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nvshd - 2015-10-06
My left ear learned a lot from this.

odeszta. - 2015-03-24

odeszta. - 2015-03-24
Thanks for this video, in my neighbourhood we are having a lake wich contains botulism and some ducks and fish in the lake always get really sick in the summer. There is always a board near the lake there is wroten on the board, warning botulism! Please dont get too close to the water and dont swim! If you see any dead animals near the lake you can call us (phone number)

blackphosphor - 2014-12-19
well made thank you.  I really liked how you kept the previous slides continuous throughout the presentation on the top right. thanks

CliiMaXx650 - 2014-07-09
Can be fatal?! To have the disease you need to be in contact with botulinum aka the most deadly poison on earth. You didn't study enough.

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