Colton Powers - 2018-02-19
Tar Heels are the best college basketball team ever they went to the national championship more than any other team 🐏

Kneeguh _69 - 2018-02-10
His voice makes me uncomfortable

Eden Berhane - 2018-02-07
My science teacher used to teach at duke 😂

ZackTheZillionaire - 2018-02-04
Kentucky is where I reallly want to go to

Hahnger Games - 2018-02-03
Wisconsin when they had Hayes, Koening, all of those good players, but at least they still have Happ

Mike Wik - 2018-01-31
Wisconsin should be #15

bubba bryant - 2018-01-19
Instead of Ohio state it should have been in nC State

Blue Sonasty - 2018-01-17
What are u guys talking a bout duke I number one 5 National champion ships 1000 +wins 23 time ncaa champions

jackississb123456789 - 2018-01-11
How good are UIC?

Ky REN3GADE - 2018-01-08
This list is bullshit, kentucky and kansas are the 2 best college basketball programs of all time. These dumb ass lists man...smh

Dabistbutter - 2018-01-05
Arizona #1

Craig Dodds - 2018-01-04
paul peirce went to Kansas why didn't you put him on it

Kyle Raines - 2018-01-01
Even kentucky's notable names are better

Kyle Raines - 2018-01-01
Kentucky>duke by far

Toon ami - 2017-12-31
Westbrook UCLA😂

Tim Good - 2017-12-27
The "stars" of the respective programs are very poorly picked for the most part.

Alex G - 2017-12-27
Are you kidding me, Kansas is 4! They should be higher

maurice roberson - 2017-12-27
KU should be # 2or3 this guy must be a Duke fan

zcoles01 - 2017-12-23

Tyler Holbrook - 2017-12-22
Duke doesn’t even compare to Kentucky 😂

the baller boy - 2017-12-09

WAHOOS_NATION - 2017-12-07
How are the Virginia Cavaliers not on this dislike

Elijah Cantrell - 2017-12-05
Think about this, duke has been a good program for maybe the past 30 years or so, teams like ulca, Kentucky, unc, and even Kansas have been consistent since really the beginning of college basketball, and how is UCLA number 9 when they have the most nattys out of anyone in ncaa d1 history 😂 I mean they should be top 5 if this is an “all time list” 🤷‍♂️

kdmcgu17 - 2017-12-03
I'd go to Louisville bc I'm a big fan.

Bailey Richter - 2017-12-02
If UC isn’t on here I’ll be extremely disappointed

Chucky Oneil - 2017-11-28
Can't believe NOVA not in there

Chucky Oneil - 2017-11-28

EliteTV - 2017-11-25
If I went to any I would definitely want to go to Kentucky, it’s definitely the best program. Plus they have a great current team that don’t have a bunch of top 20 players but have a lot of top 100 players that play well and well together

kagross999999 - 2017-11-24

anime with sport news - 2017-11-23

Carson Groce - 2017-11-18
y'all don't much about basketball do you. Duke only has 5 championships. UNC, Kentucky, and UCLA all have more. And Duke has only been good the past 20 years while Carolina has been a powerhouse since the 50s

Egg 324 - 2017-11-14
You forgot about Wilt Chamberlain for Kansas

Egg 324 - 2017-11-14
Gonazaga anyone?

vincent moore - 2017-11-12
Woahhh no Georgetown???

Peter Johnson - 2017-11-07
Excuse me????? Why the hell is Indiana only 10??? 1798 wins, 5 National Titles, 22 big ten titles, several nba players over the years, one of the winningest coaches in NCAA history, one of if not the loudest venue in college basketball.

Cole Ashley - 2017-11-04
UK and UNC are better than Duke in my opinion.

Logan Braun - 2017-10-27
This list a joke , duke is not even close to number one, only reason they even got rings is bc they cheat

PlasmaBlinks Roblox and More! - 2017-10-23
I will go to Louisville cardinals or UCONN

Ball talk - 2017-10-17
Who df is tj ford

Camron Johnson - 2017-10-13
I understand forgetting some players, but it really pisses me off that he didn't mention that WILT FUCKING CHAMBERLAIN went to Kansas , he holds more than 10 records in the NBA, is in the hall of fame, and one of the only players to average over 50 points a game for a single season. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!

Tyler Holbrook - 2017-10-06
😂😂😂kentucky wrecks duke

BallisticGbunn 8 - 2017-10-01
Duke is number 3 Kentucky 2 Carolina 1

ECDEagle - 2017-09-23
I respect that you put duke at #1 but you didn't mention Christian laettner or grant hill, and also for Kansas u didn't mention wilt chamberlain, Danny manning, or Paul pierce, cmon now!

Justin Jordan - 2017-09-11

Lance Pickell - 2017-09-10
wilt chamberlain went to kansas

Lance Pickell - 2017-09-10
UNC is greatness

Grant studios - 2017-08-31
You forgot about Isaiah Thomas (the one on the pistons) when u talked about Indiana

Bobby Bartolotta - 2017-08-27
What about russell westbrook for ucla

Peanut Peeden - 2017-08-24
Duke is the best go to hell unc fans

Jayhawker Bros - 2017-08-20
KU should be the best

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