Pakize K - 2018-01-30
https://youtu.be/yzcNbXqlbdA omgg

WOOD BUTCHER - 2018-01-04

Bees Wax - 2017-12-10
if John Snow really loves Danny and likewise her John would tell her the truth Danny would look pass the "incesty vibe" and just keep that whole aunty nephew situation to themselves and he would still serve his queen leaving the north with lady sansa and live happily ever after with Danny OR maybe not

Jessica!¡* - 2017-12-07
I know I am late...but I just finished the season. It was fucking amazing!!!!

Alexander Botvin - 2017-11-27
Maisie Williams were great during Littlefinger's death :) That was really good to see!

Ethan Peach - 2017-11-27
Cleganebowl. Is. Hype! If they let us down in season 8 I will never forgive them... never!

D.L. Narrol - 2017-11-20

The Dude Man - 2017-11-18
What does he mean a new element to it @ 6:05?

Fox 8ball - 2017-11-17
So this is like a TV version of Skyrim

Elizabeth Selby Hales - 2017-11-14
Talking theories who the white walker could be .. he can ride a dragon so I’m assuming he has to be targeryn

T0T0RU - 2017-10-28
"Whatever you wanna say about Littlefinger, and he's clearly a sociopath , amongst other things, he does have strong feelings towards Sansa ."
With other words even "sociopaths" like him have an emotional / human side and are able to love.
Littlefinger was a sneaky Player, but Petyr was always the same romantic, who just wanted that someone loved him back.

Timothy Wilkes - 2017-10-26
Jaime agrees with Brienne

'And tell her what'.

What do you tell a person like Cersi, she's deaf to sense.

Lecroz - 2017-10-25
Sends chills down my spine to just think that THE WALL has been DESTROYED!

Mary Bogue - 2017-10-15
Alfie Allen great actor

Vemulachadu Shalini - 2017-10-10
when the continues is coming... after season -7 episode 7 please we need it fast..plz plz...
so eager to know what next?.....

Joseph Bayeh - 2017-09-27
I don't know who to blame, but I'm thinking Tyrion or Bran. Think about it, Bran went behind the Three-eyed Ravens back and allowed the Wight Walkers past the wall. But they still had no proper way of getting past the wall, until Tyrion thought it would be a good idea to have a capture mission. Now it's safe to say that Daenerys had to take her dragons to rescue Jon and the gang, but if the mission never happened in the first place, The Night King never would've obtained Viserion. Without Viserion, they wouldn't have gotten beyond the wall. Now there probably is another way that they could've gotten beyond the wall but I personally can't think of one.

Simone Raven - 2017-09-26
You know what I love? The fact the jonerys fandom (including myself 😍) does not give any zombie viserion FUCK about the aunt x nephew thing. well.....not enough to make them not be together anyways

Sir Gus the Mighty - 2017-09-22
Season 7 was the shittiest, and I hope it stays that way once the show is done

Burda Ellis - 2017-09-21
i was sad to see diana rigg leave the show. her sass was all i loved about this season. but she got offed in ep3/4? then along comes ep7 and it's littlefinger near the end of part1. the actual two people who actually killed joffrey. he helped her kill her granddaughter's soon to be abusive husband. altho i kinda thought, like what margaery did w tommen. joffrey would've been redeemed, but tommen was too young to marry her and was also easily brainwashed by the high sparrow. thats what ruined s6 for me. all of jersei's children were dead and only myrcella knew jaime was her father. quite pathetic actually. but none the less, it may not be the last we see of aidan gillen on GOT. ofc i still hope he comes back for the final season, since arya killed littlefinger... maybe he will be back, but pretending to be arya. they would be fun to see gillen portray his character but from arya's point of view. i do, hope arya kept littlefinger's face... it won't be the same without seeing littlefinger one last time. also, the mockingbird may be dead in reality, but who's to say... the spider himself won't be next... come s8... like OMFG

i still like to think since ep7 was almost 2hrs. it was actually 8eps, not 7 :D as for part2... it was just intense, horrifying and absolutely disgusting. bran is just too slow. he doesn't even know the night king is like him, which is why he was and still is many steps ahead of both teams jonaerys. im still pissed jonaerys werent told this episode, it really pissed me off. just dragging it on in s8 is bad enough. when jon finds out he just got his fathers sister pregnant, i felt like dany shouldv kept her eyes on jorah. jon only had a crush on her and shudv known better she was spoken for w jorah. so much for jon's honor and oath from the night's watch to never father a bastard... well he's about to, if bran and sam don't bloody hurry up in s8 ffs! hahahah! sorry got alil carried away with my overreaction. jon slept his paternal aunt, and she slept with her nephew. thats several scars for life. and another thing. i really wanted one more reunion b/w littlefinger and varys but so much for this happening in s8. i actually wanted sansa gone, and arya to do so. i wanted to see arya w sansa's face on in front of littlefinger... oh well, nvm :'( sure we haven't seen the last of 'aidan gillen' have hope he'll be back, portraying his dead character but from arya's POV would make the series final awesome. LF died &got away w joffrey's murder and jersei will never know this fact of truth.

Crisel Gonsalves - 2017-09-14
Where the fuck is Daario?

Rogue Seraph - 2017-09-14
Im not saying I liked him, but I admired Littlefinger alot.

VidyaSimran - 2017-09-13
How is Jon "rightful heir" to the iron throne? Robert won it in a war. If Jaimie hadn't killed, Robert would have. Even though a b, gendry still is his only living son, so may be he is the rightful heir.

VidyaSimran - 2017-09-13
Main reason why Season 7 was a let down was not just because of the spacing, but mainly because it wasn't "Game" of thrones anymore, it was just "War" for throne. You take any war in history, when war starts, the game intensifies, not stops.

All the clever persons were dumbed down with hardly any role (Little Finger, Tyrion, Varys).

jessc1979 - 2017-09-12
Going back to Season 1 Episode 1 and watch one episode a week. That should take me to December 2018, hopefully Season 8 starts after that. In the meantime, I'm going to record a bunch of 'firsts' or 'ends' in Game of Thrones:

I'm also going to suggest some What If questions but only ones that I think could've easily gone the other way:

First Time:
- Whitewalkers have appeared (~8000 years)
- A Stark was Hand of the King since Cregan Stark who was Hand for exactly 1 day (~140 years)


What if:

Season 1:
- The direwolf pups had been killed instead.
- Bran had died in the fall.

jessc1979 - 2017-09-12
It's weird, I always talk about which characters in GoT I want to see a scene with (e.g. Randyll Tarly and Stannis, Drogo and the Mountain, Bran and Melisandre, Tywin with just about anybody) but I wasn't as affected by this meeting. Maybe because my list didn't include any of these combinations and because we've seen these characters so often as viewers that somehow Cersei + Daenerys didn't seem that overwhelming.

Qyburn and Varys was probably the only combination I wanted to see but they didn't have a word of dialogue in the meeting.

jessc1979 - 2017-09-11
Anybody think that Bronn and Podrick weren't really going to get a drink but were planning something? That maybe Tyrion's version of Cersei's "Let Euron pretend to leave for the Iron Islands."

TheTripol - 2017-09-11
Good season, felt really rushed tho which left some major plotholes, have to really use imagination to solve them.. 10 episodes would have been better, but I also understand the reasoning behind it all.. shame but what can u do :)

Ming Kue - 2017-09-08
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06rkenny - 2017-09-07
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Joshua Plotkin - 2017-09-07
playing the game will get everyone every where killed

SFtheGreat - 2017-09-06
Sam: Jon is a fucking Targaryen.
Bran: Jon is fucking a Targaryen.

jessc1979 - 2017-09-06
It's odd that Bran couldn't hear Jon Snow's real name (and that it was Targaryen) last season.

Timothy Wiser - 2017-09-05
https://youtu.be/eLpd33AkFqA check out GOT season 7 on the Binge watch show

Eagle Broklen - 2017-09-05
watch full session 7 game of thrones episodes online

S M - 2017-09-05
Aegon Targeryan - knower of nothing

Huang Josef - 2017-09-04
So cersi is more scared of a wight than a dragon??

Wuruanki Jak - 2017-09-04
Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7: Inside the Episode Full Movie

The Lady Olenna Tyrell - 2017-09-03
Bran:Jon your name is Aegon Targaryen, you're not a bastard ....and you were so beautiful. ......Lol, love QOT.🌹

Max Ferguson - 2017-09-03
This episode was bad and illogical

Emilia Michon - 2017-09-03
And she's his aunt....

Åsa S - 2017-09-03
Couldn''t the Night King just fly around in Westeros now raising all dead all over the place, so the wights won't just come marching from the north but from all directions?

Hassan Khan - 2017-09-03
There is some mess up that I cant understand in this last episode which conflicts alot with Tyrion's words in this season. Tyrion was the one who said that Cersei is the last person on this earth he trusts and yet he somehow believed her on this. With the wisdom Tyrion has, I believe he knows that Cersei was lying right from the beginning or he is hoping that Cersei has changed because of her unborn baby. Daenerys and Jon both are naive and I see them more as fighters more than game-players so I can imagine that they could be fooled with this but Tyrion, No way. He is alot more smarter than Cersei which was proved in season 2 in the Battle of Blackwater. But if I believe that Tyrion has conspired something with Cersei then it conflicts with how dedicated and devoted he has been to Daenerys. According to him, she is the only one who can bring justice. So if I simplify myself, one theory tells me that he is has been fooled and other theory is a conspiracy.

Gino Aldeguer - 2017-09-02
What did Tyrion say that made Cersei agree? is there a connection to his look that he had on the boatsex?

Literally Pepe - 2017-09-02
Littlefinger a sociopath....? wow

Sonny - 2017-09-02
Littlefinger deserved more brutual death

Does this look like the face of mercy? - 2017-09-02
What about the Horn of Joramun?

Heval Kurd - 2017-09-02
When Bran says, "We need to tell him." What he meant was that they need to tell him that Jon looked beautiful that night. Bran is just being Bran, a weird kid who sees things and tells people they looked beautiful during weird times.

Blake Bell - 2017-09-02
I thought the dragon would breath ice, after it turned into a wight not fire?

J Templar - 2017-09-02
It's like you guys didn't even read the freaking books... you turned the show into fantasy tropes and destroy your own cannon logic in every episode. Completely do not understand cersai as a character, she is supposed to think she is smart but actually is not. It's like after season 5 it was like f it they already paid us for seasons 6-8

sam sam - 2017-09-02
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