Emanuel Abenoja - 2018-01-14
they should have given to kuz or J.C.

crime dizzle - 2018-01-14
Just my observation. I love when the Lakers win and I know that a win is a win but does anybody else see that in the fourth quarter or in overtime when the game is really close and both teams are going down to the wire how Clarkson and Caldwell-Pope never likes to pass the ball to Lonzo down the stretch when clearly he is wide open for the 3 point shot? If you watch this again you will see what I'm talking about. Lonzo was wide open on a few possessions and the refuse to give him the ball. The Lakers will never be that power team in the league until they decide who is gonna the man/leader/Hero of that team.

Trung Nguyen - 2018-01-14
Look at Julius Randel in those last plays. Lost the ball every single time...smhhh

Eddie Rubio - 2018-01-13
Luke Walton is trying to make sure Lonzo don't have any shooting opportunities. His mission is for all Ball brothers to score 0 points today... Walton, you just signed your firing documents. It's safe to say that bum ain't coaching the Lakers next season....

abreadcrumb & fish - 2018-01-13
Luke let julius have it at the end. Its his hometown. Its not about the wins and losses for Luke. Its about trust

Lakers/Eagles - 2018-01-13
If julius just looks up lonzo has a open 3 to win the game..dennis helped off....but no.. of course not

Giovanni Aragon - 2018-01-13
What's with this hero basketball! You had the game!

John Magpayo - 2018-01-13

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