Sandy Jones - 2018-03-18
Tina Turner is "Proud Mary"! No one will ever top this song. It is hers forever! One of the best concerts I have ever seen.

VB - 2018-03-17
Love those legs! Was always jealous of them

Christina Smith - 2018-03-13
this song reminds me of my MOM because she named my first sister after her and she died at the age of 5 years old and she named me Christina why

alexander otakar thon - 2018-03-13
Unfassbar,ich liebe Dich

amy share - 2018-03-10
6:08 oh God what a woman she is double age of the dancer and performing better than her, I adore this woman

Dion Hirini - 2018-03-05
I remember seeing this tour and thinking how in the hell did she do that show with all that energy from the first song to the last! Stuff of Legend!

Christina Smith - 2018-03-02
love love this song

Vance Obispo - 2018-02-24
The energy is through the roof! I love it!

muzicsmylife83 - 2018-02-23
Hereโ€™s me singing it


โ€ขAkumi Nanthโ€ข - 2018-02-14

Richard Shaver - 2018-02-09
BITCH when she says rough at the beginning my weave was snatched

Eliane Bob - 2018-02-05
uma bela cantora. .

Ragluvvulgar - 2018-01-31
Bad ass bitch!!!!! Yassssss

Makiyah Johnson - 2018-01-27

UKNamaste - 2018-01-23
275 people have no soul.

rodrigo gomes - 2018-01-21
top gostos inusitacos

purewaterlilly lilly - 2018-01-18
I am blown away

latosha adams - 2018-01-15

Vic Shirl - 2018-01-06
HOLY MOLY!!!! It has to be the NAVAJO blood in her!! (Like Rambo!)

Jocelyn Carter - 2017-12-16
Jocelyn Carter from CT: BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I will always love this song and Tina. Tina forever!!!

JMagdalenaCLove Nname N - 2017-12-16
scratch husseins face lion

JMagdalenaCLove Nname N - 2017-12-16
i am going to stike ur white pickett fence! watch!

henry b - 2017-12-14
Over 3 quarters of a million views, and I can't help it ifย I have viewed it a couple hundred times. Tina and her dancing sisters are tearing it up in front of an audience that will last everyone there a memory of a life time.

gina julie - 2017-12-11
jolie gina exeptionelle

Maggie Blue - 2017-12-11
This is my favorite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ana Girl - 2017-12-10
beautiful I love you

Dirk de lepeleere - 2017-12-10
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Dirk de lepeleere - 2017-12-10
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Fleet Wood - 2017-12-08
Her dance breaks are epic! ๐Ÿ˜

Jane Hien - 2017-12-07
She is the Best Woman

Deborah king - 2017-12-06
Wow! performance...........that is the way proud Mary row on the river

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Marika Xachapuridze - 2017-12-04
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slimchic30 - 2017-12-03
Yesss Tina๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ a legend ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ

Colin Crichlow - 2017-11-28

Amber Jones - 2017-11-27
Literally discovered this song by accident on my 80s playlist and boyyy, it's a gem. I love it!

Caroline Branston - 2017-11-26

Mary Lombard - 2017-11-25
To: Tina, You are the best. From: Proud Mary

ann hutch - 2017-11-22
Yeah, lets see Beyonce do this...

Marisol Agosto - 2017-11-16

PalmSpringsDiva1 - 2017-11-13
Love, love, love...Tina and her performance!

Victoria H. - 2017-11-11
Would kill to have those legs. Love Tina.

cydne schaafsma - 2017-11-11
This.woman.is.amazing! Love her energy!

henry b - 2017-11-10
Tina is unreal in this show and her two dancing sisters are killer.

Maggie G - 2017-11-07
WOW what energy! What a voice! Amazing! everything moves can she dance and sing and entertain!! I can feel her energy.

Veronica Stevenson - 2017-11-07
This Hair, This Body, This Face, This Voice, This Performance....AND THOSE LEGS!!!!

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