Jaquie Fallon - 2018-01-13
What a charismatic, amazing woman

Alex Almeida - 2018-01-03
muito legal..

Jeffrey Pueblos - 2018-01-02
THIS moment...THIS performance right here...is something VERY LACKING in today's music. Considering, Elton, Cher, and Tina are legends of their own time to be able to get together, set aside their egos and actually share that friendship bond and perform together...this NEEDS to happen with Celine and Mariah (and sadly we lost Whitney and Geroge from this list). It's not that Celine and Mariah don't like each other, they are supportive of each other, but I wish they had this type of camaraderie that these legends have with each other.

jmatt4life - 2017-12-31
OMG!!! How did I miss this? Legendary, historical, musical trio performance!!! WONDERFUL and watched it again and again!!!

Tony Morales - 2017-12-30
This gave me chills. Frickin legendary!

Gay Bottom Pride - 2017-12-25
Back when VH1 actually had quality content instead of trashy reality TV

Mango - 2017-12-15
Wow. Erica Kane was there. 1:35 Diva #4!

Aquiles Tadeu Martineli - 2017-12-12
Simply beautiful!!!

Martha Ortiz - 2017-11-18
Where is mother Theresa?

Marussha Mir - 2017-11-15
Amazing spirit !

sabrina ponnet - 2017-11-14
whaayyyyyyyyyy good

Marija Fiala - 2017-11-08
Glas, energija, izgled.Sve.To je to. Meraviglia!

veronica saez - 2017-11-06
Idol Tina Turner! !!😘👏👏👏

Johnny Bravo - 2017-10-25
Cher said dancing with Tina is like dancing with a hurricane.

Kirk Bates - 2017-10-18
I had the amazing job of working as a stage hand at one of Tina's shows and she came out to thank us. Now that's class!

lol365 - 2017-10-18
And THAT is how you do it.

Doug Gattie - 2017-09-20
Three legends come together for one song. Amazing!

Linda Smiley - 2017-09-16
greatest ever

Stephanie Hurd - 2017-09-15

SuperSmile2004 - 2017-09-07

Jacqueline Perry - 2017-08-07
Boy that was the best music and all my favorites there accept prince but I loved it.mrs.Tina Turner left speechless.

javier sanchez - 2017-08-03
She looks so good for her age ! She is Bella

BrooklynRider - 2017-08-02
Tina can rock a pair of heels like no other!

Michaela Dale - 2017-07-21
literal goosebumps!pure legends here!

Robin Bush - 2017-07-21
and Cher gorgeous

Robin Bush - 2017-07-21
one incredible sexy and beautiful woman

Cindy Mckee - 2017-07-21
cher never stops. classic postergirl for "age is just a number".

Cindy Mckee - 2017-07-21
she dances better than michael J, and SHES wearing heels slick floor impromptu. glad u r in zurich and happy cuz Nutbushers have Big Mouths

Cindy Mckee - 2017-07-21
awesome legs willpower and talent. she intimidates mick in their duet🍔🍔🍔🍔

Cindy Mckee - 2017-07-21
shes laffing inside

Valerie Brown - 2017-07-21
now that's what you call music amazing performance by three legends wow and tina you rock

Scott Davidson - 2017-07-19
That's off the Chain!!!!

Scott Davidson - 2017-07-19
Greatest Rock and Roll song ever. Cause the blues in that song is nasty!

LUIGI MESSINA - 2017-07-11
tina sei grande

Gwenn McShane - 2017-07-08
Tina Turner amazing

mariyana nikolova - 2017-07-08
Прекрасно е когато стиловете на музика се сменят през нощта, понякога е израз на безпомощност! Чудесно откритие в чудесен сайт!И ничия болка не може да накара един човек да се промени , той просто си е такъв до края на живота си!

Jo O Reilly - 2017-07-06
LOVE Tina. She is simply THE BEST!

sabrina ponnet - 2017-07-05
de max van muziek .......

Edward Espino - 2017-06-26
tina my idol.. i love your energy. your d best

Edward Espino - 2017-06-26
your d best tina turner my idol nothing compere

Josep Salvadó Serra - 2017-06-25

Uma Luca - 2017-06-22
Me encantan los tres!!!!

truthhurts101 - 2017-06-12
Fab! They sing the fuck out of this song!

Pateu Ardealu' Cu fainosag - 2017-05-29
They are three legends!I love them!

Adolfo Casanova Lopez - 2017-05-25
Tina, por Dios, tienes el mundo a tus pies. Te quiero y mucho. Que Dios te guarde.Tinaaaaaaa...From Madrid España Eddy Nova.

triplexnine - 2017-04-27
Fantastic performance from all three legends!

Faculdade Unip - 2017-03-26
Why did Elton John get angry at Tina Tunner? Is he fagot?

ron welford - 2017-03-04
Best legs in the business in fact she is the best .

Greg Duffiney - 2017-03-03

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