HOT Spanish weather girl has wardrobe MALFUNCTION

HOT Spanish weather girl has wardrobe MALFUNCTION
Janet shot to international stardom after video of her showing off her curves in figure-hugging dresses during broadcasts went viral.

The Mexican is now labelled the hottest weather girl and has amassed five million followers on Instagram.

Fellow countryman Gaby will be hoping to follow in her footsteps.

And by the looks of this video, there’s a good chance as she sent fans into meltdown with her choice of outfit.

In the video she’s wearing a short white dress that shows off her long legs.

The top opens near her chest and as she turns she threatens a serious wardrobe malfunction with the dress struggling to contain her boobs.But the 30-year-old pro doesn’t let it affect her as she continues to give the latest weather news to her fans. 
HOT Spanish weather girl has wardrobe MALFUNCTION



Mc Dragon - 2017-09-15
who is she

showmorelikethis - 2017-09-09
malfunction implies something occurred that wasn't supposed to... I ve seen more cleavage um... lotsa places...

BeBop Aloola - 2017-09-09
How low are the ratings,when you have to resort 2 soft porn...Imagine the Brainstorming on that meeting.

david mcdonald - 2017-09-08
I see nothing wrong with her wardrobe, It looks fine to me... LOL... Just the way I like it. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

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