Hot Makeup Artists & Seeing Jessica Live lol || Vlog - Edward Avila

Hot Makeup Artists & Seeing Jessica Live lol || Vlog - Edward Avila
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Edward Avila - 2017-04-21
gushcloud made me delete a part from the beginning where i talk about not liking hashtagging their "sponsored" posts which aren't even sponsored lmao i didn't get any fckn money lol so just to let you guys know LOL not that you care

Taehyung V - 2017-04-29

blurhhhh - 2017-04-29

hannermax - 2017-04-29
"yass mamma yesss servin some looks!'

hannermax - 2017-04-29
ahh how i love edward

mxf - 2017-04-27
Omg I was trying to figure out where i saw the guy at 11:06 in the black suit and I realized he's from Abnormal Summit!!!

killercupcake07 - 2017-04-27
When you watch a vlog to see your favorite youtuber and end up seeing two! Lawd Carli looked Beautiful! Edward you slayed me! <3

valerie poo - 2017-04-26
whos performing at 12:00

odette carbajal - 2017-04-26
Little Mix!!!

Anetta BleBle - 2017-04-26
did your nose turn out the way you wanted it to?

이미송 - 2017-04-26
5:02, is that the Seoul guy from Dave's dialect video?

Mj recxz92 - 2017-04-26
no hate.but I think u are trying to be a perfect person outside than inside.. uncontent, unhappy.wanna "Be",I think ur forgetting who u are.. u can deny that through words but not until your on that point of ??????

Ria Muse - 2017-04-26
Okay but like why does Eddy look so much like Jackson in this video and thumbnail

preety cucumber - 2017-04-25
"thats me on the internet mom"

RB7™ - 2017-04-25
where is your philtrum bruh

Maria ayuzawa - 2017-04-25

tin8921able - 2017-04-25
Is it just me whose curiouse on what Foundation that make up artist use on Edward? pleass someone tell me Thank You

Luis Robles - 2017-04-24
Hope she doesn't flash back lmao

Gabriella Skyes - 2017-04-24
JESSICA LOOKED SOOO GOOD AND LILY LOOKED BEAUTIFUL!!! see i could never attend these bc i would get self conscious so fast everyone looked so good

tobecontinue28 - 2017-04-24
You look gorgeous with your new nose OMG

Nasyrah Alfira - 2017-04-24
Yeah I admit, the event was like SO unorganized and there were certain part where the screen suddenly goes blank for a few minutes, the timing was off and lastly, I was dissappointed Edward didnt win the award (lol I was salty af during the announcement...) hahahah but I did get a few pics with Edward lol *smirks

BecomeAPrime - GFX | Tech | Vlogs - 2017-04-24
Does anyone know what song/group that is at 12:44?

Nery Fuentes - 2017-04-23
so I discovered you recently and I could care less about the make up, I wish you were closer so i could ask you out. I'm sure you'd say no but ooh well

Nery Fuentes - 2017-04-23
so I discovered you recently and I could care less about the make up, I wish you were closer so i could ask you out. I'm sure you'd say no but ooh well

HoseokinyourArea - 2017-04-23
aoora face at the people performing had ME DEAD😂😂😂

Beanie the ARMY - 2017-04-23
Why did Jessica look HELLA annoyed presenting that award?😂

yanni tam - 2017-04-23
lmfao I was running around finding u after the event but I cant find you SADDDDDDDDD

spacerobot66 - 2017-04-23
Something that was bothering me is the fit of your suit shirt and jacket. The neck was way too big for you and also the sleeves! Tailoring is key!

Nikoru Kiru - 2017-04-23
You should be an idol... you're so beautiful😍😆 Do you sing?? It's The first time that I see one of your videos... Sorry for my bad english 😘

*username* - 2017-04-23
Eddy, my gosh, I'm so impressed by how much better your skin looks compared to your old videos! Wow keep up the great work!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Max TheMonkey - 2017-04-23
ui abnormal summit memorieees ~~~

Max TheMonkey - 2017-04-23
I remember the time I modeled for toni&guy, but like... they couldn't handle my hair. It was too thick for them.

edgarae1 - 2017-04-23
You are SUCH a diva omg Edward.

MakeupbyNick (Nicholas T.) - 2017-04-23
so glad to see u in malaysia....

Trinity Tallcree - 2017-04-23
it looks like your an idol. love your channel

Wendy Yoo - 2017-04-23
I'm wondering if the makeup artist used the 3CE Pore Silky Balm to do the high coverage???

Dahlya Mann - 2017-04-22
Slay my entire existence dad!!!!! Love the look

Ayom Tito - 2017-04-22

Gabby Nog - 2017-04-22
An adventure in the life of an awkward socially inept individual lmfaoooooooo me too Edward me too

Jonathan Rampersad - 2017-04-22
Edward attending his wedding
Getting married to Aoora lol || Vlog- Edward Avila

Fer Aguilar - 2017-04-22
"That's called detail bitch" love That.

Madison T - 2017-04-22
Did anyone else peep GoToe behind Eddy as he was walking into that building? Lmao his videos are hilarious too

Hannah Ibrahim - 2017-04-22
The performers tho😂😂😂

maram m - 2017-04-22
aoora is so fucking cute bitch wtf

Wiktoria Ślusarczyk - 2017-04-22
10:00 I see GoToe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

kitthy - 2017-04-22
14:38 i swear.. i screamed louder than everyone else lol..

Sporty36girl - 2017-04-22
No personality award can do justice to the amount of SASS and CLASS that Eddy possesses :D (ie. aint nobody else at that awards show wearing a damn skull-patterned blazer ;P)

konni chipchura - 2017-04-22
You know Eddie was robbed when he got the most screams but no award 😱

Miss Shawol - 2017-04-22
I know its been a while but omg, your nose looks so good! I think it suits you really well :)

chris - 2017-04-21
Can someone tell me the name of the the song(s) Jessica sang???

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