queendsheena1 - 2018-03-15
The studio did her wrong big time. For shame. Thanks for reviewing.

NIKKO VASQUEZ - 2018-02-15

CRAIGS LIST - 2018-02-13
It's not cuz there wasn't enough marketing for a BLACK movie, this was just a bad movie.

Gloria Sarp - 2018-02-11
I was so pissed off watching this movie! That’s not what they advertised in the trailer I thought I was gonna see some bad ass hit woman it was so bad tbh

Bmac4real 1984 - 2018-02-06
I'm still trying to find out why it's rated R no nudity barely language PG-13 violence

Person Justa - 2018-01-29
Proud Mary was great I don't know what she is talking about. I loved the interaction between Mary and the love interest I love that it wasn't over-sexualized. I can relate to Mary being a badass and being a woman I'm going to go see it again. Grrrl bye

nunya biz - 2018-01-27
Movie review! Your spoiling the entire movie

D_MAJR - 2018-01-25
The direction was a joke. Scene cuts that made no sense moments happening out of order. Really let me down. I agree though Taraji was acting her butt off and trying, but the writing and direction wasn't even helping her.

tacruiz - 2018-01-25
very bad acting. it seems like this was Danny Glovers first film. I like Danny but please go back to acting school or just quit acting please.

tanika jordan - 2018-01-24
movie was good. go see for yourself

Kaliph - 2018-01-24
Loved this review but the film was everything I hoped it wouldn't be.

ruddiato - 2018-01-24
Taraji handled her own as far as the action scenes are concerned, but movie story development needed work and the ending could've been better. I would give it a 6 1/2 out of 10.

Donyea Chin - 2018-01-21
saw the movie yesterday. It was awesome.

E Che'meen - 2018-01-21
The movie was OK, paid to see it in the movies. It had some good elements but needed more

Dominique Harris - 2018-01-20
this movie was so good. taraji made the whole movie what it is now

K. Davonne - 2018-01-20
Solid review. Just subscribed.

Keymo Suenos - 2018-01-20
I just finished watching this movie... At home lol. I had hope for this movie, but people kept telling me it was terrible. I had to see for myself. THEY WEREN'T LYING. Bad story, bad editing, bad pacing, and cliche as hell. I don't care if it's a black movie, brown movie, white movie or purple movie - don't support bad films! That's how they'll stop making them. Support up and coming artist with fresh ideas & talent. This is @KeymoSuenos tapping in from Oakland, Ca. Check out my book 😀✌

A.R Pradipta - 2018-01-19
Movie was bad looks made for tv

John Leitaker - 2018-01-19
Now you want a good smart movie see "Den of theives". I saw it last night I'll go with any of you to see it again

SquareBuzz HQ - 2018-01-19
I personally think it has to do with Sony losing all that money to the budget of Blade Runner 2049 because I heard that movie was expensive. Look what happened to The Commuter, similar vein of a movie and it got the third spot in the box office opening weekend. They probably would’ve earned back their budget and more if they actually made the effort

Proud Brother - 2018-01-19
This movie was terrible from the writing to the production to the acting. Taraji acting was very mediocre didn’t buy her character as an assassin at all. On the other hand because she’s a black women I would expect you to be bias and blame the studios for this mess absolving Taraji of any wrong doing..

Tami Lewis - 2018-01-19
Thanks for the review, I've heard mixed things about this one, but I know your reviews never steer me wrong.

xXLilSmurthXx - 2018-01-18
Still skipping this one. I have no interest in it. I'll see it on Netflix or the equivalent

Caleb Says Stuff - 2018-01-18
I actually want to see this movie quite a bit. Great review. Gonna do a review soon

jamal bryant - 2018-01-18
black panthers going to be great because it made by marvel

nobles717 - 2018-01-18
The movie was terrible. I agree on supporting our actors so I paid to go see it. But I wouldn’t be mad if they offered me half of it back.

TJ The 90s KID - 2018-01-18
This movie was trash

Panthro2012 - 2018-01-17
Great review!! Wifey wants to see it so I guess we will be seeing it!!

Tara Colbert - 2018-01-17
I seen the movie I liked it

Courtney Smith - 2018-01-17
Girl you said what I was thinking I want to support this movie so that more films like it can happen but I think Sony shit on this film on purpose because they do t want to promote strong sexy Black female leads unless they're biracial. There are lots of gorgeous younger Black female actresses that could shine in films like this given the opportunity but based on how they mishandled Taraji they don't want to see us succeed like that. So I'm glad I'm not the only one to catch that

CounterCultureMedia - 2018-01-16
Hate to break it to u but taraji was the exec prod. Everyone was trash.

octasian - 2018-01-16
Taraji had a hand in producing this film also and I believe selling it. The problem was that they tried to make her Superwoman.

Blacktastic News - 2018-01-16
I always dig your energy...
sub for a sub, subscribing to your channel now!

spasticpeach - 2018-01-16
How did Atlanta not have one when Columbus, GA did have Thursday showings?

emadrox - 2018-01-16
I do agree that Taraji is a good actress, but Im not a fan of hers, more so, in these types of rolls. She seems strong emotionally on film, but for a hit woman, she doesnt fit the role for me today to make me want to go see it. But ppl can surprise you, and like you said, the film just is pretty bad. And she Executive Producer, she did have say in the crew / script, so she does have some fault off camera.

dj will - 2018-01-16
meh...Doesnt bring anything new to the table...film wanted to be a throwback 70's vibe, but the cliche music cues are suspect as is the story pacing,My summary: "A hitwoman with a change of heart, who leaves her closet full of guns accessible to the kid shes was supposed to kill (!?!) but ends up protecting, eventually gets found out, takes down a whole crew...then drives off with the kid into the sunset..literally.

Ironically...film shot in a big city with all the gunfire/explosions,etc......ZERO police and police cars appeared the entire time!
Would have been better if this were tied into her character from "Smokin Aces" 5/10*

Token Dave - 2018-01-16
Sadly this is what a call a help a brotha/sista out movie. I have issues with giving Sony money but I had to give them money form this wack movie! I didn't enjoy this movie one bit. It was clear no one behind the scenes cared about this project at all which is a shame! This movie had great potential and had a good cast. Btw the performers here we really good, they just weren't given any direction.
Gotta disagree with you regarding Danny Glover. He was convincing as an unsuspecting yet dangerous crime boss.

Lance Pubis - 2018-01-16
Good review! I thought this was going to be like a Quinton Terrantino, shoot 'em up movie, but it was kind of a boring TV movie. I think it didn't get the promotion you wanted because the studio realized that the movie was a yawner. Why spend money on a ton of advertising when you know that after a few reviews and word of mouth to get out, no one is going to show up anyway....

Mark Colvin Jr. - 2018-01-15
Sony was on some trash! I love Taraji! Without her this movie would flop harder! Sony wanted to bury this movie. Nice Review Keep it up!

JamesEarlMoans - 2018-01-15
Proud Mary sounds like a not so good version of the movie Gloria from the early 1970's. But I will check it out for myself.

KENNYKENNY 757 - 2018-01-15
ACCURATE review thanks...i love finding new black movie critics (its just a different perspective) hitting subscribe now

Ryan L - 2018-01-15
She’s TERRIBLE playing an action role. Zoe Saldana would have been more pleasing and believable to see.

Chad Sabourin - 2018-01-15
Proud Mary is the newest Female Action oriented film. Is it any good? Give my review a watch to find out.

ebony reid - 2018-01-15
I love Taraji but the movie just fell short. Waaaaay to emotional and the writing was ALLLL over the place and predictable. Their was no true connection. The title itself was very misleading. It was not the action packed film I thought it would be.....

mjbaybgurl - 2018-01-15
I disagree on what you said about Danny Glover. I thought Danny G. did a great job portraying his character.

Caiba Show - 2018-01-15
Great review! I subscribed to see more great content from you!!

Roy Reese - 2018-01-15
Thank you and definitely understand your point of view to support this movie. Noticed in the previews that it was poor editing though.

Vana Phill - 2018-01-15
the studio fails to support this movie. We gotta support this! Taraji deserves better.

Dave Theblade - 2018-01-15
I'm thinking this was a gangster & action packed movie but it's a drama. Super failed...

Joseph Massimino - 2018-01-14
I saw this movie yesterday. I have been a fan of Taraji ever since her days on Person of Interest. It was a sad day when she left that show. The movie was mostly good, and only had one instant or poor acting from the boy. I do mean one instant. I don't know how they didn't edit it out. In any case, I enjoyed the movie, and I have to agree that I had no idea it was coming. I see a lot of movies with a Movie Pass, and I don't recall seeing even one preview of this movie, not in the theatre, or on the TV. Oh yes, Black Panther is all over the place, and it is on my list of movies to see. I guess the movies are pumped by the people who pay for them. Black Panther is full of CGI, so it cost way, way more to make, so that explains the massive advertising blitz . Proud Mary could have used more character building, but that would only cost more money, and I think they just wanted to see if Taraji was bankable. Danny Glover is bankable in movies, he has been another favorite of mine. Don't hesitate to go see Proud Mary, it is an exciting movie, and I give it 7.5 out of 10.

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