College Basketball's Most Unforgettable Moments (HD)

College Basketball's Most Unforgettable Moments (HD)
I do not own the rights to any of this footage, this video is for educational purposes only.

List of all of the Video Clips in order from First to Last:

1. Florida Gulf Coast Dunk vs Georgetown
2. Cincinnati vs Xavier brawl
3. Tiny Gallon breaks the backboard Oklahoma/Gonzaga
4. Wisconsin buzzer beater vs Michigan
5. Princeton buzzer beater vs Harvard
6. Quinnipiac buzzer beater vs Central Connecticut State
7. Valparaiso buzzer beater vs Green Bay
8. Wright State buzzer beater vs Detroit
9. Duke Buzzer beater vs North Carolina
10.Indiana buzzer beater vs Kentucky
11.East Carolina buzzer beater vs Weber State
12.Murray State buzzer beater vs Vanderbilt
13.Washington buzzer beater vs Arizona
14.Butler buzzer beater vs Marquette
15.Butler buzzer beater vs Gonzaga
16.Duke buzzer beater vs Virginia Tech
17.Alabama buzzer beater vs Georiga
18.Florida buzzer beater vs NC State
19.Morehead State buzzer beater vs Louisville
20.Connecticut buzzer beater vs Pittsburgh
21.Wisconsion buzzer beater vs Michigan
22.Cal Poly Pomona buzzer beater vs Cal State Dominguez Hills
23.Syracuse (Almost)buzzer beater vs Connecticut
24.Villanova buzzer beater vs Marquette
25.Xavier buzzer beater vs Virgina Tech
26.Marist buzzer beater vs Iona
27.Illinois buzzer beater vs Indiana
28.Western Carolina buzzer beater vs Samford
29.Ohio State buzzer beater vs Michigan
30.Hawaii buzzer beater vs Cal State Fullerton
31.Iowa State buzzer beater vs Creighton
32.Weber State buzzer beater vs Northern Colorado
33.NC State Full Court buzzer beater vs North Carolina
34.UNC-Asheville buzzer beater vs Coastal Carolina
35.Kansas game tying shot vs Memphis
36.USC buzzer beater vs Oregon
37.Michigan game tying shot vs Kanasas
38.Marquette buzzer beater vs St. Johns
39.St. Mary's buzzer beater vs BYU
40.Florida buzzer beater vs South Carolina

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College Basketball's Most Unforgettable Moments (HD)



Hockey Clips365 - 2018-02-12
6:58 rip

Custom Kickz - 2018-02-11

Roland 92643 - 2018-02-07
4:57 was Isaiah Thomas on The Cavaliers!!!🔥🏀

Barry McMullin - 2018-02-06
Greatest video ever.

Hans Brantley - 2018-02-03
NCSTATE 1983 ncaa tournament???? Greatest run in history!

Peter Compeau - 2018-02-01
another video ruined by stupid music

BEN KELLY - 2018-01-22
at 7:53 it was a great shot but it got called back

Bereadytocry - 2018-01-20
I like to watch the cheerleaders' reactions 😆

Ubeydullah Güvenkaya - 2018-01-20
10:23 incredible impossible woooww

Packers 4 - 2018-01-16
This is without a doubt the greatest video I’ve ever seen

Motoindustry - 2018-01-16
I watched it, and already forgot

cade chromy - 2018-01-15

dfghj sdfghjk - 2018-01-14
Name of the inicial music

Manu Petaia - 2018-01-13
Feels for the guy that got trampled at 4:11

Jordan Lu - 2018-01-09
There are more injuries in the celebration than the actual game

Rhyan Shaffer - 2018-01-06
What about the time we Villanova beat North Carolina in the championship

Baraka Ogot - 2018-01-03
Very inspiring video

corey yo - 2017-12-25
Austin Rivers is cold blooded

Grayson Clark - 2017-12-22
music sucks

BaseballKid 29 - 2017-12-21
Where the Aaron Harrison shot against Wisconsin coming from a ky fan

Roland 92643 - 2017-12-09
6:01 is like that Steph Curry 🍛 one against the Clippers!!!

Emily Kirkman - 2017-11-25
9:24 pause it when hes shooting the buzzer wenrt off when the ball was in his hands

Matthew Martinez - 2017-11-24
That devendorf Syracuse shot didn’t even count I think. Wasn’t that the 6 ot game?

flyhighguy420lh #dubnation - 2017-11-23
6:43 Most lethal play in NCAA history

A Goat - 2017-11-22
9:18 after the buzzer

C L - 2017-11-22
9:27 oh yay we just won a basketball game so cool

Pyro Flight - 2017-11-21
How do you not show the Michael Qualls dunk against Kentucky

Saucy Boi - 2017-11-19
wow no christian laettner?

Cracker Man - 2017-11-17
I was at butler and Marquette game lol

Yo Boii Roby Fan Club Widener - 2017-11-16
Anyone know what the name of the first song is?

WetNapkin 23 - 2017-11-16
Does anyone know what the first song is?

Noah Hancock - 2017-11-16
Where's Kevin Ware

Stewie Griffin - 2017-11-15
8:35 nice song choice makes me miss them days

Joel Myers - 2017-11-15
The Iowa State shot at 9:19 was total crap. Pictures later showed he obviously missed the buzzer. You can tell watching the video even. In fact it was bc of that game that they instituted replay for those situations.
A pissed Creighton fan

Austin Conrad - 2017-11-15
3:28 the Valpo coach😂😂

EliJ - 2017-11-15
unforgettable should also mean tragic

Patrick O'Rourke - 2017-11-14

Alberto - 2017-11-13
Anyone know the name of the music in the beginning

Hughe Mungus M - 2017-11-13
I come back and watch this video every year

Ayeitsben - 2017-11-12
These moments are even better when you hit a game winner at home

Alexa4der - 2017-11-12
NIU might huskies

Jonas Chye - 2017-11-12
what about that time liangelo got that game winning steal??

Connor Crowley - 2017-11-11
My one goal in basketball is to hit a clean buzzer beater

Legacy Zay - 2017-11-11
That Kemba Walker ankle breaking game winning buzzer beater was vicious🙆👀

Roberts Lipskis - 2017-11-11
9:23 wasnt on time

CJ Fox - 2017-11-11
Music ruins thesez

FRAYNETRAIN - 2017-11-09
10:40 how do you even make that?

Me Me - 2017-11-09
Anybody else see a kid in a red sweatshirt at 7:40 get slammed by a dude in a yellow shirt? 😂

40 Water - 2017-11-07

XxVortex GamingXx - 2017-11-07
Let’s go niu!

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