Naughty Hotdog - 2017-11-24
Still banging

ry4nx - 2017-11-24
1:16 i thought that was nicki minaj for a second

FirstOrderSnoke - 2017-11-24
Still hot 15 years later.

SALIZÉ VASCED - 2017-11-24

Skillza TV - 2017-11-23
I thought the thumbnail was mike tyson

ron peacock - 2017-11-23

John Gengelbach - 2017-11-23
I had this song stuck in my head that's what brought me here I had to hear it

Henrique rodrigues - 2017-11-22
marretada. ; =)

Jonathan coleman - 2017-11-22
Damn that dark skin girl fine as fuck.

Nino y su barrio - 2017-11-21
My theme for WWE SVR 2005 - WWE SVR 2010

Mauricio Jurguen L. C. - 2017-11-21
still hot in bolivia

Cyka Blyat - 2017-11-21
Is Nelly's homeboy with the mask there a burn victim or why is he wearing that thing?

Desiree brown - 2017-11-21
Who's watching in 2017???😁😁

Beaulah Bhakre - 2017-11-21
It’s so hot here

August love - 2017-11-21

Biscoitalan sem video - 2017-11-21
Br huehue

Mitzy Sanchez - 2017-11-21
Nelly 😋

Ibrahim Khalaf - 2017-11-20
amazingly! the first musical concert in saudi arabia will be Nelly performing.. Its GETTING REALLY HOT..

Milaryen Arroliga Somarriba - 2017-11-20
november 2017 ?

Luan Notado - 2017-11-20
Tamo junto 2017 indo pra 2018

Sarah Bodyn - 2017-11-20
ik this song i have on my squeeze box

Mad Love - 2017-11-19
Omg this was my jam! I started singing it in my science lesson and told me to stop because my school are sensitive af

Patrice Price - 2017-11-19
That's sad but guess what face my investigation

Patrice Price - 2017-11-19
Fucking shame

Patrice Price - 2017-11-19
They won't give a reaction

Patrice Price - 2017-11-19
I'm trying to discuss the affair oh dude she must not know

Simon Lorne - 2017-11-18
i love Yves rene

j allen Bradley - 2017-11-18
Every year, getting hotter in herr, thanks to burning fossil fuels and nelly

Kelley Ruane - 2017-11-18
get naked

RB Boxing - 2017-11-18
Off to see this guy tonight... November 2017 :P

Ivory Deluxe - 2017-11-18
Guess it's not hot enough for big shaq though

Reggie Kemp - 2017-11-18
These adverts with shit music god damnnit

the kid 2k GOAT - 2017-11-18
Nigga rich but can't as spell here

Mounir El idrissi - 2017-11-18
It s gettin hot in here 2018

Kiara Martin - 2017-11-17
WOW that was amazing it was so cool

hard target - 2017-11-17
ولكم في صعبر بالمدينه الاقتصادية يالعبد، الله يرحم عبدالله بس

mc tmj rap - 2017-11-16
faz uma passeria com migo

deez nutt - 2017-11-16
some black ppl got disgusting smell in club

Stephan Shearin - 2017-11-16
should be 20 1billion by now!

Some Girl - 2017-11-15
2:36 to 3:00 the girl behind the DJs top keeps changing

Shazzkid - 2017-11-15
Mans not hot tho...

Samuel Chubiyojo - 2017-11-15
Man's not hot

Innocent Bandecha - 2017-11-15
very interesting song

Bob's Bugs Be Gone - 2017-11-15
Gets flashbacks to that amazing 5sos Keek

Débora Oliveira - 2017-11-15
Só lembro do eu a patroa e as crianças kk

Mary Galindo - 2017-11-15
Damn it's cold in here to me it was a whole lotta hot last night when Al and his friends put some hours in busting buffs off a dead marijuana bush they pulled out of the trash . And I give up two attempts my best strip pole dance and I'm still bugging him......I'm donem.

Emma Powell - 2017-11-14
Anybody else notice Nicki Minaj in the beginning?

InS-step - 2017-11-14
I like Tiga's verson more

Levi Ackerman - 2017-11-14
Mans not hot

Tyra walker - 2017-11-14
The old days were the good days

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