Brett Kimura - 2018-01-11
When talking about other girls' sexual abuse stories, Bella seemed like she was being rushed when saying, "I can stay strong. Stay strong, peace, I love you guys!" In my opinion, she should've took the time to talk more about how sexual abuse is NEVER EVER okay and how it can deeply damage women.

Patrick Q - 2018-01-10
Has she named her accuser yet? I understand all these women in Hollywood coming out and finally telling the truth about sexual abuse and assault in Hollywood, but start naming accusers so we can get these scumbags out of Hollywood.

Radhuya - 2018-01-09
-her hair
-stop pretend you are crying
-stop trying to act like Miley
-stop trying so hard
-you don't have to "reveal" about child abuse experience when we know Hollywood is satanic
-stop being satanic or trying to, cause it's not free

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