Top 25 NCAA Tournament Upsets All-Time

Top 25 NCAA Tournament Upsets All-Time

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This video is a list ranking the Top 25 NCAA Tournament Upsets of All-Time. Upsets are ranked on a series of factors including seeding matchup, what round of the tournament it took place in (1st round vs. Final Four), and how good/close the game actually was. 

I used a series of sights including ESPN, Bleacher Report, New York Times, Washington Post, Ask Men, and Complex that had listed their Top Upsets of all times and used that as a factor aswell to ranking these games.

There are many backstories to a lot of these games that make them bigger and more shocking of upsets then they may seem in the clip so any QUESTIONS or COMMENTS on why a game is ranekd where it is look it up or ask and you should find out why.

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Top 25 NCAA Tournament Upsets All-Time



John Paul Clune - 2018-02-20
I love by KU and I never realized how many times they got upset

SCT 2016 - 2018-02-19

Derek J. - 2018-02-17
Didn't George Mason make it to the Final Four in 2006?

ClassicGamer2004 - 2018-02-17
Hampton beat ISU in 2001, not 1986...

Matthew Liu - 2018-02-15
Lehigh over Duke is the greatest upset of all time, fuck outta here

Ethan Mixes - 2018-02-13
Duke and Unlv ??? Whattt

Michael Sursely - 2018-02-12
What about MERCER over DUKE

Nathan Campbell - 2018-01-28
I always hate seeing the Texas Western win classified as a major upset. That team lost 1 game all year and was ranked in the top 5 the entire 2nd half of the season. Yes it was historic, but in no way an upset.

Todd Jones - 2018-01-27
If you're wondering why #2 Duke beating #1 UNLV is on here, its because UNLV was undefeated at that point, with an average margin of victory by 26 points and a margin of 30 points in conference play. They were Goliath so even a #2 seed winning was insane. Imagine if the Patriots played a season of College Football and a team beat them

Carson Francis - 2018-01-21
How is Duke over UNLV an upset?

Deanocio hornocio - 2018-01-14
10:44 I'm sorry but you consider a 2 seee beating a 1 seed among the top 25 upsets?

DJ Jacrispy - 2018-01-02
NC State vs Houston is probably the best NCAA basketball game ever played hands down

Aidan Leonard - 2017-11-21
Kent State 2002 elite 8 run?!?!?

The Sarge - 2017-11-20
Hampton was not in '86. It was in '01

Pro Wrestling Talk - 2017-11-15
NC State's upset is a solid #1 and's Villanova's is a solid #2. Those upsets aren't changing anytime soon.

The Legendary Lurch Logan - 2017-11-13
A Couple Mistakes...
1st: 2006' George Mason was a Final Four run(not a Sweet 16 run).

2nd: NC State upset over Houston was in 1983'(not 1985').

Chris Hausman - 2017-11-10
It’s crazy how some of these games got people in to the nba that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

Andrew Richmond - 2017-11-10
Cornell over Kentucky??????

Trinity Empire - 2017-11-09
18 what the fuck was that???? That is all your own faults

Chris Jordan - 2017-11-09
6:21: That VCU team with that defense was unstoppable that year!!

Wildcats - 2017-11-06
What about Arizona vs Kentucky 1997 championship

Will090681 - 2017-11-04
It's crazy to see Duke as a major underdog. Especially to UNLV. Both teams had a lot of future NBA players

TexasCharizard - 2017-11-03
George mason made the final four

Graham Williams - 2017-08-10
Ummm george mason went to the final four not the sweet 16

t rEEpEr - 2017-08-03
MSU/Butler was no upset they were both 5 seeds

Ben Kutilek - 2017-07-17
Good video but I'm pretty sure Lehigh duke is one of biggest upsets

Holden A. Johnson - 2017-04-09
I hate compilation and countdown videos because the comments are always some fuck-faces pointing out ones they forgot

Brett Johnson - 2017-04-09
I know this was made before 2016 but MTSU over MSU is the biggest upset of all time. MSU should have been a 1 seed so it makes them the best 2 to ever lose to a 15

Dalton Weathersby - 2017-03-27
South Carolina final four run 2017

Drew VanDenburg - 2017-03-27
What about UCONNs championship run with Kemba walker

yung twiggs - 2017-03-25
Norfolk state beating Missouri still pisses me off

Carl Lively - 2017-03-22
I just wanna say that GMU went to the final four it wasn't a sweet 16 run it was a final four rub.

Dominique Cunningham - 2017-03-22
Hampton was 2001

Art Vitale - 2017-03-19

mam162 - 2017-03-18
What's really amazing is that the Lehigh and Norfolk State upsets both happened the same year. It's extremely rare for a 15 to beat a 2 at all, and that season it happened twice.

James Gentry - 2017-03-18
I'm glad there's no big upsets this year

nhoodjazz - 2017-03-17
Hampton Iowa state wasn't 1986

Powerful Sports - 2017-03-17
Love being from Missouri... the last time we were good we get beat in a 2 vs 15 match up :(

Austin Melnick - 2017-03-17
what about mercer over duke a couple years back

Aaron Hubrex - 2017-03-16
what about marquette over duke with D Wade

FAMOUS SIDE - 2017-03-16
just about every team that pulled off an upset has a player on that team that went to the nba

WhiteBreadCrumb - 2017-03-16
this was made before Syracuse's final 4 run but put that in their if you make another

Trickshot King - 2017-03-16
why wasn't texas western #1 they were a no name college team who won the national championship

Sami Muhrez - 2017-03-15
Mercer vs. Duke?

John Olsen - 2017-03-15
The Princeton coach in number 9 was also the physics teacher

Brett Daigle - 2017-03-14
UConn 2014? They won it all as a 7-seed?

AyeAye Ron - 2017-03-13
Next you should msu's 2015 final four run, syracuses's final four run in 2016 and middle Tennessee over Michigan state

Dom Crowe - 2017-03-13
What about Kent State's run to the elite 8 in 2002?

Brayden Park - 2017-03-13

Rand al'Thor - 2017-03-11
Hampton - Iowa State was 2001 not 1986

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