Huxley Chin - 2018-02-12
Bring back Mike and Mike. Commentators just not hype on Portland.

vase david - 2018-02-12
not sure how far the Jazz will go this season but i wonder what if Gordon would have stayed

Ryan Marek - 2018-02-12
If the Jazz keeps this up they’ll easily make the playoffs! I saw Mitchell play in person on a road game in December and he’s great to watch

TheEmperorXavier - 2018-02-12
D.Mitchell should be ROTY, he's killing it

Kobe The GOAT - 2018-02-12
Man if Jazz can obtain Sexton from Bama theyre gonna be NICE!

Canuck junior - 2018-02-12
worst recap ever.

Dennis Sologaistoa - 2018-02-12
9 in a row...
Jazz playing great basketball...

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