Watch Le'Veon Bell Crush This Pre-Season Speed Training Session

Watch Le'Veon Bell Crush This Pre-Season Speed Training Session
Go behind the scenes and watch 2x Pro Bowl Running Back Le'Veon Bell train with Pete Bommarito of Bommarito Performance Systems. 

Le'Veon starts his session with CAMPS movement prep system and then moves into non-motorized incline sprints to develop explosive power and linear speed. These incline sprints are used to challenge the athlete's support system and acceleration mechanics in an extremely high-intensity (but safe) setting.

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Watch Le'Veon Bell Crush This Pre-Season Speed Training Session



Giuseppe58291 - 2018-01-08
2:32 nice ass 👌

Claws #Av3 - 2017-12-11
leveon will most likely be my favorite back in the league until he retires

Tina Zhen - 2017-12-09
This isn't leveon bell where that 6 pack

Matthew Lauro - 2017-12-06
I hate how his madden cards never get any love because his specialty “ball carrier vision” isn’t used at all

tapdansen - 2017-12-05
Anyone knows the background song?

Romello Bratner - 2017-11-03
my lil nigga le'veon...boy u had no body fat last year..my gawd dude..ur ass lost ur six pack. u was really chilling off season bruh.

Robert Popescu - 2017-10-22
Nobody told him speed kills?

Fetty Waap - 2017-09-24
I'm in love with the fat butts

jay bee - 2017-09-17
Idk who's fatter Levion or the trainer

Thomas Bossero - 2017-09-13
Dude ain't fat! If he fat then Jerome bettis and Brandon Jacobs are whales!

Travis Mabe - 2017-09-13
to bad he didnt crush the browns

j02h - 2017-09-12
0:39 delbert skanks!!

Eric Bui - 2017-09-11
anyone know where i can get the song (just looking for the instrumental)?

ACIE J.R. - 2017-09-10
I need his trainer's youtube!!!

dirt232323 - 2017-09-10
He big but he also fast... damn... i hope they do well this season

tapdansen - 2017-09-10
anyone know what song they use?

dmoney668 - 2017-09-09
U got a man bun! Geek

dmoney668 - 2017-09-09
Nice fukn man bun amd tights

Grant Wills - 2017-09-09
if he't fat... I am a walrus

Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#MaddenCursed#OldFART - 2017-09-09
Bell is overrated, can't even play a full season. Steelers are better off with their rookie instead of this greedy slime.

Herman Pecos - 2017-09-09
His diet must be really shitty because by working out consistently with this intensity he should be more cut

Dennis Wilson - 2017-09-09
Im with alot of others he seems out of shape....i know ripped doesnt really matter but all in all just doesnt look in peak physical condition compared to last couple of years....he is definantly more then 220

Anthony Martinez - 2017-09-09
If he was fully focused on football i'd argue he is the best bit I have to go david johnson, zeke,lesean then le'veon. He isn't as commited and ain't even in great shape. T.O looks healthier and he is in his 40's. Dude too busy tweeting giving attention to bums like skip bayless and stephen a.

Marquise Spencer - 2017-09-09
Those are track and field drills..every athletes should do that

Lee ventura variety channel - 2017-09-08

angel delacruz - 2017-09-08
Chill it's a little bit of fat. You could still see his 6 pack. I don't see why it matters. He's grown and he's stronger and faster so stop complaining.

Mike V - 2017-09-08
The most athletic fat brother out thurr

mwangasama - 2017-09-08
This looks like a warm up

Lane Johnson - 2017-09-08
I see leveon ate that 6 pack away again.

6gen Typ3r - 2017-09-08
That belly made it a long 10 sec!

Brandon - 2017-09-08
And still won't Play 16 games in the NFL😂🙈

DoNKeY - 2017-09-08
When I think NFL I think lean fast and strong athletes. Now I'm starting to see 15% bodyfat is the norm. I guess 10-12% is just for looks.

Paulo J Adams - 2017-09-08
I've trained with bommarito

Tony Crosby - 2017-09-08
Doesn't seem like a very good training program.

Drago Mcnants - 2017-09-07
Out here looking like Taco Bell

Knowledge Wisdom - 2017-09-07
He looks chubby and out of FOOTBALL shape for sure. Week 1 I say give him 15 reps any more he pulls something's...

right on mack - 2017-09-07
one of the dumbeat videos ive had the pleasure of watching

Kirko48 - 2017-09-07
He doing that leg turn over drill wrong

John Smith - 2017-09-06
Take notes young bucks you dont see this man with his pants sagging. He carries himself with respect.

David Connor - 2017-09-06
So, this is where he gets the speed to run from his responsibilities. Cool.

Joe101 papernormal - 2017-09-06

JT S&C - 2017-09-06
fat bell?

DaggerMan11 - 2017-09-05

dthao227 - 2017-09-05
Looks like he got a lil fat.

Sosa - 2017-09-04

Sean Im - 2017-09-04
Looking out of shape compared to his last year's shirtless scenes.

Guillermo Ruelas - 2017-09-04
He's a stud but he's not sticking with us next year

Antonio Uzzle - 2017-09-02
Love leveon man great back ,

Brandon Lee - 2017-08-30
He lost his 6 pack

supercarnage26 - 2017-08-26
get ya ass to camp!!!!

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