Hot Pizza Clips From the JukinVideo Vault

Hot Pizza Clips From the JukinVideo Vault
Have a slice of some of our most delicious pizza videos from the vault. We would also like to take a moment of silence for all the pizza that fell to floor and never made it to someone's tummy. Hope everyone enjoys. 

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Hot Pizza Clips From the JukinVideo Vault



ItzYaBoiArticuno - 2017-12-14
1:32 I can eat that fast also

Gorge Best - 2017-12-02
Peter griffin at 0:10

XitlaliRamirez lovers - 2017-11-20
1:10 me and the last slice

Kayla F - 2017-11-20
1:27 disgusting freak

Livi's World - 2017-11-19
Why are the kids playing catch with dough

ninjask908 ninjamask - 2017-10-28
1st clip:lame 2ndclip:lamer 3rd clip:lamest 4thclip:SAVAGE OF PIZZA 🍕

El Taco Supreme Gaming - 2017-10-23
1:25 is absolutely disgusting

LYLATXSYSTEM - 2017-10-18
3:00 lmao

NyanCat - 2017-08-23
Man: cmon eat the pizza

Lizard: no its mine now it's now my pizza

Me: can I have some pizza XD

saitama - 2017-08-20
0:23 lol

mrbigtian - 2017-08-20
oh man, who else was looking at the booty at 2:33?

Kyle Mills - 2017-08-17
Yay for Carmine! I want to try his pizza

Clark - 2017-08-16
Pause at 1:29 ....scariest thing I've seen on the internet this week!!! 😱

Alter - 2017-08-15
3:18 So that's why they never cut it properly and you have to do it your self...

GreenHell - 2017-08-14
1:41 this was at my Birthday 🤣🤣🤣

STAK - - 2017-08-13
Im hungry and its 12:00pm here
Why the fuck am i doing this to myself

Mauricio Vega - 2017-08-13
1:18 but why?

O-One - 2017-08-13
"Jukin video vault" aka the Downloads folder

NoMercy 17 - 2017-08-12
saddest video ever :( 1 like=1 pizza saved

Anik Solaris - 2017-08-12
You just make me hungry

Allthingsfootball - 2017-08-12
Anyone know the song in the pizza tossing video?

TheFallenSnack - 2017-08-12
2:42 Look at that ass.

frank w - 2017-08-12
why do all italians look the same....

Jeremy Williams - 2017-08-11
3:50 Proudest father in the world

KasaShime Kyo - 2017-08-11
i love the lizzard , it does knows whats good 0:52

Milli W - 2017-08-11
How could you make a Pizza video that makes me grossed out at pizza? I'm disgusted

Lyle Waller - 2017-08-11
So, a dude ate a whole pizza in one minute thirteen seconds?

Aditya V - 2017-08-11

FELIX - 2017-08-11
Fuck i'm hungry

Omega Zero - 2017-08-11

IssYaBoii - 2017-08-11
1:08 whose mans is this

Jet Barbaro - 2017-08-11
had a dominos add before the video

BN BN - 2017-08-11
Absolute monster of a woman who hate the pizza


karen lopez - 2017-08-11
Y u do dis?? I just started working out and I'm craving pizza so hard! If I don't have it now, I'll turn into that bird from Cocoa Puffs 😭

Minimoto 0603 - 2017-08-11
Bet they won't pin me📌

Damon Lee - 2017-08-11
How much faster would she have gone 2 handed? 🤔🤔

steven pa brown - 2017-08-11
The chick eating was nasty af

Amanda Elaine Winn - 2017-08-11
So many people hate on Jukin but I love you guys!

Omar Lopez - 2017-08-11
I Love Pizza It's. My Favorite Food on Pepperoni

Jakub Jílek - 2017-08-11
When the JukinVideo vault is so vast that it can provide five minutes long video featuring only pizza.. Perfect 👌🏿

Dave Slave - 2017-08-11
3:47 that's one proud greaseball

Socal Hustler - 2017-08-11
Who the fuck drinks milk while eating pizza?

DOGGO OVERDRIVE - 2017-08-11
When that car crashed into the place... The Pizzas here

Chuck Beef - 2017-08-11
Teenage Mutant Ninja Iguanas

Carl Stawicki - 2017-08-11
@2:32 I didn't see a pizza reference in this segment.

Dhani 0_0 - 2017-08-10
i saw a proud dad there

furyIIIplate .Plymouth Fury 3 - 2017-08-10
2:45 The father son pizza dough toss was nice, but I was too busy checking out the ass on that chic in the background... weeeeee!

SupaDuckZilla - 2017-08-10
Pizza is life!

мдляc гилидляc - 2017-08-10
Como han dejado que se reproduzca la zorra de las trenzas que se comía la pizza con una mano?

Gene Burnett - 2017-08-10
Those "Carmine's" kids were great!

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