First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright - 2017-12-11
What did you think of the Steelers vs. Ravens game?

Volkswagen MK6 GTI - 2017-12-15
Eagles, Falcons and Packers win by a few points ESPN says how great them games where and how good the Falcons are and dangerous but Steelers win a close call and they just downgrade them WTF

CrustL0rd - 2017-12-14
I rarely agree with Nick, but AFC North games are always close and extremely physical, no matter how good each team is (other than the Browns), so the point that the Bengals lost to the Bears is null

pngarcia 15 - 2017-12-13
Steelers won their last Super Bowl in 2009, as the number 6th seed.From November 9th that year to their last post season game on January 3rd, they lost 5 out of 9 games. The win games were won with 6 points or less and a couple of them were won by field goals.That being said, if you know the Steelers you would say, YES, they are/have always played inconsistently throughout the last 40 years or so, but yet, they always find a way to win the important games and have 7 rings to show for it.Chris Carter lives in the moment and does not study teams or knows them as much as he thinks he does.

kenyon weber - 2017-12-13
Gotta love how CC puts the Vikings ahead of the Steelers for consistency, when the Steelers have a better record, and have already beaten the Vikings earlier in the season, and if I remember correctly they never trailed in that whole game, led the whole way. He's a Hater for sure!

Ethan Strickland - 2017-12-13
How does CC feel after The Pats lost to the dolphins? What is his excuse for that? Just because he yells the loudest and gets the most speaking time doesn’t mean he’s right. Granted, Nick doesn’t have the courage to shut him down, but I’d rather hear him out over CC. I think we should just appreciate that two of the currently best teams in the league are fixing to face off and it’s all about how entertaining that match up is going to be. Juju and Gronk are back, let’s decide what’s what after they play.

Matthew Steele - 2017-12-13
When Carter completely ignores that the Pittsburgh-Cincitucky game took a toll on the Bungles. Burfict, Kirkpatrick, and Mixon all missed the Chicago game due to concussions sustained during the game with the Steelers.

So, no, you moronic Buckeye, the Bears DIDN'T beat the same team that the Steelers played. He also completely ignored the affect of rivalry.

Dio Cendan - 2017-12-13
OMG... can someone else host this show with Nick. Both Jenna and Cris are so terrible at it.

jls478 - 2017-12-13
Watching CC rudely interrupting his co-hosts reminded me why he can't keep a job anywhere.

Jared Grunert - 2017-12-13
ya gotta read it man! lol that made my day, too far

El Capitan - 2017-12-13
Never really like Chris as a receiver...no respect to the Steelers or AB either in this segment.

Alberto Celaya - 2017-12-13
Cc is so dumb.

Jackson Gatti - 2017-12-13
Carter acting like a ten year old. You'd think he of all people would know that "almosts" don't count in football. Talking about the Steelers almost lost to this team and almost lost to that team. 11-2

Erik Ford - 2017-12-13
Chris needs to remember the Bengals were playing with a lot of players hurt from the Steelers game, and do not have a chance to get into the playoffs. Bad assumption Chris. The Bengals folded up the tents, as they do every season, they just did it a few weeks sooner.

Az Talks Sports - The Sports Corner - 2017-12-13
They'll be alright. They have the QUADRUPLE B's. Ben, Bell, Brown, Boswell + (Sorry, Burfict's guy - Juju)

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Christian Cabrales - 2017-12-12
what if PIT beats NE in a close game? will everybody still bash PIT for baerly winning again lol

Matthew Cates - 2017-12-12
Uh, "defense wins championships" is the biggest myth of all time. "Offense wins dynasties" is a better statement...see 49ers...

Hendrik Martz - 2017-12-12
I think CC is really arrogant and condescending to Nick Wright. Awful to watch sometimes.

25 to Laugh - 2017-12-12
It doesn’t matter what other teams do.. it’s who you play that week.. Cris Carter never and I mean NEVER the Steelers credit. They are 11-2. Smh. Cris Carter proves that just because you played in the NFL, (Hall of Famer albeit) doesn’t mean you know what you are talking about.

Danno [insert last name here] - 2017-12-12
new England blown out by KC. then losing to dolphins doesn't equal consistent

Mike Garrity - 2017-12-12
Haden could be back next week should help but not having Shazier is brutal

Nick Bonnett - 2017-12-12
CC makes my head hurt.

clinton caple - 2017-12-12
how dumb can those 2 be at least nick gets it smh

AlexTheGreatMC - 2017-12-12
CC make you want to punch him in the face, I hate when people argue the way he does.

redneck rebel - 2017-12-12
didn't steelers beat the vikings? how does cc think lossing to a team makes you better?

It's The God - 2017-12-12
Was it just me or is it when every time CC would mention “The Greatest Offenses” I was waiting for him to name drop the 98 Vikings

to501453 - 2017-12-12
Nick, would understand CC better if he knew/remembered the best football team doesn't always win the SB every year because anything can happen in single elimination.
I do think the winner of next week's game in Pitt vs. NE will win the SB, since Wentz got hurt.

Kyle Ross - 2017-12-12
Cris is the biggest steeler hater over ever seen and he’s foaming at the mouth for the Steelers to lose 😂

Hussain14000 - 2017-12-12
Patriots just lost to the dolphins

Gaming_With_Keith - 2017-12-12
CC is annoying

cjb cjb - 2017-12-12
Cris carter needs to go, he's so annoying. He's like that one black female friend who always gets an attitude when making a point and never lets you talk because they think they're always right. Smh

Thomas Hall - 2017-12-12
I don’t think CC realizes Pittsburgh has the most explosive offense in NFL history. It’s not like they have just an above overage offense.

Kenyon Jackson I - 2017-12-12
Pat's just lost to the dolphins.... I'm sleep tho

Tristan Steelers - 2017-12-12
Alejandro Villanueva, Ramon foster, maurkice pouncey, decastro, Gilbert. Four out of five pro bowlers, but I guess that’s not good enough for CC

Cubo de Sangre - 2017-12-12
Carter's arguments are legit low IQ.

Laker 4 ever - 2017-12-12
SCOREBOARD baby stats out the window
Suk it CC

junior vaka - 2017-12-12
Is 11 wins not consistent

JACK POT - 2017-12-12
cris living off more of the ifs and the almost than the actual , da actual is were 11-2 top of afc doe

John nie - 2017-12-12
No one knows better than steelers how devastating the loss of Shazier, on the team, is. I think they will be ok defensively, knowing they have to step up and play their absolute best now without him. It's the game everyone is talking about and making more out of than necessary. The only thing that concerns me is penalties, turn-overs and more costly injuries. But once, just once, I'd like to see Pittsburgh come out with such fire and determination, solid for 4 quarters, and trounce the mighty Patriots to a humiliating loss....now would be a good time.

Pizza Man - 2017-12-12
CC chill bro so annoying

Gerard Arciga - 2017-12-12
Of course Chris is always gonna disagree, it’s obvious he hates the Steelers, eat d@#$ dude!

3PacGames - 2017-12-12
How is this offense not special??? Best wr in the league. Best rb in the league. Future hall of fame QB. Top 5 oline. Good rookie wr.

M. P. - 2017-12-12
What is Chris talking about? Didnt they get Flacco on thier last drive , fumble - hello?
Defense made critical stops in 2nd half to put O on field w great position too! For crying out loud this team is well balanced!

mixsignal91 - 2017-12-12
I don’t believe for a second these guys are actually friends lol CC literally treats Nick like dirt. And I don’t even like Nick but dang CC stay taking his lunch money.

chris irwin - 2017-12-12
Cris Carter always hating on steelers see u in Minnesota cc stay on the couch u have not played in years bruh

Joe Gantz - 2017-12-12
Antonio Brown for MVP! #AB4MVP

R J - 2017-12-12
That defense was soooo terrible yesterday... and defense wins championships. Pitt needs to expend a few high draft picks next year on corners and safeties. Those guys they have now are second stringers / practice squad guys at the best of times. The triple Bs better be ready to score 60 points next week because Brady and crew are going to absolutely destroy this defense.

Joe Gantz - 2017-12-12
C.C. does not like Nick lol 😂😂

Nicholas D'Agostino - 2017-12-12
Yea, it's official. CC sucks.

Jonathan Rose - 2017-12-11
Nick Wright getting smoked by Cris Carter, LOL. Get him, Cris!

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