US Prison Chief's Mind Blown By Norway's Treatment Of Inmates

US Prison Chief's Mind Blown By Norway's Treatment Of Inmates
"Halden is situated in a remote forest of birch, pine, and spruce with an understory of blueberry shrubs. The prison is surrounded by a single wall. It has no barbed wire, guard towers, or electric fences. Prisoners stay in private rooms with en suite bathrooms and can cook for themselves in kitchens equipped with stainless-steel flatware and porcelain dishes. Guards and inmates mingle freely, eating and playing games and sports together. Violence is rare and assaults on guards are unheard of. Solitary confinement is almost never used.

By this point, Bertsch had been in charge of North Dakota’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, which includes four adult prisons and one juvenile facility, for more than a decade, and Jackson had spent seven years as director of correctional practices. They’d left Bismarck feeling pretty good about their system, which prided itself on its humane practices and commitment to rehabilitation. But now, sitting in the glassed-in bar of the Radisson hotel with its view of the Oslo fjord, Bertsch began to cry. “We’re hurting people,” she said."*

Read more here: http://www.motherjones.com/crime-justice/2017/07/north-dakota-norway-prisons-experiment/

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US Prison Chief's Mind Blown By Norway's Treatment Of Inmates



mastermooky - 2018-01-18
come on man! in america, its job security for a variety of offices, from cops to court to therapy (yeah right). I was set up by police in a town in upstate new york on a bogus drug charge, come to find out later that the real reason was, that I was living with a white girl. later, they even told her that same thing, shot our dog, and continued to harass her for many years. she is now terminally ill, and its just typical behavior of this hypocritical system we live  "under"! still beaks my heart to think of it. she was my soul mate!

tomblueforest - 2018-01-18
Communities of color often have juvenile police enforcement parked directly in their neighborhoods.

This is and was by design.

Teach our children to stay away from those people turning other people into human cattle.

tomblueforest - 2018-01-18
Great story and commentary❗️✌️😎👍

3rd bomb - 2018-01-17
Prisoners should be beaten not loved, it's a punishment not a vacation

Carrie Hatzlhoffer - 2018-01-17
Have a look at Michael Moore's "Which country to invade next" ????? It shows Norway's prison and a few other differences in cultures. Don't t you have privately owned prison in America or something like that? I have always viewed American prisons as a business. Not sure if that is correct or Not?

Slave2PaperWithInkOn - 2018-01-16
In ''Where To Invade Next,'' Michael Moore covered [and visited] those prisons.

Blastermaster Nes - 2018-01-16
Its in vain.the USA prison system will not change.👮

Rayzor Ray - 2018-01-16
MAX you are the type of guard that we all despised, basically people looked at guards like yrself as

San Mcnellis - 2018-01-16
I love watching tyt heads explode election day when crooked hillary was rejected by America.

Blerdy - 2018-01-15
Your report minimizes the constistitutional rights of black people under the 14th Amendment.
Before a reporter even says the word "prison" - be prepared. Our prison are sh*t - for black people especially.
"The American blacks are happy being locked up." (Not true and insulting.)
"The American system does not lock up blacks at 600-1000% the rate of whites for the same drug crime. (We do.)

goth pop - 2018-01-15
The US prison system is working GREAT! It's making so much money.

Denise Chamberlin - 2018-01-14
I get it. I work in a small county jail, and I have always conversed with detainees I work with. I never read their histories. I only knew their charges. and that served us both well. the only problem I had was with individuals that didn't care either way. I still spoke and had interactions but I could tell the difference. there are people nothing will work for them. just have to find out and stay alive for our families too.

Mathew Pritchard - 2018-01-14
A few more points:
-Life sentences and the death penalty have been abolished in Norway; the maximum sentence you can receive for ANY crime is 21 years, though a judge can decide to add 5 years whenever somebody's term comes to an end.
-In minimum security prisons, there are no bars on the windows and inmates can work in kitchens that are fully-stocked with knives.
-Approx. 75-80% of ex-convicts in Norway never re-offend.

Ada Frost - 2018-01-14
I'd be one of the first in line for working at a Norwegian style facility. I detest the current American model, and I'd love to take over the job of some meatheaded corrections officer.

Edward Guerrido - 2018-01-13
Not every prisoner deserves punishment. Some are misguided and mentally ill. And yes, some are assholes! Case by case basis is necessary for a better system .

SuperTregs - 2018-01-13
Does this guy not know how to pronounce “humane”....... You gotta watch out for those “human” prisons......

The Super Psycho Killer - 2018-01-13
Prison is supposed to be time for punishment not reform.

Futt bucker - 2018-01-12
Thanks Jimmy, all the main channel does these days is talk about Trump. They are slowly transforming into the mainstream media that they so proudly espouse to despise.

Elizabeth Meilijson - 2018-01-12
That last phrase is spot on, and i haven't thought about it. "That inmate is gonna be someones neighbour one day". Is in everybody interest to reform the system, so when this people get out of jail they actually get a shot to be decent human beings.

Tsinat Gebreselassie - 2018-01-12
People respond to how their society treats them. We know this. So we can't expect to treat someone cruelly and then expect him to act normally. Locking someone in a cage and abusing him is a surefire way to create a sociopath.

Mike Mentzer - 2018-01-11
European prisoners are white that's why they do better than one's in america. Try that with the Black's and Latinos.

Tim Gordon - 2018-01-11
That’s exactly right, we need a justice system completely based on rehabilitation and not at all based on punishment!

tim mc - 2018-01-11
Rebloodlicans will never let it happen..they will say criminals will commit more crimes just to get in nice prison...democrips will fake challenge that theory and then of course finally agree with their make believe enemies!

Agent Fungus - 2018-01-10
The US has always been far behind Northern Europe as far as education and basic human rights. Hopefully, the US will eventually grow out of adolescence if the Trumptards die out.

OroborusFMA - 2018-01-10
The US views the world like some medieval Christian nut case. It has more in common with the year 1118 than 2018.

Hogsweed School - 2018-01-10
watch where to invade next Micheal Moore heres clip from said movie /watch?v=jDjISR5OHa4

I lived in North Dakota and now live in Northern Europe. The prisons here are vacation resorts that cure people, recidivism is next to none and the crime rate is next to zero. Nobody profits from more crime being committed. In ND ( Williston) Meths epidemic is horrific. The mentally ill self-medicate themselves in bars and drug labs, because the richest f...ing country on earth apparently cannot afford healthcare! I loved and still love America, but had to get away so that my children could have a chance of escaping from the odious 0.001% who dictate the policies and laws in that country. It is sad that the average American is just so brainwashed that he blames all his/her problems on the government! They just do not seem to understand that 'people's government' is the only chance any nation has for protecting itself against greedy power hungry psychopaths. Instead of trying to liberate the government from the clutches of the monied thugs, they just want to have no government at all. Make everything for profit jungle capitalism and expect the nastiest individuals somehow make the best decisions for all! How much sader can it get?

Imozart0341I - 2018-01-10
Too much money would be lost for prisons if we don’t keep prison full and have them become repeat offenders.

Brimar7 - 2018-01-10
Wuuuut?!?! Treating PEOPLE like PEOPLE is better? Who wudda thunk?
Just looking at the numbers make it clear how poor our system “works”.

Mad Hatter - 2018-01-10
Prison is just a place to become a better criminal

yia01 - 2018-01-10
oh wait, here in america do we throw murderers in prison to punish them or do we throw murderers in prison to reward them with 3 warm meals a day timely, umlimited free access to free high speed internet, free acess to gyms and other luxury, a roof over their head with free heater in the winter and free AC in the summer, no work, just sleep eat and play.

Kyle Wagoner - 2018-01-10
This made ME cry. Makes me so upset thinking how backwards we run things.

n3Cr0ManCeD - 2018-01-10
Most of the prisoners in our system will be released and have to live with and beside the rest of us. The current system with it's insanely high recidivism rate only serves to make us less safe. What possible argument could there be against this? Less repeat offenders = a safer environment. Who doesn't want a safer America?

It is astronomically expensive to house prisoners. A 77% recidivism rate is costing the American taxpayer billions. Again, how can you argue against this? Less prisoners = less cost. Who doesn't want less wasted taxpayer $$?

Finding a better way means making everyone safer and will save billions that could be used for, I don't know, education? Infrastructure? Health Care? Lowering EVERYONE'S taxes? Who doesn't want these things?

This IS NOT a Conservative or Liberal issue. Right and Left. Democrat and Republican. None of those things are the issue. Saving billions of wasted dollars and making America safer are American issues. Period.

Wake up people. The Politicians who answer only to their special interests are keeping us all fighting among ourselves, so that we don't spend that time holding them accountable. It also gives them a perfect smokescreen to blind us from their true intentions. Paying all those special interests back for their campaign "contributions". (Bribes)

Wake up America......

SJP - 2018-01-10
Hugh-Mane! hjʊˈmeɪn

Solomon Kane - 2018-01-10
Narcissists are all about punishing nonconformists for not thinking like them.

Alfonso Mena - 2018-01-10
Keep em

Rhabdo B - 2018-01-10
Private prisons don’t give a shit about rehab. They want bodies in beds. So this sounds great but

dub2459 - 2018-01-10
sounds about white

Apophis - 2018-01-10
You just now realized you are hurting people?!?
Wake up you blind bitch!!!

ShadowsOfLight6 - 2018-01-10

Iwanus 95 - 2018-01-10
Norway is a very homogeneous country, unlike the US, their prisons doesn't struggle with ethnic rivalization/gang culture.

mailill - 2018-01-09
An independent study published in 2010 showed that the number of people who were released from prison in Norway and reoffended within two years was at 20 %.

What about in the U.S.?

mark allen - 2018-01-09
I think we need to put sessions and trump in prison and 2 conversations with those two idiots.

swiggy1957 - 2018-01-09
The start of the prison problem is making laws that are punitive: for example, what we once called victimless crimes. Smoke a joint, go to prison. Drug laws were made to give law enforcement another way to arrest people they don't want on the street. This has lead to even worse crimes, such as the drug wars. One of the reasons Prohibition was repealed was the violence it caused.

Patavinity - 2018-01-09
"Cagelike settings" -- isn't that sort of the point of prison?

derek riddler - 2018-01-09
oh boo hoo....lucky i dont run the incarceration program...things like longevity and cost would not be an issue i assure......

TheKeithvidz - 2018-01-09
couple years now i always share share norway and and discussing norway with people and now shared this vid.

Devon Forde - 2018-01-09
Americans prisoners are be treated like the slave days.. some people go in for petty crimes an come out with hate for people

Gaius Genovese - 2018-01-09
Criminals don't deserve to be rehabilitated. Especially migrant criminal who deserve the death penalty.

ryan muro - 2018-01-09
i hate our for-profit prison system (its like the only thing that shouldn't utilize the free market) and i hate how the drug war has created a prison industrial complex and i dont think anybody disagrees that something has to change. That being said i see mother jones and TYT and i just can't help but believe in the opposite.

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