mb kh - 2018-02-17
I have to say, I have watched this twice now, and I'm vegetarian.
This is What It's All About.
I find this in no way offensive...not a single frame of it.
The pig is obviously very well-bred, are there 'heirloom' pig breeds?
Lovely, fit younger animal.
Watching the ribs swirl out once certain cuts were made was optically compelling.
This is actually one of the most reassuring videos I have seen.
Absolutely clear headed in both thought and intention, with none of the leering innuendo of modern culture (mad irony am I right) this video is visual poetry.
This is how eating was, this is the Natural Human.
And now....he's in trouble.
A spore from celebrityville landed on him.
He has become infected.
It feels like LOVE.
She is beautiful.
(Grandmother's place left to him AFTER they marry means it's shared property, and Grandma is still alive which makes wedding very suspect.)
Dave Chappelle couldn't trust Amy and all he had to lose were some jokes he'd written.
No prenup.
Smoke & Mirrors.
They are from completely different worlds where even the same words mean different things to each of them.
Good luck but cya.

KickingAssDaily - 2018-02-13
He loves pork so much, he's dating a pig!

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