise, 😘👌🏼Luhv it❣️💞

David Malan - 2017-12-27
The music is perfectly suited for this video!

Jacek Parafian - 2017-12-25
music is set up waaaay too loud in this clip; very distracting - one of first goal cast clips where music screws up message..

Pema Khunjuju - 2017-12-25
Background music ✋🚫

Dayana Kawai - 2017-12-25
The background music is so loud

Tyler Sherritt - 2017-12-24
Background music is so loud I cant even hear whats shes saying

Oguzhan Yılmaz - 2017-12-24
Could you please lower than music. It's really hard to hear her.

Big Rock - 2017-12-24
Too much noise from music. Do lower it in future uploads. Then its golden! 🙃

Abhishek Sharma - 2017-12-24
Please add subtitles to youtube videos too just like u do it on facebook !! Please

Rohyt Sondawle - 2017-12-24
That background sound making disturb to understand what exactly she talking I seriously don't understand what she talking

Marta Marques - 2017-12-24
"Don't dive into water if you don't know how deep it is". I love this one. You can apply it to so many different things.

OM FIRAS - 2017-12-24
Music was so loud in an annoying way . Please lower the volume next time so we can hear well .

birdie jordan - 2017-12-24
Crush that fricking backgroud music. it destroyed the whole energy of inspiration. But awesome content.

Onabanjo Olugbeminiyi - 2017-12-24
I was trying to enjoy the words, but I couldn't just hear much. The background music volume was just too high, and it doesn't need to be that high. Kindly correct that for future videos. Thanks for sharing too, keep it up.

Akbar Khalid - 2017-12-23
You Sir/ Madam, who edited this video and added in that background music, did you play it even once to see if the sound levels were synced okay to compliment the speaker voice?

stephen jang - 2017-12-23
Can't hear shiz

Bill Gates and Friends - 2017-12-23
This is still one of the best videos ever

Check out my channel please

Bhagath M.S - 2017-12-23
Let the music be a little less loud please. Lovely video. Thank you ☺

Bayan Mahadeen - 2017-12-23
the music is very high we can't hear anything

Santhosh Kumar - 2017-12-23
Perfect !!!! Top 5 Rules ...... Finally Dont Compare LOVE with Sex... Love is more than 2 mins...Yes it is ...Wow.....Background music is heavy

SF - 2017-12-23
love the speech, pls tone down the music

FARUK AYDIN - 2017-12-23
Do not procrastinate at all

DtownGamer - 2017-12-23
music too loud

Educate Society - 2017-12-23
"Ignore anyone who judges the way you look." This is golden! Block out the negativity friends!

Pizza 1 - 2017-12-23

Artulous - 2017-12-23
The speech and the music combined makes it epic.

Avinash Gangavarapu - 2017-12-23
Music dominating the words

Opponent Khaos - 2017-12-23
I disliked the video not for the message but for the difficult task of trying to listen to every word with loud music playing.

military choice - 2017-12-23
🎥 A Candle Speaks What HOPE Can Do | Gaur Gopal Das - YouTube

Pratik Ganatra - 2017-12-23
thanks that was a great video!!

kortis - 2017-12-23
unable to listen to the speech

Md.Sohanur Rahman - 2017-12-23
Background music is more heavy than speech.. please make speech louder than music. it will be better..

Bogdan Ivchenko - 2017-12-23
Too loud music

Sam M - 2017-12-22
Thank you :)

Haris Elezovic - 2017-12-22
Why every fucking youtuber need to ruin a good goddamn video with idiotic music OMG. Do all of u have ears ffs and realise that this stuff dont work. Such an annoying and bad habbit of all of these youtubers ! Every single one of u have this awful habbit. What is the point of the video if we cant even hear it. Who runs these goddamn channels -.-

X Factor - 2017-12-22
everything in one video. GREAT

crying fish animation - 2017-12-22
if you watch my videos you will also be happy :)

hewhoslapshoes - 2017-12-22
I want this speech without the music

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