Sargent Peep - 2018-01-27
NOT YOU Katie Couric!
Mary Vincent: At age 15 she was kidnapped by Lawrence Singleton, taken to the desert, and raped. When she struggled and fought for her life, Singleton took a hachet, chopped off her arms, then threw her off a 30 foot cliff and left her naked in the sun to die. She did not die. She survived. Mary Vincent is a survivor, NOT YOU, Couric! You got your ass patted. That does not make you a victim and it certainly does not put you in the same league as Mary Vincent.
So, stop being an hysterical manophobic bigot.

Dennis Schell - 2018-01-20
Human debris libtards...who cares.

George Ablan - 2017-12-29
She is still smiling.

Tig Lilly - 2017-12-19
She was secretly in love with him

James Williams - 2017-12-19

James Williams - 2017-12-19

karen denise - 2017-12-17
What happen to your boy

Tanya Henderson - 2017-12-16
I'm so sick and tired of all this shit!

Kimberly Lenahan - 2017-12-16
Bring back Ann Curry..loved her..

Barker Landar - 2017-12-15
How sad? You ask? Sad as the title of video. A video which had no bombshell other than Katie liked Lauder's attention so much, she picked, "marry him"' in the game: "shag, marry or kill; " And it didn't reveal anything other than Katie "played along to get along"- and unfortunately that's been the norm til now...

MoviesAndPopcorn - 2017-12-12
This channel deletes your comment for simply stating Anne Coulter is not all that interesting. And no, I am no longer a Democrat of Matt Lauer fan. I stopped watching the Today show years ago because it is not news, and simply a fluff program. When you are ready to stop following the Republican vs Democrat fan club, check out some of what Austin Petersen is talking about.

Ruth Young - 2017-12-12
I'M so sick of every time I turn on the TV there are more and more people being assaulted and groped..LMFAO !!!!! These hOrs are after the big bucks. They piss and moan and do the fake cries and tears (after 20-30 years) , Give me a fkn break. Show them a million dollar pay off and all the fake tears will dry up fast.LMAO Now they are picking on Dustin Hoffman. wtf? Mario Bartinelli the famous chef. Wonder who will be next ? I personally don't believe all this b/s. All these celebrities.actors, musicians, sing / songwriters all cheat, screw around and only 5 percent of them stay married. I say to hell with them all and move on to some REAL news. ALL you hOrs need to get over your pathetic selves. Bye Bye now. 😪

remi - 2017-12-11
I bet his wife is happy.

Ruf Isigny - 2017-12-10
Katie Couric's very recent decision to postpone a more robust comment regarding the demise of her nine-year colleague and confidant, Matt Lauer, is not a difficult deduction. Katie "knows where the [proverbial] bodies are buried." Katie pretended to be annoyed in a 2012 Andy Cohen interview requesting 'what bothered her working with Lauer the most,' responding that, "“He pinches me on the ass a lot." Couric is playing the Trump card that ... "the tax records will be made public when .... etc, etc, etc.. Katie is buying 'eternal' time to be honest about the eternal question because she's an 'old school' woman who not only tolerated Lauer's misogyny and harassment but likely 'enjoyed it a bit. This is the dirty fact-of-life today's hyper-sensitive, man-hating, hairy-legged feminist snowflakes will never concede. They're all about nuclear destruction of the concept of men being men and women liking it - a ten thousand year-old ritual that only received the PC guillotine in the last twenty years. Katie is an enabler - not like Hillary who covered her skunk husband and president for rape and then hired private investigator thugs to scare the hell out of Bill's accusers, but a softer, more understandable accomplice. Katie Couric probably knew Matt Lauer's addiction proclivity to bedding women in the workplace better than anybody then and anybody now. She knows that she should have said something. But like most of us in our sixties and seventies, we're generational defendants in a transitional society of tattlers, opportunists and self-important male celebrities and politicians.

rick boss - 2017-12-09
I mean come on this freak was making women fart in his mouth, an tea bagging them into shame,long dicking them ,till they passed out!his wife reported him for making her swallow cum, he was lean an mean!

Young King - 2017-12-07
This is more of people being idiots. Lauer and Couric are friends. Lauer pinches her ass and he’s just fuckin with her. There isn’t that sexual harassment level, it’s just they are comfortable with one another. I knew girls back in the day that me and my boys would fuck with and slap their ass and grab their tits. One of the chicks used to try and slap my ass too. It’s all jokes. We weren’t doing to sexually harass someone and be some demon. How are you gonna tell couric that she is a sexual harassment victim of Matt Lauer when neither, obviously, took his acts in such a manner? Smfh mad pathetic how people try to force their own beliefs and agendas on to other’s personal life and affairs.

Bassman - 2017-12-07
This is all manufactured crap...why is the so called president not being called out on the carpet on things he actually said he did or would do to woman ?......POWER AND SECRETS are a bitch....what men are doing in reference to the harassment and disrespect of women is appalling and WRONG.. but never forget it takes two to play this game...women are not totally exonerated from their minimum or maximum participation....REMEMBER poetically YOU GOT TO BRING SOME TO GET SOME!!!!

Gracita Estepa - 2017-12-06
Why Katie Couric did not report this matter years ago she's a loser too.

jack black - 2017-12-06
Katie likes anal....?

HorizonRover - 2017-12-05
Who wrote this nonsense?  Here is a tip folks.  If you see a "news" video that is read by a computer generated voice, it should probably be ignored.  The script sounds like it was written by a 7th Grader working for a tabloid.

Diane Resanovich - 2017-12-05
Idc what anyone says each and everyone of these women loved the attention or they would have spoke up then not decades later. They are just looking for attention any way they can get it now because they are old! How sad to destroy a Man because you can't deal with the lack of attention ANY WOMAN WHO IS TRULY BEING SEXIALLY HARASSED TELLS SOME ONE IMMEDIATELY!

Gloria Valle - 2017-12-05
Sad. I as a woman I apologize to all the men that are victims of all this women . Guys please be careful

MrSmokedies - 2017-12-05
This video has a voice that is produced from a computer. That means this video is foreign. Imagine that, foreigners trying to cash in on American news.

Steve Cousins - 2017-12-05
Attention Robo Call. Artificial Intelligence. Attention Robo Call. There are no intelligent life forms here. Robo Call.

We Are Miles From Nowhere - 2017-12-05
FFS!! Enough with the robo porn voice!!

Guy Mangini - 2017-12-05
If someone cost me a 20M a year job, man or woman... you better run and hide.

Barbi Button - 2017-12-05
Poor Matt - taking the fall for all the elite. They allow these leaks to distract from those at the top bveing focused on. Sex trafficking and child pedophilia and sacrifice r at an all time high and those at the top know just how to keep those at the bottom distracted. Throw em a bone to chew on for awhile so the Pizzagate news dies down on alter nate media

Ayo Pryor - 2017-12-05
What is katie talking about,? what does she has to say? when she is always in matt lauers arms voluntary. Other women will claim that what she allows matt to do to ber is sexual harassment but she allowed it any way. Rubbish, absolute blasphemy.

Ben Kovicra - 2017-12-05
So, USA BREAKING NEWS TODAY is read by an artificial voice...

Ross M. crashdummy35 - 2017-12-04
You are not a news channel. You have no credentials, no connections.... Reading shit on the internet then making shitty videos about what you read is not News.

1banana2kiwis - 2017-12-04
Lame robotic voice.

jill candelaria - 2017-12-04
I don't think what he did was right. If everyone knew what he was doing. SHOULD ALL BE FIRED. Why would people let this keep going on. And the women why didn't they say something. So sick of listening to this.

a1seus - 2017-12-04
I heard they want to extend the statute of limitation to a longer period, when it comes to harassment! I SAY FUCK THAT they need to shorten it, 3 months tops! that should be enough time to get your mind set straight and realize that your CAREER isn't as important as what your going to cry and bitch about 100 years later. Because thats the main reason bitches dont say anything, THEIR CAREER. fucking people for an OSCAR award is whorey

99suspects - 2017-12-04
fuck off and die you overvalued shitbag tv stars

David Edbrooke - 2017-12-04
Bella Min. Interesting reply. I’ve never heard of a guy being that dumb and pushy. Not saying there aren’t some but I still think that a talk with the bouncer or owner would stop it. Alternatively yell it out embarrass the hell out of him. Stop it early might result in less and those with a penchant amend their behaviour!

A B - 2017-12-04
She should have spoken up sooner! He is a DOG!

Villamor78 - 2017-12-04

lisa mac - 2017-12-04
And this video is crap

lisa mac - 2017-12-04
I'm getting sick of all the stars getting accused of sexual assault. One does it then they will decided to do it

Hadlee - 2017-12-04
I'm sure Katie Couric has a story to tell. It's been almost 20 yrs. after the sexual harrassement and her story needs to be told !

Mikes Free - 2017-12-04
Why is Trump getting away with his sexual harassment. Indeed Trump boasts about sexual assault. Or his friend Roy Moore, a child molester and he could get elected to the US Senate. America is a disgrace. A county run by corrupt perverts supported by the Christian right.

As Ice See It - 2017-12-04
Is it possible one of Lauer's co-hosts is his victim as well?

20alphabet - 2017-12-04
By not speaking out when it happened, Katie Couric was complicit.

lisa Grant - 2017-12-04
Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

Indrid Cold - 2017-12-04
So all these NBC executives and employees knew for decades that Matt was a sexually abusive psychopath but never said a word about it until now? If this is the case the entire Executive staff at NBC needs to be fired as well.

robin tinker - 2017-12-04
I am tired of all these women claiming abuse years later if it was true you would have said something before now

Carmela Hammer - 2017-12-04
why all the victims pf Mr. Lauer only comes out now? why not earlier? are these women who was victimized for sex harrasment of Mr.Lauer ,are still waiting that this man can still have another victims before they make a move? if the allegations are true why only now? for gods sake!
its just always the same stories from these victims of sex harrassment. most of these women comes out so late.???? out of shame? but its More shameful ,that most of You only show up your reactions when all of You are already older??

teesha foster - 2017-12-04
Well here we are let it out

Mary Adkison - 2017-12-04
Why wait so long to speak out ‼️‼️‼️

Isabel Carmona - 2017-12-04
fake news

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