10 Things Girls REALLY Find Hot About Guys

10 Things Girls REALLY Find Hot About Guys
10 qualities that girls find hottest about guys. Really. 
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Have you ever been shut down when trying to impress a girl? If so, you’re doing it wrong. But it’s okay; the right way has still yet to be discovered, even some 4.6 billion years into the existence of earth. However, as time marches on, we continue to get closer to solving the mystery that is the woman’s mind. 
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CBR - 2017-02-23
don't forget to subscribe and join the notification squad!! ;)

Natalija Bijelić - 2017-04-30
Coming from a girl:
Most dont really give a fuck about your hairstyle as long as its clean and neat. Kay?
Eye color: To me blue or green,maybe hazel.
Mind: If youre stupid and look good please just get away from me. If youre stupid,BYE.
Hygiene: Please,dont stink. And dont look dirty. Please.
Humor: What they said was true lol.
Facial hair: Google "maluma" like,every girl in my school likes that type of facial hair.

Nicholas Moquin - 2017-04-30
I'm attractive!

pietje bel - 2017-04-30
Its amazing (kinda sad) that the "shallow" videos on Youtube get the most views

Arcane Legends player - 2017-04-30

Adam Smith86 - 2017-04-30
thanks bro cool video 😎

Vest Death - 2017-04-30
Bro's just be you.

Mimi Plain - 2017-04-29
Nice skin and teeth. Period

Ninja Chimpanz - 2017-04-29
Yeah acting dumb wasn't working for me Lel why am I on this video

Sam Woodward - 2017-04-29
'The daily mail conducted a pole'. The daily mail. Please please please the whole newspaper (if you can call it a newspaper) LIES

MR_DIATRIBE 23 - 2017-04-29
Remember if you let her down...Remember to have a bicycle pump at the ready! .....

The Shady Shroud - 2017-04-29
"because you sit on your ass all day eating chips and playing videogames"


Yellow dolphin - 2017-04-29
Just a girl who is watching to see if this is true. Your smile.

Magen Gulley - 2017-04-29
That's surprisingly accurate.

Sofie Loves Undertale - 2017-04-28

April - 2017-04-28
And I love slim guys

April - 2017-04-28
I HATE A CREW CUT. Hair is everything to me, I like a lot of hair, maybe shoulder length

PhoenixTheFox #1 - 2017-04-28
I'm looking for a nice guy that has a little bit of a mischievous side as well

Mihajlor mc - 2017-04-28
i have black eyes

JEREMY MIRANDA - 2017-04-28
what about green and brown =_=

KamillPlayZ - 2017-04-28
What was that film at 4:29 ?

Pointless Grants - 2017-04-28
do you think its a coincidence that BBC did a survey on size

The Lucky Mouse - 2017-04-28
Guys like big boobs big butts and tight pussies
Good bye

Lucas L - 2017-04-27
CBR is a trademark of Honda

Testarossa - 2017-04-27

Bodybuilding Guru - 2017-04-27
How do you you know, you are a guy

A to Z - 2017-04-27
Hello everyone, I want to make a girlfriend, girls please call me at 9258849915,Thank you

Potato Mush - 2017-04-27
Okay, so dark brown eyes are not as pretty as hazel, green or blue? Oki ;-;

Fappetizer - 2017-04-27
I'm going to die alone.

Banana Neko - 2017-04-27
I'm a girl and all of those are true except the eye color. WE LOVE BLUE OR HAZEL😂 I love the humour most of all. But not the korny, we just want boys to make us happy when we're sad. Not that much facial hair tho. STYLE IS GOOD TOO

beautiful jessica - 2017-04-27
No I like and am attractive to guys with curly hair.😏😏😏💋

10 ON 10 - 2017-04-27
also girls find microwaved guys hot... ;)

pookie the king - 2017-04-27
Girls like short hair

GD ezKore - 2017-04-26
Im a boy

GD ezKore - 2017-04-26
I can imagine

Lone Hound - 2017-04-26
Im fucked

MaxGalaxy1O - 2017-04-26
end your life

Anna Fowler - 2017-04-26
ayyy i have green eyes

TapeablWolf - 2017-04-26
so what if I had light brown eyes is that cute?

Green Whovian - 2017-04-26
I can field this one, things missing that women seem to forever be preoccupied with is JOB. If you don't have a job her enthusiasm for talking to you goes right out the window cos that's how superficial women are. You must be driven so playing computer games all day does not impress. And another I always see is "A man who knows what he wants" ironic considering most women don't even known what they want let alone expecting a man to but these are constant repetitive prerequisites women seem to have for whether they'll entertain even a hint of getting with you.

Retropixels - 2017-04-26
Oh that's why all these fuckboys out here with that hairstyle

Rex Ryan Dahilan - 2017-04-26

Tiger XTB - 2017-04-26

blue kay - 2017-04-26
I'm 5'7 and I like to a little bit of a taller man

Master Oshawott - 2017-04-26
See THIS ladies

AIC SKS - 2017-04-26
u forgot the number 1 thing cunts want

Dawn L. - 2017-04-26
I mean, some truth can be found here but... it really depends though, if a girl really likes you, she'll show you that and be down for you no matter what and every girl likes different things so honestly all of the things shown here in this video shouldn't be generalized. Most importantly don't worry if your not perfect guys cause she isn't perfect either -A girl

Elfyra.a - 2017-04-26
2:59 where is that from?

Chronicle37 Gaming - 2017-04-25
Dimples? Okay.

Precious Morehead - 2017-04-25

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