Trump Sold Norway F-52 Aircrafts, Which Isn't A Real Thing

Trump Sold Norway F-52 Aircrafts, Which Isn't A Real Thing
A salesman knows to ABC: Always Be Counterfactual.

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Trump Sold Norway F-52 Aircrafts, Which Isn't A Real Thing



Luis Neves - 2018-01-19
If you can sell same shit that does not exist, what does that make you? A master of disaster . Right?, Take it easy, Oprah is coming, the you’ll be ok,!!!!!!

F16 Pilot 4 TRUMP - 2018-01-18
Suck another dick steve cumbucket..

Babadoo Onetwo - 2018-01-18
And obama visited 57 fucking states. Get your liberal cock sucking heads out of the asses of you career slave owners. #termlimitsNOW

the rooster - 2018-01-18
Don't worry stephen he didn't sell your Lolita express. Lol

Mike Cripps - 2018-01-18
The saddest thing about all this is... Colbert actually thinks he's funny!!

TheBlazersfan22 - 2018-01-18
a big war will happen. It will be the real battle of the bastards. Between bastard trump and bastard Kim Jung Un. Who will be the biggest bastard on the planet? televised by HBO and directed by george R.R Martin . They will both pull out their bastard penis to do battle.

Jeff Smits - 2018-01-18
eat shit and die Colbert you filthy pedophile

blackkey1976 - 2018-01-18
It's hilarious that lefties watch this garbage. Pathetic.

Jay The Blue Gamer - 2018-01-18

Did...did Steven just....h-he said... 😨

Steven said "warp whistle". Steven said - 😵

Y'all can't be doing this to me - I just finished re watching the darned thing so I could stop thinking about it. Now it's BACK! 😭

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE that show, but that's the problem! I'm almost NEVER not thinking about it! 😩

TigerShark - 2018-01-18
shit i miss letterman

plore - 2018-01-17
of course they cut him off before he corrects himself and says "52 F-35s"

OrinokawaMizuki - 2018-01-17
In addition to F-52 and the statement 'a total of 52' refering to the 'Standard 52-card deck', an 'Endgame' / 'World War 3' reference.

The "Big ASS war" statement in the other part of the 'interview' is a reference to "Big Alien Starship war".

ASS ≈ Alien StarShip.

Norway is known for its UFO sightings. Basically, some think there is going to be a big battle over at the North Pole.

Trump sent a FULL DECK to the North Pole ahead of schedule, as a prevention, to protect the 10 Billion people (aka the 10 Billion Order). We're continously being feed with the propaganda that any invading ET civilization would have a higher technological advantage, never stating that a massive low tech invasion could also occur. Plus our unofficial technology is actually a LOT higher (#SecretSpaceProgram).

Again. ASS ≈ Alien StarShip.

Why do you think the news kept refering to "SDF" in the 'Syrian Civil War'?

"Big Mac" itself not only refers to 'Macross' (meaning Big or Titan or Titanic - SS) or any other gigantic ship. But also to Donald Trump himself.

And that Pony in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Big Mac(Donald).

See also 1983's Wargames' WOPR ('Whopper') aka Joshua. In the movie, Defcon 1 is a state of peace, unlike the official position.

"The Ponies are coming! The Ponies are coming!"

OrinokawaMizuki - 2018-01-17
Those who laughed at what President Trump said, obviously didn't know on how SEVERE the current world situation is. Those who laughed because they know the truth, God bless them.

F-52 and the statement 'a total of 52' are references to the 'Standard 52-card deck', not including the 2 Joker Wild Cards.

It's basically an 'Endgame' / 'World War 3' reference. A 'We're delivering the FULL DECK to Norway', ahead of schedule. Trump himself is a card reference.

Other references to cards are the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, and also the Tupolev Tu-160 with its NATO "Blackjack" codename (a variant of the Rockwell now Boeing B-1B Lancer).

During the Cold War, B-52s and Blackjacks are mobilize in the event of World War 3.

Joey 9 - 2018-01-17
War for profit.

michael stevenson jr - 2018-01-17
Colbert forgets his collusion with Russia to take over David Letterman.

Josh Gambino - 2018-01-17
they delivered 52 f-35 jets. delete this video loser

Miketrt - 2018-01-17
Stephen Colbert, mr funny man. You really should have that Trump derangement syndrome looked at. You're starting to act like a brown shirt.

Frankie Drummond - 2018-01-16
what a fucking idiot

Mr. Z - 2018-01-16
Who the hell thinks that folding your arms makes you look more believable .?!

LGN LGN - 2018-01-16
Funny ending "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes true". And where is the evidence backing up the allegations against Russia? Any evidence at all except the statement "We are absolutely sure!" and "there is no question!"?



And the racist angle on the "shithole" countries is retarded. He compared those countries to shit because they ARE mostly shit (read: low quality) countries - which is why people desperately want to move away from them, and also why the leftists don't even deem it safe enough to return unwanted immigrants. On the other side, Norway is a high quality country. It is not high quality because people are white, but because norwegians keep their shit together. Everyone should want more norwegian immigrants. No one should want more uneducated and uncivilised african immigrants. At least not when jobs increasingly require education and skills.

Manatee Man - 2018-01-16
If it isn't funny to make fun of Eastern or Southern hemisphere accents for people who speak English as a second (or third) language, why is it funny to mock Norwegian officials?

Naoto Shirogane - 2018-01-16
I bet his favorite video game weapon is the "Master Sword", from "Legend of Zelda".

George Fonda - 2018-01-16
hmmmm I wonder if Colbert will talk about trump tonight

Syogren - 2018-01-16
Oh my god you guys played smb3

maxglide - 2018-01-15
He sold those F52s to Nambia to protect US interests in their large reserves of covfefe.

mashroob - 2018-01-15
Never trust a man who wears horned-rim glasses.

ramo moreno - 2018-01-15
The only difference between hitler & chump is he hate's all satan is your king

cartman7777 - 2018-01-15
As much as I fucking hate Donald Trump and he is a stupid cunt that needs to die very, very slowly, the word 'aircrafts' does not exist. Try not to be stupid while you're calling someone stupid. Ya stupid.

paul coy - 2018-01-15
Well, we sold them to Norway, so maybe the F-52 is the Metric version of an American F-16 ?

I dont understand - 2018-01-15
im from norway

SychMike13 - 2018-01-15
Nnnnooooo i actuallly watched 5 different videos to find this one for it to cut oyt before the band plays music to go to commercial break!! NOOOOO!!!!!!! THE BAND PLAYS FINAL FANTASY 7 BATTLE MUSIC RIGHT AFTER THAT NAZI QUOTE. WHY WHHY I JUST WANTED TO HEAR IT AGAIN.

Kristina Plays - 2018-01-15
No wonder Trump thinks he's so rich, he's counting imaginary money!

Stefan Günther - 2018-01-15
Trump will start a war, so the flag waving idiots fall in line a vote for him again.

a1seus - 2018-01-15

Rock lobster everybody

a1seus - 2018-01-15
shit hole countries, our country has a president who is selling f-52's what does that make us?

Trump: "No collusion.

Trump asked Putin "did you collude with me and my organization?

Putin: "No"

Trump: I believe him.

Nathan Tesfaye - 2018-01-15
For those of you who is unaware, Norway is Planning to Drill the Arctic for Oil which is Disputed with Russia so they are Planning to arm them selves in case Russia attacks (By the way which they have a Bis Ass Military Base on the Arctic) Which could Draw NATO into the Conflict & a War at a Global Scale...& US as always Funding Wars & Making Profit from It

Exterminate all Thots - 2018-01-15
Maybe the F-52's aren't there because nobody unlocked that kill streak yet

Stephen Mui - 2018-01-15
The main agenda on DT oversea visits to all those countries were to sell aircraft like F-52 etc and it was reported that some countries like Saudi Arabia and some others brought from him and it was reported that Vietnam were not interested hence didn't purchase. His trips were supposed to promote peace but its was a "smokescreen" as well as to test the ground to get to know countries can "be bullied".. " How many planes were sold and at what cost were not made known hence nobody seem to know as there were no check and balance. Another good example was Norway, people from those "Shithole" countries were not allowed into America but people from Norway and other countries which had made purchases were welcome to America.

Personal comments and views

russell earnshaw - 2018-01-15
Stormy Porny into Trumps Corny..'ole..

quertbarbie62 - 2018-01-15
well he can sell planes that don't exist... hes a good salesman

Ben Boor - 2018-01-14
I heard the collusion was a bet with Putin that he could sell fake fighters to Norway, get CNN to say $#;+hole on TV for a week straight, scare North Korea into making up with South Korea, and change the capital of a country of his choosing. But then again, that's just what I heard, I'm sure none of it's true, you can't believe everything you hear these days anyway...

Seth Wiggs - 2018-01-14
Steven's first idea when making a video game reference about warfare is to go straight to Mario. SMH

Josef Brunner - 2018-01-14
Big deal: Donnie was payed with 1000 billion dollars in Monopoly money! Won bigly!

Mavis Twice - 2018-01-14
what if the third part of the gag was something else

asle vidar - 2018-01-14

gg gg - 2018-01-14

That Guy Miko - 2018-01-14
A reality check:
- Trump's rallies having small audience fake story exposed,
- Trump's "racist" remarks before the election turned out to be contextualized, just as everything he says today (no lawful punishment, no substantiation),
- Trump's presidential inauguration ceremony having small audience fake story debunked (look at the photos),
- Trump saying "grab her by the pussy" recording turned out to be a private conversation recorded illegally (recording privately, without someone's consent, is punished by the law),
- Trump's electorate was and is still called stupid and retarded, every day we hear about how "deplorable" they are, even though many people voted for his policies, not personality,
- Trump supporters being dumb fake story debunked, the most important unpolitical figures actually support his economical policies (security is good for business),
- Trump voters being aggressive like the left at their protests fake story, they never smashed windows, nor they beat or gassed people in groups (even worse, masked),
- Trump supporters were, and still are, treated like subhumans by the left, even though it's a one-way double standard (moreover, there are no apologies),
- Trump typing "covfefe" was a simple mistake, media pushed the story to the same level of importance as a North Korea nuke,
- Trump being racist is somehow still a matter, though it was exposed every time, everybody knows he speaks out the politically incorrect truth, which actually works,
- Trump evoking III World War fake story created by the left debunked, it was Hillary Clinton, that said in one interview, that if she could, she would immediately go to war with Iran,
- Trump molesting women in the past fake story debunked (again, who created it?),
- Trump desiring power to make money and deals from being in office fake story completely abandoned,
- Trump hating on legal immigrants story debunked, it was and still is just another contextualization of his speeches (most of illegal immigrants turn out to be criminals),
- Trump having an anti-black personality fake story exposed, he never actually said anything racist about them, it, again, was Hillary Clinton, that said "predators" about blacks,
- Trump never ridiculed, nor tried to lick the black community's ass by throwing a Beyonce/Jay-Z concert instead of speaking out to them with respect and substance,
- Trump having his own opinion about the media was and still is punished by millions of articles, like he wasn't supposed to have one, like he should be just a puppet to the system,
- Trump's Russian collusion fake-ass story turns out to be fake as fuck, year of misleading the public for the sake of interests of the left and of the establishment,
- Trump being a perfect candidate for impeachment - never happened, never will - it's actually Bill Clinton that was the only president who got impeached, he broke the law,
- Trump & shitholes, boy, oh boy, what a story.

eric rivera - 2018-01-14
I’m no genius but taking psych and ethics in school you definitely learn body language and arms crossed while talking gives him away

fuzzy fuzzy - 2018-01-14
Putin showed video game footage to proof he is bombing isis, trump brag about selling video game jets 😂

J - 2018-01-14
FYI, "Aircraft" is the plural form of "Aircraft". LEARN YOUR LANGUAGE!

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