Chris Morfas - 2018-01-22
Austin Carr, Rick Mount...OK, my Midwest bias is showing a bit

StFidjnr - 2018-01-17
15:11 name that tune

Chino Bambino - 2018-01-16

Ky REN3GADE - 2018-01-08
Leatner shouldnt even be on the list wtf lol

Billy Causgrove - 2017-11-19
1. Lew Alcindor
2. Bill Walton
3. Pete Maravich
4. Bill Russell
5. Oscar Robertson

M ARCUS BEARD - 2017-10-07
No love for Larry Johnson? Johnson was better than Jordan IN COLLEGE. This is a college list.

Brian - 2017-09-26

Brian - 2017-09-26
Christian Laetner WHAT A BUST !!!!!! (SPOILED RICH KID SYNDROME ???)Sampson=BIGGER BUST !

Brian - 2017-09-26
Until today I have never heard of Tom GULLA ??? And I have heard of E.Johnson (I watched him play in high school) Never thought he was that good and still DONT !!!

Brian - 2017-09-26
Before I watch I say
#1 Bird
#2 Lew Al Cinder
#3 Bill Walton
#4 Pistol Pete
#5 Ewing
A lot of college kids went on to let $$$ spoil them !!! We will see......................

Chris Kreager - 2017-09-01
Major omissions from this list- Mark Aguirre, Chris Mullin, Grant Hill

Righteous-Ice - 2017-08-11
This is clearly been edited. To have ANY player ahead of Pistol Pete is so outrageous it literally offends intelligence everywhere. Pete has THE record of records, and it isn't JUST because he has the scoring record... 3,667 points in three years- Freshman weren't allowed to play varsity; yeah, otherwise he would have 4,418. Oh yeah, this was before three point line, otherwise he would have- 4,731, AND with the addition of his Freshman year, AND a 3 point line he would have- 5,827. Yeah, this was also during the time that a shot-clock was  not involved and teams were notorious for stalling plays as long as 3 minutes. NOBODY is a better college basketball player.

stonecoldku - 2017-08-09
It kills me that Danny Manning is never represented on lists like this. The leading scorer (2,951 pts) in Kansas Basketball history as well as 1,187 rebounds. He went to two final fours and led an underdog team to the national title scoring 31 points, 18 rebounds, 5 steals and 2 blocked shots in the National Championship game. Was the most outstanding player of the tournament. Naismith and John Wooden player of the year award winner. 3x Big 8 conference player of the year, 2x first team all-American, 1x 2nd team all-American

Sephiroth766 - 2017-06-19
Laetnner should be top 10 at least. There is alot of bias in terms of NBA production on this list

Joey Trimble - 2017-05-11
Laettner is in the top 5 .. you can give me all the excuses you want and be the biggest Michigan fans you want .. fact is .. Christian was money

Guillermo Barrio - 2017-04-21
As much as I dispise the guy, Laettner should be higher than #14. For starters, he was a far better player in college than Sampson; 4 F4s, 2 NCs...

Wei Hsuan - 2017-04-12
Pistol Pete is No.6? HE should be in top 5

StFidjnr - 2017-01-29
15:00 the list is SO HUGE they added the best of the rest

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