Hot Makeup Artists & Seeing Jessica Live lol || Vlog - Edward Avila

Hot Makeup Artists & Seeing Jessica Live lol || Vlog - Edward Avila
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Hot Makeup Artists & Seeing Jessica Live lol || Vlog - Edward Avila



Edward Avila - 2017-04-21
gushcloud made me delete a part from the beginning where i talk about not liking hashtagging their "sponsored" posts which aren't even sponsored lmao i didn't get any fckn money lol so just to let you guys know LOL not that you care

HL - 2017-11-06
That moment when you are supposed to study, but Edward's channel is calling for me.... Yeah.....
Eddy sounds disappointed though... :( Maybe it is my inner voice....

Mrs. Patronus - 2017-10-16
U r so obnoxious

Luna Richardson - 2017-10-09
idk why, but you look in some angles like Kai

rath chan - 2017-10-08
black pink <3

Veronica Kim - 2017-10-01

dreamy 127 - 2017-09-22

A7medHDz - 2017-09-12
12:44 who he is? i really wanna know

vhen san miguel jr. - 2017-09-10
The hair and makeup artist is hot you lucky bitch!

Mint Soda - 2017-09-10
Am I the only person who wants a full video of Eddie just being recognized by his fans?
..... ;3;

Kassandra Martinez - 2017-09-07
I wanna know who that daddy makeup artist is shit 👀👅

Karen Foo - 2017-08-27
Watched this the 4th time because this is one of my dream. I felt like quitting almost every day but I just keep going with the vlogs :)

Mariano Spears - 2017-08-25
i need to highlight at 8:06 that's so cute!

Mariano Spears - 2017-08-25
at 5:38 you look so good! like sooo good! ily

angelica .chuuhun - 2017-08-18

L. AnimeNightcorKitty - 2017-08-10
Sad you didn't win, but I enjoyed watching the vlog- I love Sin soo much she's queen XD

cattygrrrl - 2017-08-09
Is that GoTae in the background at 10:00

celia keke - 2017-08-07
I fucking love your hair. It's handsome.

elzzbethd - 2017-08-07
how did u not win???but goddammmmm my man is humble YASSS

Adrian S. - 2017-08-03
Ok, what song at 15:40 !!?

Lila x - 2017-07-26
jamming to little mix in the backgrounddd

alina - 2017-07-23
the girl: "hi guys"
edward: yEEEESSSS

goody2129 - 2017-07-22

HOLIDAY NIGHT - 2017-07-21
Awww Jessica bae

ryta zaa - 2017-07-21
OMG jessica 😍

Anamaria Pekšić - 2017-07-20
i love your crying laugh, oh god thank you for existing

bitter cookie - 2017-07-14
breath eddy, breath.

kp-shoug alk - 2017-07-14

Katty J14 - 2017-07-12
EDDY!! XD I used to live in Malaysia!! lmao I miss it and I wish I could have met u while u were there but that would have been like impossible haha

m bh - 2017-07-10
lmao i shit my pants when i saw Shannon lmao love that bitch

bumbim bom - 2017-07-09

Sosmcs See - 2017-07-08
what event is this?

Little Guchi - 2017-07-06
I wish I was you :'v you talk to a lot of idols and I'm here by myself talking to my posters :'3

Dongo Dice - 2017-07-04
why he looks like Jackon from Got 7 :s

silantorunogullari - 2017-07-03
he is so fucking handsome!!OMG

shohwah jihan imarah - 2017-06-29
ok, I see "Keluar" that Indonesian language from Exit :v
sorry, I'm focus that word, but I really love your vlog, and you too Ed.
i am from indonesia, i am your fans, and my bias wonho too :D
Saranghae Ed

Shaniya Dawson - 2017-06-28
You 심으뜸 was sitting right in front of you!!!! She has the blonde hair!!!

Rahma Maluma - 2017-06-26
I read Jessica I clicked.

in bloom - 2017-06-22
seems like everyone was surprised when joel won? i know i was

fangirlss id - 2017-06-20
Why Korean MUA looks so manly like a fitness trainer

Happiness - 2017-06-20
OMG Your luck is super fucking You've seen Jessica Oh God I'm so jealous 💔💔🔥.

M Abdu - 2017-06-20
Ужас какой то или я не понимаю его

Nnf - 2017-06-20
LOL I'm freaked out when I saw GoToe behind Eddy

Zahra Tsabitah - 2017-06-19
jessica jung so pretty

Gabriella Hoseok - 2017-06-19
Não entendi nada mais tudo bem 😂❤

Fina Ardhika - 2017-06-19
yawla arip ngapaend disitu

toppytangy - 2017-06-11
That foundation looks so good on u!

Chanyeols nipples - 2017-06-08
"Nothing is better than meeting youtube subscribers" lmao 😂😂

flip floup - 2017-06-05
in this vlog you give me viktor nikiforov vibes

Gabjaesoo - 2017-06-02
15:07 that scream somehow made me laugh 😂

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