John Henry Regalado - 2018-02-20
he is better than Dellevedova

Mustafa Arslan - 2018-02-20
Absouletly right bro

vidyanshu pandey - 2018-02-20
He is long, has skills, has the temperament and can become more athletic than he is. But most importantly he has very high Basketball IQ. Cedi is pretty smart...I expect him to do all star and better. The question is how much grit and persistence does he have??!

oko to - 2018-02-20
He is better than jordan

changzhi zhong - 2018-02-20
He is tall

Amar Rasberry - 2018-02-19
I subscribed as soon as I heard post daily

Atilla Tokatli - 2018-02-19
Be quiet 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

ryan Williamson - 2018-02-19
He reminds me a lot of delladova

Chen kit Poon - 2018-02-19
Future Kobe in the making!!!

Bryan Villaroman - 2018-02-18
this is crazy... although I am cavs fan but I think he is not... cant even shoot the 3pt and jump shot well

mysteriousfrog gaming - 2018-02-18
We need White players to assert themselves back in the NBA, period!

welsh manalang - 2018-02-17

Yung Hez - 2018-02-16
Is he stupid, he talking about the same guy that missed a wide open dunk

Zain Ahmed - 2018-02-16
Here from Bilal. Great vid!

Bill Hablo - 2018-02-16
Corver really can’t play defense?

E Styles - 2018-02-16
He’s going to big for us once playoffs start.. our Secret Weapon

Utku Oz - 2018-02-16
the first cedi. He's turkish hammer..

RUGGED BREED - 2018-02-16
The next Lebron Gaymes

Mani Key - 2018-02-16
Everyone is taking about him

Steven Campisi - 2018-02-16
Im a Cavs fan and I Love Cedi he actually can walk two feet without getting injured

VGTR 7 - 2018-02-16
Cedi osman G.O.A.T

Tariq Jamal - 2018-02-16
He's trash. They will get rid of him soon. Not a star.

Pinny Smith - 2018-02-16
He's a damn cracker.

What islife - 2018-02-16
I like cedi the Cavs always have that one person that you never heard of before but they play good and you love watching

Agung Nugraha - 2018-02-16
cedi osman looks like kevin love style

baste zaf - 2018-02-16

Emmanuel Ndiyo - 2018-02-15
i was saying osman was good at draft day 2015

Christopher Miller - 2018-02-15
I'm glad u did this video I'm glad coach put him starting. I've been keeping my eyes on the team and been wondering why he hasn't been playing as much... not to mention (Calderon has been accurate with the 3... Little video ideo)

Jane Porter - 2018-02-15
Kyle Korver only made the all star team because he was dating Adam Silvers daughter

Zenxten - 2018-02-15
He is trash wym

Rich Tuber - 2018-02-15
I thought Cedi Osman was just some guy from the euro league who's not gonna be in the nba that long

Eric Quick - 2018-02-15
I cant wait until Cedi fully develops he has the fundamentals as you can see when he plays his energy and defensive ability (not a great defender but his activness on defense ives him advantages ver guys like Russ or Melo) he is 6'8 but plays like he is 6'3 once he gets a consisten jumpshot (which he has been working on Kyle Korver took him under his wing) and learns how to hit free throws he willbe nasty trust me

Kel Kirkland - 2018-02-15
Bench player forever I'm dead this dude trash

MrSpringPark - 2018-02-15
Is Kyle Korver Injured ?

Stabilizin - 2018-02-15
hes a solid player but no all star quit hyping

Digital_AznBoy - 2018-02-15
Cedi is the only player I will be a fan of in the cavs team.

VINCE SAVAGE - 2018-02-15
He'll be a more athletic manu

alex 1976 - 2018-02-15
Really? He's good but come on, pump the brakes here.

MANZINGER Z - 2018-02-15
Nice Video.

Lil Poovey Vert - 2018-02-15
I cant see this guy ever being more than like a 14 4 and 5 guy with decent defence.. All star tho.. i doubt

Dime - 2018-02-15
So now we calling anyone an all star now? Lol

Chris Baron - 2018-02-15
Once Lebron leaves Osman gonna be playing like Jeremy Lin (injuries included). Future all-star 😂😂😂😂 laughable. He's shining rn because he wants to impress Lebron. Once Lebron packs his bags this kid will be getting more bench time.

xvg 105 - 2018-02-15
Quickly becoming a Cavs fan favorite

sam cruz - 2018-02-15
He suck ass

Terry Bogard - 2018-02-15
He aint no damn future allstar

Spring Heeled Jack - 2018-02-15
Lets be real, the allstars are picked mainly by the fans and nobody is voting for Cedi. That is no knock on him though, he has decent skills.

Marvin Manuel - 2018-02-15
wow some all-star numbers there

Izzy Izzerton - 2018-02-15
The future looks so bright if thy team sticks together and Lebron stays an mentors them. Because not only can they defeat the Warriors this year (many will disagree but whatever—I watch actual games and when Crowder and Green were defending Durant the Warriors offense was like red sun radiation to Superman; Lue's horribly inefficient 3pt shooting offense was why they lost those and they don't play like that anymore), but look at how their potential pieces can develop:

General Maudy - 2018-02-15
Is it pronounced jetty or jeddy or jedi. The force is strong with him

Francis Cemanes - 2018-02-15
his like kukoc of bulls

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