Le'Veon Bell Explodes w/ 186 Total Yards & 2 TDs | Steelers vs. Ravens | Wk 4 Player Highlights

Le'Veon Bell Explodes w/ 186 Total Yards & 2 TDs | Steelers vs. Ravens | Wk 4 Player Highlights
Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell has a massive game totaling 186 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Baltimore Ravens during Week 4 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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Le'Veon Bell Explodes w/ 186 Total Yards & 2 TDs | Steelers vs. Ravens | Wk 4 Player Highlights



Scott McGinn - 2017-12-01
Why do we argue who’s the best back? It’s a matter of opinion and although there is a obvious right answer, it’s not worth arguing about

BEZ LLAMA - 2017-11-02
He is the best

Anthony Celestin - 2017-10-09
He looks slow as well when he runs

Brandon Lee - 2017-10-06
He played good but he’s still not at the level he has been his past couple seasons. He’s a lot more “careful” if you will when he runs. He just not as loose and wiggly and all over the place as he usually is. Hopefully he starts getting back into his groove

chronic tonic - 2017-10-05
He's so good at waiting for the hole to open up, and his cuts... amazing.

chronic tonic - 2017-10-05
Really guys, yal sleeping on Gurley how this have 40k views and Gurley has 20k lmao.

BORICUA 4LIFE - 2017-10-05

BRICKS - 2017-10-05

Bobby Jernstedt - 2017-10-03
Rosie nix’s block on the second touchdown 👀

slimjimmy - 2017-10-03
Suggs did not play most of that game. Our DEs have no clue how to set the edge. How do you let him get outside every time? Sad day to be a Ravens fan.

Morghan Phillips - 2017-10-03
He's baaaaaaccckkk

Joey Mercado - 2017-10-02
The most underrated player in the Steelers' run-game: Rosevelt Nix - the fullback. If those 4th quarter clips weren't enough to convince you that he's the best FB in the league go back and watch the buffalo game last year. You won't see better blocking from the FB position than this in the league today; you'd have to go back and watch Lorenzo Neal tape from a decade ago.

Hunter Saltsman - 2017-10-02
Only a matter of time until he had a game like this

you're right - 2017-10-02
Bell and Nix are like Batman and Robin

LeVeon Bell Juke Gang #26 - 2017-10-02
We got the best fullback in the league (Roosevelt Nix)

Hillary Clinton's Dirty Taint - 2017-10-02
Amazing watching that line pull the way they do. Pouncey and Decastro are beasts

Cameron Barr - 2017-10-02
25 rushes for 100 yard is good but it’s not bell good loved his 50 yards in the pass game but I’m gonna need him to have a breakout game like that bills game last year

Juan Ortega - 2017-10-02
That's y my boy gots your Jersey bell hell yaaaaaaa

Kevin Logo - 2017-10-02
Bell is back

Ryan Hardison - 2017-10-02
I knew he was gonna go ham on us, we lost 2 of our top defensive linemen last week. I give our D credit tho kept him in check in the first half and they were on the field the majority of the time. Of course when your defense is missing an All-Pro nose tackle and another solid DE and the defense is on the field 65 percent of the time they are gonna give in eventually especially when Bell got the ball 35 times.

Rell Facts - 2017-10-02
The juice is back. #steelersnation

Keenan Bell - 2017-10-02
33 fantasy points this week

AW BLACKOUT - 2017-10-02
He’s baaaaaack

Arsenio Buck - 2017-10-02
3-1, but still don't understand the Bears loss. A win is a win! Make the playoffs and anything can happen!

Goofy Dog - 2017-10-01

STREET VETERAN - 2017-10-01

Shannon K. - 2017-10-01
#SpartanDawg in the house! #GoGreenGoWhite!

spencethabeast footballhead - 2017-10-01
Finally decided to wake up

Dennis Moody - 2017-10-01
That Michigan state boyyyyy

Wilif - 2017-10-01
People always sleep on bell as a power runner. When he gets tackled, he most always goes forward several yards after contact. A normal 3-5 yard carry turns into a 6-8 yard carry, which is huge if you are also a back who can break those 10+ pretty often. Football is a game of inches, and it always looks like bell's looking to get that extra yard or two everytime he gets the ball. Love it!

Jeffrey Vences - 2017-10-01
Ryan Shazier was a beast!!!!!!!

Quinch - 2017-10-01
Bell still not looking as sharp as last year yet, still carrying the ball in the wrong hand (almost lost it for his last TD because of that) and he's not hitting those gaps with the punch he had before. I'm sure he'll pick up but today was all about that right side and centre of the Steelers OL.

Jorge Gaytan - 2017-10-01
not their best w..but..it 'll. do it

Haeseung Jeon - 2017-10-01
He's back AFC North. Be afraid. Be very AFRAID.

cedric celino - 2017-10-01
Best RB in the league no doubt 🔥👌

Marquez Postway - 2017-10-01
He's back

Josh Espinoza - 2017-10-01
That last block by rosie was beautiful

Landonplayz Games - 2017-10-01
Nice win by us. Can't wait to beat them again later this season 😂

CZECH MATE - 2017-10-01
Ravens o line is......shitty! Finally the STEELERS GOT THAT BELL RINGING!!!! DON'T BLINK!

Live Grenade - 2017-10-01
The nfl couldn't wait to ride his nuts

Tony Meas - 2017-10-01
Let's go blitsburgh steel city even tho our blits isn't feared anymore lol

Tyler Melodia - 2017-10-01
definitely one of the best currently by far. Man, the offense is just so aggressive with him running that ball!!

Madden Mobile Gameplay - 2017-10-01
Collins > Leveon

Against the best defense go hide ravens fans we know you watching these comments

Krown King - 2017-10-01

Itz Lit - 2017-10-01

Solomon Kessington - 2017-10-01
Saved by the Bell! Only 90's kids know what I'm talking about

Solomon Kessington - 2017-10-01
Best Running Back in the league, period💯

Whiplash95 - 2017-10-01
Ravens season is over

Mike Tomlin#6ringz#dontblink #steelersnation - 2017-10-01
Where them haters at saying le veon bell is washed up

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