Chef - 2018-01-18
lmao as long as we keep the rape out, and don't become a caliphate like sweden im happy.

The Builder Hall tips - 2018-01-18
why are norway so rich? cause they pay alot of taxes and dont have any black pepole. Btw Im half norsk

Kepsalom the icelander - 2018-01-18
No they closed all the parking places in the big cities

Pasan - 2018-01-18
the oil demand would not decrease is Norway stopped producing, rather it would be covered by those other oil producing countries. Worse, high oil prices could make some pretty shady production methods viable. So you rather buy oil from norway, where everything is produced as clean as possible and the money is not used to buy guns to kill people, or would you like to buy from Saui Arabia so they can bomb libya some more and a sheik can buy your favorite football club?

Uncle Ruckus - 2018-01-18
Rich, good welfare, smart investment of government funds and hard on immigration. The perfect country!

Robert Jensen - 2018-01-17
We need to find replacement for the stuff made from oil. Not stop pumping oil before we find replacement. Oil is used in ALOT of stuff, not just fuel.

Tomi Mäntylä - 2018-01-17
No, Norway is healthy, fitness enthusiast dealer selling drug to the addicts.

George B - 2018-01-17
Door, the climate change is a result of Geoengineering, aka Chemtrails. Visit ClimateViewer.com

Lone Panda - 2018-01-15
Fun fact: 99% of all electricity produced in Norway comes from reusable energy, specifically water

Rambi - 2018-01-15
ok, this was annoying. I get it, i can see your name now remove it from my fing screen.

Tødås Production - 2018-01-15
I do live in Norway

gendalfff - 2018-01-14
should just keep the saving model

Manexkiller03 - 2018-01-13
i live in Norway :)

Carmech Houseman - 2018-01-13

V Lightning - 2018-01-12
How could they be addicted to oil? Whole country drives Tesla’s.

vidaett - 2018-01-12
Norway was in fact a pretty wealthy country even before we found oil, comparalbe to many of the richest and most industrial countries in Europe. Norway never was and will be dependent on oil.

vidaett - 2018-01-12
Norway was in fact a pretty wealthy country even before we found oil, comparalbe to many of the richest and most industrial countries in Europe. Norway never was and will be dependent on oil.

Igor Na Noruega - 2018-01-12
If you have an electric car in Norway, you also won't pay the toll, ferry, parking and it's also free to charge in many locations.

KjS Art - 2018-01-12
torsken xD

MrStephenRGilman - 2018-01-11
The fact that Norway stayed out of the EU, and is instead a member of the European Free Trade Association along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, is also (arguably) a factor.

Karem Omary - 2018-01-11
sooo... they're the arabs of europe (fishermen to oil exporters)... that's basically Qatar, though Qatar are better at investing

Innocent Sheev Palpatine - 2018-01-11
Submit to Norwegian rule

Fredrik Ukkelberg - 2018-01-11
3k likes are Norwegian

Puz Dawg - 2018-01-11
That is a really cool shirt.

Weefty - 2018-01-10
damn vsauce wannabe

ScoriacTears - 2018-01-09
12:04 Sold!

Тагир Нурахметов - 2018-01-08
Is Simon that guy from Vsauce??

Tormod Bryn - 2018-01-08
I am Norwegian and i hate el car

ColtaineCrows - 2018-01-07
Unfortunately protecting the environment doesn't include not hunting threatened animals.

NorwegianCrazyGuy - 2018-01-07
I'd like to mention that also more and more oilfields in Norway are being built out with envirement in mind. Did you know that most big oil instalations in Norway run on electricity from land? They run cables straight to shore, where the produce electricity with use of hydro electric powerplants! In other words: Norways oil extraction actually runs on water. For a couple of months ago I was abord Goliath, one of the most controversial Oil Platforms in the Barrents sea. Know what it runs on? that's right, hydroelectric from shore.

I don't know how many other countries do their buisness, but i can guarantee you this: Their oil extraction does not run on waterpower

ABSO Graphic - 2018-01-06
Sorry, we just have to or else we fucked.

Nuclear Mayhem - 2018-01-06
Hell no, norway is run only like norway can be run. no other countries should follow our standards.
as a right wing norwegian im actually able to say norway can have the small sence of socialism it has. that is quite the thing for a rightwinger to say isnt it.
only reason our wellfare and state owned companies work is beacause norway is small enough to do so, and wealthy enough.

vitor almeida - 2018-01-06
My city has the same population as this country...

Svenni H - 2018-01-05
it is also expensive as fuck all over..

Apetter Productions - 2018-01-05
Solid production! Thanks for making this! Learned something new about my country.

RBX - 2018-01-04
Finally a green country that doesnt reck its economy

Peter Magro - 2018-01-04
Off course when your main income is oil you depend on oil.
But Norway, unlike many with raw materil founds like this, has managed it's riches.
The state does not lose money, the nation is not in debt, she has stayed out off massive foreign affirs and/or military adventures.
So Norway has handled her riches well. Unlike many other nations, also poor ones, that goes ever deeper into debt.

Peter Almvall - 2018-01-03
I am from Sweden and I feel proud to have such good neighbors as Norway. They activly support something against oil wich themself producing.

Harshe Cod - 2018-01-03
This is so nice and informative..thanks!

Kajo De Riz - 2018-01-03
Norway's also got a coming wave of elders/ pentionists that will ultimatley cause the fund to lose money

Jørgen B - 2018-01-03
Don’t forget that Norway is selling green energy to europe as well. They’re also a head of most countries on re-cycling. Norway even got an state hired philosopher to overlook the moral dilemas, and therefore backed out of a lot of american companies, as they do not meet the humaniterian criterias :)

Jonatan Paz - 2018-01-03
A couple of other Norwegian activities that Greenpeace doesn't like: Whaling and hunting seals. That said, whale meat is delicious.

Paul - 2018-01-02
where is my cheap energy?

Rein Chuva - 2018-01-01
There is one more key factor in norwegian economy you should know. It is it's very small population, only like 0,07% of the world population. So the state fund of 1 trillon dollar is like more than 1% of all stocks in the world and still increasing. This adds up to that the norwegian welfare state is sustainable for the future as well.

Eirik Syvertsen - 2017-12-29
Noen fra Norge?

PokeEmblem 692 - 2017-12-28
10:47 Center-Right? Merkel? Wouldn’t a better comparison be with Thatcher? Last time I checked, Merkel was more on the left. Or I’m just misinformed.
I hope that Norway keeps going on the path it has been going, it seems to have been doing fine with it so far, and even one country relying less on a non-renewable, polluting resource which is becoming increasingly cheaper and therefore less profitable is for the better. Let’s just hope other oil-reliant countries also get the hint. And if the quasi-socialist system they’ve been having works, they shouldn’t fix it.

casper figge - 2017-12-27
sry to say it.. but norway did buy the "land" (water) off denmark.. and they did knwon what was there.. so get int to that his.. it is way more fucked for the danes

BiggieG - 2017-12-25
Norway’s way of virtue signaling is by using electric cars sudsidized by oil revenue. They are a welfare state and they did not earn their wealth, like a non oil producing country would. They are actually a pretty lazy bunch since they don’t have to work hard. Their generous welfare programs are basically a magnet for Islamic immigration. Oil wealth is destroying them slowly and unknowingly. Also, If they are really serious about carbon emissions and ‘global warming’ they should stop producing oil. The oil prices in the world will go up and consumption will decrease and environment will improve. Bunch of socialist hypocrites.

Andreas Kolle - 2017-12-25
Some corrections: The first cut (0:12) actually showed Sweden or Finland, as the speed limit signs were yellow. And electric cars also get to drive in the bus lane - so far - in most major cities. As far as Norway's economy in the 1960s is concerned, this is sort of true, but also largely built out of the rags-to-riches story that is told about Norway. The truth of the matter is that Norway did have a strong development from 1905 (wherein a lot more than fish was produced, such as nitrogen fertilizer, which was largely developed in Norway at the time). Denmark was relatively unharmed by the war (they were invaded, but quickly and without time to fight the Germans, they surrendered forthwith) and Sweden was neutral. Norway, however, were hit harder, especially in the north. Therefore the 60s is a bit, well, misleading. Also, there is a difference between the Barents Sea oil and the Lofoten-Vesterålen bit (as you can see with the people bobbing in the water) - the latter is not being granted as of yet. In fact, most potential grants of oil drilling are hugely controversial, and divides the country into two camps. Also, it should have been clear that Erna Solberg is not part of the Progress Party, but the Conservatives - who are not known as particularly radical on immigration.

Bob1942ful - 2017-12-25
Interesting video, just had a discussion with an American progressive that kept using Norway as a shining example of how to run a country. Did not realize that the hold thing was based on oil. I do like the idea of the investment around the world, very smart. However, 20% of the population permanently on the dole is wasteful and unsustainable. The other is free education where you can study whatever you like. Problem is the idea was to create more scientists, engineers, and skilled labor. Instead it has produced liberal art majors that think technology is magic. Overall a very interesting experiment in society engineering and then the migrants came.

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