10 Reasons Norway is the Greatest Place on Earth (HD)

10 Reasons Norway is the Greatest Place on Earth (HD)
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10 Reasons Norway is the Greatest Place on Earth

1. It's One of the Happiest Places on Earth
Norway ranked second in a 2013 world happiness report conducted by the United Nations. They looked at various factors, like life expectancy, prosperity, health, and social support, all indicating that Norway is a great place to be. Residents have also been known to have high satisfaction with their standards of living and feel they can choose the direction of their lives. Clearly, Norwegians have got it good. 

2. The Allemannstret Law
Norway employs the law of Allemannstret which, essentially, is the freedom to roam wherever one chooses. It's a right of access law, which provides people with almost unlimited opportunities for using their outdoor surroundings. As long as the land is unfenced and far enough from a house, you can have a picnic, explore by foot or ski or anything else, sleep under the sky, have a campout, pick some flowers -- really anything you want. 

4. Trolltunga is the Perfect Photo Op
How would you like to step out onto this huge piece of rock? Trolltunga, translating to Troll's Tongue in English, hangs out horizontally from the rock face at about 700 meters high. It's pretty spectacular, but just remember to leave your fear of heights behind. 

5. And so is Kjeragbolten
Kjeragbolten Boulder is yet another spectacular spot in Norway that you can easily visit. Located in the Kjerag Mountains in Rogaland, a large glacial deposit is wedged between a mountain crevice over an abyss that's 984 meters deep. While stunning from afar, how would you like to stand atop it and gaze down at the drop below? Yikes! If you're gutsy enough you can (Allemannstret, remember?), just be sure not to slip...

6. Its Breathtaking Fjords
Norway is famous for its beautiful fjords. These deep sea inlets are easily accessible and just waiting to be explored, surrounded by stunning views and other natural wonders. 

7. The Midnight Sun
For anyone who's ever resented twilight's darkness for putting a crimp on their fun day plans, you'll love Norway's midnight sun. Because Norway is situated above the Arctic Circle, during the summer, the country has 24-hours of daylight. Yep, the sun is out all day (and night) long. This leaves plenty of time for fun things to do, and you'll never have to worry about the night preventing you from participating in any great activities. Well, at least until winter rolls around that is. 

8. It Has More Lakes than You Think 
Sure, Finland may be the country known for its many lakes, giving that it's nicknamed the land of 1000 lakes and all. However, with about half a million lakes within its borders, Norway beats out Finland for total number of these bodies of water (the latter of which has about 188000). Norway also has some of the deepest lakes in Europe. So, sorry Finland, but, when it comes to lakes, Norways got you beat. 

9. You can see the northern lights
Norway is home to the spectacular northern lights or aurora borealis. You can see the fantastic natural lightshow at certain times during the year, and gazing up above as the vibrant colors light up the surrounding skies is one of a kind. It's particularly great to view them from Lofoten islands. 

10. Ferrying through Geirangerfjord 
When in Norway, you can take a fantastic ferry ride through Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO world heritage site. There's some beautiful scenery and dramatic views, all of which you can enjoy while relaxing on deck. 

11.Its Explorable Geography
Norway's geography includes 240000 islands and a coastline that stretches out for over 64000 miles. There's so much to explore you'll never get bored. So, what are you waiting for? 
10 Reasons Norway is the Greatest Place on Earth (HD)



Budar Endario - 2018-01-18
Just Like Alaska

henrik wesson - 2017-12-24
Norway is like Finland with hills and mountains

Nutty9000 - 2017-12-22
Very evil place - Norway is the whaling capital of the world, a truly barbaric practice that they should be ashamed of.

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insane Kake - 2017-12-07
Norway is the happiest country in 2017 also

NorwegianHiker - 2017-12-05
It sure is :]

SmartfyrHD - 2017-12-05
Fuck Norway. The cps is very bad.

J A - 2017-12-04
Really ??? Norway, Give Us Back the Children You Stole https://www.facebook.com/BarnevernetStealsChildren/posts/557990074372588

Julie Michelsen Eggen - 2017-12-01
I live in Norway😍 yayyy😂 (Jeg bor i Norge yayyy😂)

user mine - 2017-11-29
Song title?

user mine - 2017-11-28
Song title??

Porky&Gulli - 2017-11-28
thank you for saying so Nice things to us :D from norway

GrandmasterTigerfist - 2017-11-26
Complete bullshit im born and raised in Norway at the age of 34 i eft the country i can guarantee tell you that people in Norway are less social, less happier and more whining. You can go to denmark big difference. Where is Norway happy when Norwegians in general always look unhappy?

Norwegian Frida - 2017-11-13
Im proud of my little cute beautiful country☺️

sean666999100 - 2017-11-01
fuck china fuck usa im going norway

Gigi Migi - 2017-11-01
Sorry me no like cold plus boring

Thomas - 2017-10-29
Dont move here if youre not a scandinavian, we dont want you

Fatima GG - 2017-10-26
I wish I live in Norway :(

Ravin Bal - 2017-10-25
Don't go in bergen, it just smoke people and bad weather and never snow.

Aneesh Aby - 2017-10-19
It would be a dream come true, if I visit here in my lifetime

Mr Peruna - 2017-10-06
Nope, finland is better ;)

viktor tailed beast k - 2017-09-22
Noen norske?

I Am Mr. Nice Guy - 2017-08-31
Not anymore with 5 quadrillion Somalians and African apes

Lamjung Shiva - 2017-08-30
Very Beautiful Norway

Magda Draganova - 2017-08-30
Bulgaria is the greatest...

Awesome 1 - 2017-08-26
Love norway from the world

i love nature

Ajay Loving - 2017-08-22
can u tell me how to make career in norway if im a doctor (BHMS)

Airport Info HQ - 2017-08-21
0:04 1. It's actually one of the happiest places on earth
0:15 2. There's a law called " allemanstrett "
0:40 3. Trolltunga is the perfect photo op.
0:59 4. So is Kjeragbolten
1:17 5. Fjords
1:33 6. See the midnight sun
1:47 7. It has more lakes than Finland AKA "The land of 1000 lakes"
2:14 8. You can see the Northern lights
2:32 9. Ferrying through Geirangerfjord is breathtaking
2:44 10. Norway's geography includes 240,000 island
Wonderful video!Thanks for sharing.

Unlimeted Gaming - 2017-08-06
Im Norwegian and i respect you sweds, there is almost no differences like, you mad bruh

lymbeng Wieh - 2017-08-04
Norway! i'am in love with you

tzar2007 - 2017-08-02
this is what i call a hard sell.

Ab Ahad Mir Ab Ahad Mir - 2017-07-28
Norway is heaven on earth😘😍😄😊😚😀😁😂👍👌💘💟💖👑

Surya Waskitha - 2017-07-22
soo beautiful..I want be there someday.

Dating Advice 4Men - 2017-07-15
Norway is my favorite country but their rights are little headache for me.

Madeline Edgar - 2017-06-25
This makes me want to put on my bunad and scream HEIA NORGE at people

sandhya subba - 2017-06-12
if I die without visiting this heaven .. I wud b one sad spirit

useless trash named tori - 2017-06-12
im prod of bing Norwegian
if ur Norwegian read thos

hvordan har du det ha en fin day god ettermiddag farvel for na

Hans Bjørn Vikesdal - 2017-06-10

laidaoui mohamed - 2017-06-10
love this land

Johannes Crusher - 2017-06-07
im Norwegian

YamiTheEevee - 2017-06-04
Something about Norway seems to call out to me. I'll visit you one day Norway, you beautiful Scandinavian country.

Darion Cupid - 2017-05-29
I can't wait to go to Norway. Ever since I met my friends from Norway during the student exchange I've loved the country. Norwegians are interesting people and their language is fun and easy to learn. I hope I can study there and backpack all over that country.

aaffi lli - 2017-05-19

Vitruvius Antarchius - 2017-05-11
Damn, white people always have it the best at everything.

AlexSpill - 2017-05-04
this is why i live in Norway xD

AmyHasNoLife - 2017-04-29
Pause at 1:11, someone in that one second, it looks like the girl is stepping on the rocks behind.

kim hafslag - 2017-04-29
*happiest place for muslims and black people on earth. Not for Norwegian themselves, thanks to socialist parties.

Chaitanya Talegaonkar - 2017-04-12
O just want to explore Skyrim in real life!

Ctime Lol - 2017-04-11
hallo hvordan har du det

Ctime Lol - 2017-04-11
i love norway

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