Joseph Carlone - 2018-02-16

Sunshine Coast Summer - 2018-02-13
She looks pissed

bradly2007 - 2018-02-12
Judy now joined by Vic Damone...RIP great ones, never again will we see the likes of their magnificent talent

Kira Binkley - 2017-10-14
All that can STIR... that Baghdad caliph!!

Marcel Audubon - 2017-09-09
they have a natural ease together

Jan Anderson - 2017-08-14
Such intricate harmonies as well. Masterclass!

Jan Anderson - 2017-08-14
He is the most underrated talent. Just perfection, magnificent natural gift and flawless technique. We know how great judy was, but vic damone is unsurpassed. Just wow

Karen Williams - 2017-03-07

Joseph Tursi - 2017-01-28
Simply the best of a lost era of great singers singing great songs. Today we have rap. My god it's a world of trash.

Tam Rayner - 2016-08-17
What an amazing duet from two of the greatest singers who ever drew breath !

Janice Murphy - 2016-07-25
Someone later commented why didn't die mention victim well the same as what I said about Judy the reason you probably didn't get accolades that he certainly deserves was cause he probably was one of those people that it's too nice for Hollywood

Janice Murphy - 2016-07-25
Judy Garland projects warm beauty and talent too bad that someone could have saved her and fell in love with her forever because she certainly deserves it people that actually know her like Mickey Rooney said she was kind hearted and giving I guess in Hollywood that doesn't help

dennis 10 - 2016-07-17
Two greats!

Francisco Ferrer Galiana - 2016-06-08
Dos voces inolvidables

Geoffrey Johns - 2016-04-20
Judy Garland is wonderful

MrBillybooks - 2016-04-02
The first half of this is just lovely. Garland is a superb singer and it's wonderful how she watches Damone as he sings. But "This is my Beloved" is a near-operatic number and these singers, as good as they are, don't have those kind of voices. They had to transpose the notes downward because otherwise they couldn't have hit the high notes. Still, they do a better job with this than you might imagine.

Rob Keyes - 2015-09-14
A beautiful pairing of talent, and I love the way Judy looks and reacts to him with admiration.

jeffrey a - 2015-03-30
Unlike the West Side Story medley which was previously recorded, this was live. Garland often relied on cue card for lyrics. Both are terrific here!

Alexandra Billings - 2015-01-28
Remarkable. She could sing anything.

bradly2007 - 2014-09-24
Dazzling magnificent tour-de-force showing nobody compares with Judy Garland & Vic Damone when it comes to just pure great singing, never will happen again so enjoy! 

Deborney Armando - 2014-06-29
 A Milestone Performance. Amazing.

micky finn - 2014-03-06
Brilliant. Is it just me, or is she reading the lyrics off cue cards? From about 1'40" she seems to be glancing off stage just to the right of Damone.  If so, it's not a bad effort from someone who didn't really know the song she was singing...

Bigbearbeau - 2013-10-07
vic and judy at their very best, so beautiful xxxxxxx

djangowoof - 2013-08-30
a fantastic performance of really difficult beautiful music

Dean Schmidt - 2013-08-24
so what! Watch and Listen to the magnificence.

Dean Schmidt - 2013-08-24
so what! Watch and Listen to the magnificence.

Randall Mastin - 2013-06-20
as a vocal teacher it floors me that Judy Garland could sing at all. She smoked, drank and was hopelessly addicted to a myriad of prescription drugs. She has a huskier sound as she got older probably due to these factors. But she was still amazing and I could really deliver a song.

Jim O'Hare - 2012-12-13

matt - 2012-12-10
There's something wrong with this recording; it keeps "popping." Listen to the good recording of this duet posted by "AllAboutJudy."

MrDisneyCollector - 2012-10-08
goosebumps, wow...two powerful voices...they sing so well together...I love them both, and now to see them together.....

Burl Lampert - 2012-09-23
Genius. Timeless.

chaseyl1 - 2011-11-27
Impossibly handsome Vic and ludicrously talented Judy.....

JBentour - 2011-01-31
no, some of the sound in these clips skips in addition to the video. just an fyi :)

miltsar - 2011-01-18
Damone never achieved the super star status he deserved. His voice, by far, is the most beautiful of that period. Even Sinatra thought so. I think the problem was that the"big musical ' period was ending and too many of his recordings were saddled with bad arrangements. Plus the Beatles came along and everything changed. But no doubt about it he had and continues to have the most beautiful & expressive voice. Listen to his album "Closer Than A Kiss '...nothing else like it for sheer beauty

Lester Matos - 2011-01-12
@waif55 then where did her power lie? is there a difference about being loud and having a high range?

3muimui - 2011-01-06
2 legends ! Thank you for posting! : )

james rivers - 2010-12-24
wow..love this first song. vic damone is exceptional. i never knew!

bellini verdi - 2010-11-04

Paul Ostroff - 2010-10-31
Lovely singing.Vic Damone was the most underrated vocalist in musical history. TY.

Paul Ostroff - 2010-10-31
Lovely singing. Damone was the most underrated vocalist in musical history. TY.

craigenputtock - 2010-10-30
Vid Damone is so underrated... a really lovely voice.

Burl Lampert - 2010-09-10
The video IS a little jerky, but the audio is fine.

Alan Stamp - 2010-08-25
Garland's voice fell into the mezzo range. Her range was not limited; she sang in the "sweet" range of just under two octaves, where she could use her chest register well. At her best, which is unparralled popular singing, Garland's voice was a wonder of soaring top notes, unique phrasing and a variety of tone colors in merely one beat of her famous vibrato. Her voice was an instrument that could be used to devestating effect throughout her over 40 years of singing.

bradly2007 - 2010-07-07
Two magnificent voices coming together in rare form...listen & feel for this greatness will never happen again! Judy & Vic clearly are peak & what incredible quality they both exhibit...tones, power, rhythmic ability, they had it all and were a match made in musical heaven...thank you for posting this amazing work of art...

jsbach15 - 2009-11-11
No skipping on my computer noted.

Lester Matos - 2009-09-07
I`ve always heard this that ver vocal range was limited ... can somebody tell me what was her vocal range actually? and if you can have a more powerful voice and still not have a big vocal range?

George Bailey Maranto - 2009-08-30
Judy, even though her vocal range is limited, still handled this difficult music beautifully!

luftloft - 2009-08-25
great chemistry between these two...electric!

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