Dear Ashley Judd, You Don't Know Video Games. So Please Shut Up...

Dear Ashley Judd, You Don't Know Video Games. So Please Shut Up...
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Dear Ashley Judd, You Don't Know Video Games. So Please Shut Up...



TrueDestroyer 321 - 2018-03-16
Games where you rape women. Sound like an indie game made by a low life Asian indie game.

Michael Dixon - 2018-03-15

Michael Dixon - 2018-03-15
Gaming is not gonna stop

ElMcFlurry993 Yass - 2018-03-13
2:42 GTA V probably

ElMcFlurry993 Yass - 2018-03-13
2:13 did I hear retarded people agreeing all games discriminating women or did I just SEE an orgy of retarded people clapping because they got mad at a game or played a game like The Witcher 2 or any game that disrespecte a woman when there're billions of games out there that are not the same...1 is not equal billions

Aranea Highwind - 2018-03-11
Aren't you the moral majority?

Daxank - 2018-03-10
Well I guess there's "Rapelay" but ... even this game gives you the choice to not rape the characters (which kinda ends the game with the happy ending and makes it also pretty short).

But yeah, the other option is to rape them and when you're done you have the choice to kill them or not. But the game gives you choices, you're not forced to do anything in it.

And also, take note that the game was banned in the end. You can't buy it anymore.

Laddie Porter - 2018-03-10
Liberals are such a cancer to the world

Hira Malik - 2018-03-09
Im a girl and i play video games. Shes totally wrong about gaming and that stupid speech of hers, is just invalid and unoriginal . I admit i agree with her on some things but mostly, it seems like she doesn't understand that thing happens to boys and men too. She doesn't see process of gender equality....In the past, women didn't equal rights but now its happening. And feminists are just babbling about fucking same things and super impatient when they know nothing about how much has equal rights processed.

Nikatoor Odessa - 2018-03-09
I like how unironically for the gameplay in the video he's getting attacked by a female

Wilson Then - 2018-03-07
When did the person own the woman image? Video games are entertaining art forms, could be interpreted any form or way.

Monkey Boy - 2018-02-26
I'm glad you got raped you fucking cow. Drop dead.

Timbo Rimbo - 2018-02-26
This speech was soo nice to hear

sam marino - 2018-02-25
There are games but most aren’t in the West ... there is hatred but that was murder everywhere

Ethan Farris - 2018-02-22
not all games involve the stupid things she is talking about some are peaceful and not at all how she describes them. So i have this question, what the heck is wrong with that woman games with that content in it would be stopped before even being created. Which i think is your point. You have gained another sub

Sage T - 2018-02-21
She has never played perfect dark or pokemon as the girl.

lynnthegreat10 - 2018-02-18
Oh Rich, we love your passion.

Riley McClure - 2018-02-17
I Think it's wrong to hate your enemies because they ignorant to what they exactly do, they are not perfect. And also I find hatred can have a negative impact on your life. Insulting person burns bridges* and can causes more division in society. it not to be inexact, it decreases credibility . all of this in the light of improving your video.

Pro_ Lava - 2018-02-17
"yay yay we will end something good for no reason"

Brandon Michels - 2018-02-14

GoldenYT - 2018-02-13
Oh man were back in stupid old people acting stupid town

clone_ commander_ghost - 2018-02-12
She is retarded

supertin - 2018-02-09
theres 1 game that life that
its 8 bit and about raping a native american
whoever made that is a fucking physco path

supertin - 2018-02-09
probably manhunt that game is fucked up

supertin - 2018-02-09
so is stardew valley sexist?

anser NO!!!!!!!!!

supertin - 2018-02-09
pry my controler from my Cold Dead HANDS

Derdetichio - 2018-02-09
hey look, it's bowgie 1234

Bill - 2018-02-09
Solution for a room full of feminists? Napalm.

Elio Parqus - 2018-02-09
I'm pretty sure my grandmas in that crowed

Sean Ashmead - 2018-02-08
In GTAV Online, I primarily kill white people. I'm white.

BossDude320 Louw - 2018-02-08
the clip in the beginning
 o i just got stab through my hand lets poor water on it 
i am fine now.

TrailDash - 2018-02-08
As it turns out, there is a Japanese game called RapeLay being sold on shelves in Japan.

You play as a male character who stalks and rapes women. Look it up, that game is a thing.

Viper vids gaming plus - 2018-02-08
Just don't play online problem solved. Even I never play online because that can happen however say what you want about me because it is funny to me

J K - 2018-02-07
WTF do you think Hollywood and movies do?

tenshi7angel - 2018-02-06
Great, women virtue signalling how morally superior they are over other people. Cheap point scoring. If you call 'em out on their bullshit, they then claim it's the misogyny they were talking about. Sigh.......

George Orwell - 2018-02-06
is it just me or does Ashley Judd look like the woman in the resident evil gameplay in the beginning?

Edward Coffey - 2018-02-06
preach brotha

Cardboard Incorporated - 2018-02-06
Yall mind if i tell every feminist to shutdown the gaming industry and stop every triple A gaming company making games to let people have fun and make freinds

dfxjedi - 2018-02-06
What game is on in the background?

curtis brown - 2018-02-04
see... feminists don't want equality. they want to become a protected class. "you can't kill women in games b-because were SPECIAL" no your not. your no more special than a man. it's funny because you never see these femtards crying about all the depictions of men dying in games... not at all. men die WAY WAY WAY WAY more then women die in video games. I think if they wanted some REAL equality they should be asking to die more often. because there are trillions an trillions of men that die in video games. every cod match around 200 men are depicted dying. it's beyond genocide. but if one woman dies "WAAAHHH! WAAAAH! WAAAHH!! SEXISM! MISOGYNY!" baby wants her bottle much? lol.

oh an just a reminder. feminism is only a problem in us 1st world european / western style country's. japan doesn't have this issue. if it wasn't for all their really strange rules an norms (an the fact I don't actually speak japanese) I might just move there

the Tortilla man - 2018-02-04
I bet she's not even Italian

MrAnimepredator - 2018-02-04
I dont feel bad for anything that anyone has said to her, I just wish it was said to her face instead of online. other than that I wish people would have done things that I cannot even say.

Gland Gaming - 2018-02-03
I like it how the gameplay in the background shows a woman trying to kill you while possessed

Infinite - 2018-02-03
You've just had your hand cut off in the gameplay and the main character is walking around as if it's nothing. Da Frick? Also people like Ashley Judd annoy me dude, great video some very very valid points and great justification to each point

BigT3175 - 2018-02-03
Rapelay is a game where you do all that crap.

DarkValoria GD - 2018-02-03
Lots of men have been doxxed before. Even some game designers like Robert Topala, so she should quit her bitching

User Person - 2018-02-03

Lucas Scott - 2018-02-03
Women: In GTA you kill tons of women! Rock star makes it so you can't kill women. Women:ROCK STAR HATES WOMAN THEY ONLY LET YOU KILL MEN!!!! (BTW its a joke)

keaton Ball - 2018-02-02
“i may have man tits”😂

Scott Madden - 2018-02-02
You go my guy

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