Shannon - 2018-01-20
lol @bella okay thank you, glad to know people can be friends, everyday until this moment i never knew that... oh goodness.

Sarulia - 2018-01-16
"Are u actually not well?" 😂😂🤣

Akinde Cassandra - 2018-01-11
Friends with benefits 😉😊

Ortidia G - 2018-01-08
Or she wants attention

Karen van Wyk - 2018-01-08
Omg and the Kardashian susters have such a squeaky clean reputation..... oh common glad really!

malissa prieto - 2018-01-07
Really kim? You made a porn tape and guys are embarrassed if they slept with you.

Tanéya Cohen - 2018-01-07
Bella is so pretty

AMburger Clash of clans - 2018-01-06
Bella Thorne is an ugly ass fucking player

Cristina Chindle - 2018-01-05
But who was Scott Disick before Kourtney lol

John Dela Cruz - 2018-01-04
Why would you even believe a person that looks like not in her right mind. This girl is 24/7 high

Hoi - 2017-12-28
Ok the fact that Kim said Bella is desperate makes me .just... BOW THE FRICK DOWN

Nicholas Bennett - 2017-12-27
Bella really thinks she’s cooler than she actually is

RealTakerslady - 2017-12-19
Does it matter? They're not together anymore

Victoria Loubriel - 2017-12-18
Yet meanwhile Kylie was dating tugs with a child lmao

hydraelectricblue - 2017-12-12
Who's Bella Thorne?

Nawar Hadi - 2017-12-05
Well you guys are the weirdest "friends" like he literally grabbed you breast are you nuts

Esther Francis - 2017-12-03
"I have absolutely nothing to say - we're friends deal with it, just friends, people can be friends" - Bella Thorne 2017

Nothing to say.... they says stuff 😎😂

Shannon Suo - 2017-12-03

mercy mutinda - 2017-12-02
The both of them made their relationship difficult by adding babies their problems started way back when kourtney was 30s why don't u leave the dude alone he's a cheat and will always be think of your kids not an ass grown man ✌

apple morz - 2017-11-28
Bella's gross

abilyn 1105 - 2017-11-28
Bellaaa is chilliinnn!!!! And kourtney is going crazy about it.... why kim is so dumb ?

Mrs H - 2017-11-26
Wow a bowl of mini watermelons 0:09

Mujahi Deen - 2017-11-26
i think bella is still 19? correct me if im wrong ..

Portia J - 2017-11-25
That girl looks like Katelyn Jenner

Danielle Carter - 2017-11-22

Leanna Vivian - 2017-11-21
bella is that wallflower that want to be cool.but shes its just really not her

Nancy Vontesse - 2017-11-21
Bella thorne is a bigger hoe than all the kardashians

BlueAngel2397 - 2017-11-21
So according to Kim, Scott dating a girl a lot younger than him is not " a good look for him" but yet Kourtney can date a guy younger than her and also fuck Justin Bieber? These women are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Kourtney can move on and be seen with whoever she wants but God forbid if Scott does it. The real immature people are them. How about you let Scott be and mind your own fucking business. Scott is NOT with Kourtney and as a result doesn't owe absolutely NOTHING to her.

Monrose - 2017-11-19
We're "coo" 😂😂

- - - 2017-11-16
Kim is famous for getting donkey fucked on camera not curing cancer

ERIKA DOWDY - 2017-11-13
That Belka is a waste case

Raquel Gotay - 2017-11-13
Bella says she left after a day because of how much he drank and he was toxic and shit. Honestly I believe her side more yet it’s much easier to believe a whole family then one person I guess.

Jasmon Jackson - 2017-11-13
Bella looks like she's on some heavy drugs 😩

Angela van den Burg - 2017-11-13
So many melons

flyingsolo89 - 2017-11-12
kourtney is a hypctictial bitch, if she's going out with guys he should have the same right,

Amanda - 2017-11-12
Kim only gets mad and insults girls that are so unrelated to the situation and shouldn’t get the blame for a failed relationship because she just wants her lazy sister to “win the break up”

Flora Guan - 2017-11-11
dont be diserepate kardains odin porn ofr attention the only reason u got afame is ur sex tape nothin the less kim k family entire role is nothin but flaws no tlanet rlly hoswin

Roberto Loya - 2017-11-11
"They look so desperate" chill out u fucked for fame

kim d - 2017-11-11
the whole crummy show is desperate

lamoskgr Moskow - 2017-11-11
In a world full of Bellamy Throne's, be a Zendaya.

TheDrewgutterz - 2017-11-10
This whole familys success came from kim k fucking ray j and video taping it and leaking it to the world.

caitlyn who r u - 2017-11-10

MizAZ DOMiNGUEZ - 2017-11-10
What in the cheese nips happened to Bella Thorne 😨

Merissa Rodriguez - 2017-11-10
Bella Thorne is annoying

Danielle Louis - 2017-11-10
Why do the Kardashian’s care who Scott’s dating and where he’s putting his dick! He’s not with Kourtney, so who cares and what business is I️t of theirs? Kim’s acts like she’s fucking Scott!

cassl14 - 2017-11-10
we're coo? people still say that?! embarrassing.

Harambe - 2017-11-09
What a manipulative heartless bunch ( kardashians)

Yb And Me - 2017-11-09
Bella is ratchet

Broady Ford - 2017-11-07
The only thing that is not a good look is Kim's body. I liked it better when Kim was Paris Hilton's maid bitch

Jessica Wares - 2017-11-06
Bella Thorne is a mess!

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