MAZINGER Z - 2018-01-17
Lonzo is legendary.

onebodymusicchannel - 2018-01-15
Lakers have to trade clarkson. Randle too. They are ball hogs. The ball should be in lonzo's hands, his last name is ball for a reason. He had the team sharing the ball. Then clarkson and randle started playing hog ball/buddy ball and almost caused la to lose this game. They only pass the ball when in trouble. TRADE THEM!

Jerald - 2018-01-14
Randle with costly turnovers/missed layups late game. All the damn time.

Michael Conlan - 2018-01-14
there's reports that the Lakers are about to trade Randle for willy cauli-stein and 2 second round picks and cash considerations lol- The kings are young scary now

tiismuna - 2018-01-13
Where is BI on crunch time?
Julius cant read double teams as well as JC has hard time passing..

God of War - 2018-01-13
lonzo could of mAde that shot and not went to overtime kuzma would of mAde it

With The Quickness - 2018-01-13
What did I say.... Julius needs starter's minutes with Ball on the floor. At least Jordan and KCP earned their money today. Better lineups by Luke although I thought he could have exploited the Mavs with Lopez down low more in the half court.

God of War - 2018-01-13
3rd biches kuzma for rookie mvp

Hermes Arian Dela Vega - 2018-01-13

kevin hu - 2018-01-13

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