bhumanecate - 2018-02-21
Thank you for sharing this. I never got to see Daryle live, but was hoping to. I can't believe that God has taken him from us. A beautiful man and voice has been taken from us. He was the last of the younger country singers that sang/portrayed country. I am still so sad over this.

cowboy6591 - 2018-02-19
Way too young for his demise.

C Riley - 2018-02-17
Beaumont, Texas!

highnrising - 2018-02-16
Jimmy Bowen is still around? Wow. That guy produced Nancy Sinatra.
And Frank Sinatra and Dino and Sammy!

Robert Sherrill - 2018-02-14
Another George Jones prodigy R.I.P. we will miss you very much and your music will live on forever !!!!

rodmaciva - 2018-02-14
True country singer! Rest in peace friend

Donald Summers - 2018-02-13
r.i.p. way to young

Brandon A - 2018-02-13
It's sad that Daryle never got the recognition he deserved in the music business. Daryle was true country music at its finest...these jokers on the radio today wouldn't know country if it ran up and smacked em' on the ass!

Steve Nesmith - 2018-02-13
RIP Daryle. Thanks for keeping real country alive.

4dixieland - 2018-02-13
Great post. Anyone know who the fiddle player is?

ken wood - 2018-02-13
Rest in Peace...

Elizabeth Miller - 2018-02-13
RIP Daryle.. Great singer! So many of the good ones gone now. Sing with the Angels!

Dave the Insurance Guy - 2018-02-13
We lost a good one today. RIP Mr Real Country.

Steven Sigmon - 2018-02-13
Thanks for all the great music that will live on. Great life, great talent. REAL Country. RIP

Brad Jones - 2018-02-13
Like I said about 5 months ago....This guy is a true talent...read my comments....RIP my Amigo, You will forever be missed and your voice is a true musical blessing...Thank you for doing what you did....! A true music giant ....!

Brad Jones
5 months ago
his voice is legendary and he is super underrated , and country music coming out of Nashville is terrible, keep it going Daryle

Angiebryant64 - 2018-02-13
A great Musician !!!!! RIP Daryle Singletary

TKRoxstar1 - 2018-02-13
Prayers for Daryle's family, friends and his band. Such a wonderful Voice and kind Man.

Kelly O'Dell - 2018-02-13
Thanks Jimmy

Roland orantez - 2018-02-13
R.I.P one of the greatest voices ever sad to hear no more good country music coming from this man.....God bless his family

C CB - 2018-02-13
What a huge loss for country music; may God comfort his family.

Jason Heavner - 2018-02-13
RIP Daryle. A fine country voice is sadly silenced today!

JayLewis7 - 2018-02-13
How can anyone hit thumbs down on this??? RIP my brother💔💔💔 Heaven gained an angel and a lead singer to Gods choir. You were the best and just real pure country😢🎤😢

BILL CLIFFORD - 2018-02-13
Just learned of Daryle's passing....he was so talented...he will be greatly missed.

Dena Wood - 2018-02-13
RIP Daryle...you'll be missed.

Ramona's Bluegrass and stuff - 2018-02-12
RIP #DaryleSingletary you were one of the best of Real Country. Thank you.

Kole Dupe - 2018-02-12
R.I.P just over a year later

magic stone - 2018-02-12
RIP, Mr. Singletary

balladeer45 - 2018-02-12

Daniel Lorenzatti - 2018-02-12
RIP DARYLE!!! Wish I got to see you live! I was just looking up tour dates last week :-(

Eddie Goodwin - 2018-02-12

James Eddie - 2018-02-12
Today is a very sad day for us real COUNTRY FANS...... I listen to Daryl and Ronda singing last evening on my headset, fell to sleep and awoke this morning to here that Daryl had passed on to GOD's COUNTRY HEAVEN, I still can't believe it. I have been listen and playing Their music for a long time and he was about the last of the young REAL COUNTRY SINGERS LEFT. wE ARE PRAYING FOR HIS WIFE AND FAMILY! RIP, BUDDY, HE WILL BE MISSED..........hAD PLANS ON SEEING HIM IN TWO WEEKS IN TEXAS....WISH WE COULD HELP........MUCH LOVE GOES OUT TO HIS SIDE KICK, RONDA, OUR HEARTS GOES OUT TO YOU TO

Keith Hornsby - 2018-02-12
RIP Daryle Singletary (1971-2018)

Ldytygrrr - 2018-02-12
TRUE Country .... unbelievable voice! Love this guy!

billy porter - 2018-02-12

Amy Leasure - 2018-02-12
RIP. Another real country singer gone all too soon.

Whiskey Tango - 2018-02-12

Tackleberry - 2018-02-12
What an awkward introduction.

travo101185 - 2018-02-12
RIP DS. You will be missed but never forgotten.

John Weir - 2018-02-12
RIP!  A great country voice lost today! :(

Neil Tipton - 2018-02-12
Real Country , just lost one if its last Ambassadors.

tjj300 - 2018-02-12
Can't believe he's gone. Way too soon.

TheGunner31 - 2018-02-12
RIP Daryle

Aaron Martel - 2018-02-12
RIP brother

vincentlenci - 2018-02-12
Rip!! Too too bad... Tragic

Robin Williams - 2018-02-12
RIP :'(

Cheryl Mills - 2018-02-12
so sad that he passed away today.

L. L - 2018-02-12
R.I.P Daryle Singletary he passed away today he was just 46 years old gone way to soon.

Patty Vaughn - 2018-02-12

ChocolateSmurf2001 - 2018-02-12
Damn shame :( R.I.P Daryl... so young !

Troy White - 2017-12-30
Damm, he sounded just like John anderson

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