Michael Peralta - 2018-03-18
Yay natural selection.

Mocha the Bunny - 2018-02-24
One time i fake d it to my friend and then jk I'm not stupid

Fresh Mint - 2018-02-23
How did we go to making fire and cooking raw meat to eating straight up poison

Diane Fitzpatrick - 2018-02-19
Why are they made?? What's wrong with powder soap?

Lilly Lazer - 2018-02-14
The future. So stupid. You get what u deserve if u are that stupid to eat it on purpose. What is wrong with them? I can't with these idiots. Now they have to put another warning on for stupid ppl

Bossybooo iii - 2018-02-12
Cascade pods r better

Steffani Abercrombie - 2018-02-11
Yay! I'll be famous........... even though I'll be dead

Caged - 2018-02-11
I want to give Tide Pods out at Halloween. LOL

Chanel Marley - 2018-02-08
Just stop making them damn.

Putin Approves - 2018-02-08

Kombo-Nat Kombos - 2018-02-07
I have lost faith in my generation

WS P - 2018-02-07
I hope eating Tide pods makes these kids sterile, we don't need another generation if idiots running around.

Dane Logan - 2018-02-07
stupid twinkies

One Kawaii Emolga - 2018-02-05
Is this what Youtube was created for? Recording themselves trying to die?

I can imagine what Youtube was made for. A friendly site to post videos of their talents, crafts, a place to go to when you're feeling down. Little kids could post videos without adults going into their comments and spamming "cringe" and "ew sucky content" "terrible intro" then SOME PEOPLE came along and made this a dark place of dangerous trends to inspire people to.. record themselves eating toxic things? Clickbait videos? Inappropriate violent videos that aren't age restricted?

What happened here..

HD channeler - 2018-02-04
Roses are red
Violets are blue
These teens are retards
Don't do this too

Melanie CruXes - 2018-02-04
young, dumb, and brooooke

SlowedAndChopped - 2018-02-02
Quit interfering with natural selection, let it happen

Alec Ryan Kevin Bryan Rj Delilah Kamahri Josh Bray - 2018-02-02
Well, whatever gets you fame.

Jason Thomas - 2018-02-01
Why don't they try pissing in their own mouth...Now that takes actual talent...I'm just throwing that out there...

cros99 - 2018-02-01
Many of the Millennium crowd that spend so much time with their brain going numb by using social media for hours and hours every day are coming up dumber than a doorknob.
They get addicted much like a drug user and need to check their phone for a mental fix.
These dummies take a challenge that some wiseguy put up to see how many idiots he can send to the hospital. It's sad but you can't fix Stupid.

Live like a Unicorn - 2018-01-31
Btw, if they are made for dirt and grime, maybe the teens that did this should surgically put this in their idea box.

Djjosh128 - 2018-01-29
No racist stuff here, but didn't think this would be some black person stuff.

Steel City Show - 2018-01-27
Nonionic and anionic surfactants,ethoxylated polyethylene polyamine and enzymes sounds tasty 🍽🤢

dave0z96 - 2018-01-26
Each generation is getting dumber, and dumber as we go into the future

poptart_ gamer - 2018-01-26
Anything for views wouldn't even do this

jackbauer6543 - 2018-01-26

Live like a Unicorn - 2018-01-26
People these days are so dumb! Not only is there this, but there’s the blue whale game, people are summoning demons in their own homes, and risking their lives in a lot of other ways. I bet they’re like,”oh yeah let me just eat tide pods and be famous. It won’t matter when I’m in the freaking hospital.” And next, where are these people’s parents? Parents, you need to actually take care of your children instead of spoiling them. Like seriously, don’t spoil your kids if it’s going to take their lives. If your going to do a challenge, do something that’s not freaking dangerous. Like, at least find out if the challenge is dangerous before you attempt. But with this, you don’t even need to check if it’s dangerous. I’m not even a teenager and I’m smart enough not do this. Shame on you, internet. Shame on you.

Ariah Scott - 2018-01-26
are they dumb!!

Josh Thomas - 2018-01-25
Kids are stupid, but then those things do look like candy.

Devin Partin - 2018-01-25
Can you wash someone's mouth out with soap for washing their mouth out wish soap?

CHOSEN ONE - 2018-01-25
Humanity is getting stupider by the second

Ana Zhuk - 2018-01-25
Tide pods are clearly human just a human control system

Javiera Andrea Iturria Casas - 2018-01-25
natural selection.

Orlando Molina - 2018-01-25
"Experts" yeah right gtfoh.

moman 90 - 2018-01-24
The people who do the tide pods challenge ruined the meme

Mike Engelberg - 2018-01-24
This is why we need to bring back Lead Paint, Drinking and Driving, Lawn Darts, Remove Warning Labels, and toys that are Choking hazards.. We need to thin the herd..

MsUn PC - 2018-01-24
They do this for attention.
Wow, these people are SO stupid.
Anything for a like.
Smaller kids see this and will try it.
I guess brains diminish more and more as time goes on.
Common sense is close to being extinct.
We are a dying breed.

austinbizar - 2018-01-24
Does... Does she even know what a Polymer is?...

Wendel W - 2018-01-24
I say let them do it, it's just mother nature taking out the ones that shouldn't be here

SuperVideowatcher01 - 2018-01-24
WOW! You mean to tell me that something that is used for cleaning is BAD for kids?

Well no @#^$@^ @#)! you morons! They have the "keep out of reach of kids" on the #%!* boxes/bags! What you couldn't find any news on Trump so you had to show THIS!?

charger master - 2018-01-24
Its going to get to the point were we can't sell laundry detergent to minors

Macky Mack - 2018-01-23
What is wrong with society? What’s the next challenge? Stabbing your own knee for a “JOKE”?

Macky Mack - 2018-01-23
No, just don’t. Those views aren’t worth that hospital visit or possible death.

rls725 - 2018-01-23
Whatever- it's called thinning the herd

Aizen Z - 2018-01-22
the usa don't need the nuke from korea their youth and rules/laws are enough to wipe them out... now look at youtube their are many of the biggest youtubers like 'pewdiepie' promoting to eat these and there videos are still up WTF policies even if it's a joke this shouldn't be promoted in anyway. No youth making your america great they wipe it out. stupids

f fs - 2018-01-22
Oh government watchdogs are creaming their pants over a new thing they can make laws or regulations about, like they actually give a crap.

Gregory Walker - 2018-01-22
Attention all future mothers please stop drinking while pregnant

You see where that sip of wine gets you

Your teenagers stupidly eating laundry pods

You just wonder if your child have actuall brain cells

YouMadOrNaw - 2018-01-22

Name Relevant? - 2018-01-22
I encourage this behaviour. Darwin awards?

Roberto M. - 2018-01-21
Keep eating Tide Pods to protest Trump. If you eat enough of 'em he promised he will leave chair ASAP.


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