Hot Malaika Arora in Strapless transparent Gown at India's Got Talent

Hot Malaika Arora in Strapless transparent Gown at India's Got Talent
Hot Malaika Arora in Strapless transparent Gown at IGT

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Rajmangal Rajbhar - 2017-04-29

sonam rajdhan - 2017-04-20
i dnt undstnd how she is cmfrtble wth any one look at him he hold her and she gaving pose vry cnfdnce and cmfrtble..

Abhay Benson - 2017-04-19
i amaze if ever they have to face any difficult time how will they come up?? its better for them to be the eye candy for many....

final truth - 2017-04-19
all muslims should get such wife who would get fucked by all......hehehe

final truth - 2017-04-19
muslims like to watch all nude women but gets furious if a woman from a muslim family shows her breasts and other body parts. Bloody bastard filthy muslims.

Shaikh Altamash - 2017-04-16
is ko porn me honachahiye

Sahebrao Dolarkar - 2017-04-07

Taarakhan Taarakhan - 2017-04-04
nausho rakhleko dosre ke saath photos lerahi hai sharm nahi aati kya

anowar hussain - 2017-04-04
this is number one stupid people in the world. before she keep open her boobs. Abd her legs there. more 2 3 dresses clothes. keeps. so what do u mean. it's crazy

Sohage Akter - 2017-04-04
old lady

Rickshawala Assam - 2017-04-03
wished I could make her my wife

Samreen's World - 2017-04-02
Bottom se dress kaat kar ooper shawl/dupta bana k pahen lo, tu bi khush, aur teri problem bi khatam.

Arjun Baral - 2017-04-02
Milky boobs

sayed Muzaffar - 2017-04-01
bohat accha dress hai mumbai ke safaie ke liye

Aseembehl over act - 2017-04-01
shameless ppl

Ashish Bawankar - 2017-03-27
lol she always wanted thats why she shows that she is having big by taking others

Aryan Khan - 2017-03-26
malaika randi merese bachpan me bohot chudai hai ... aaj dek kaise heroine ban gayi leking sabse pehle iski chut ka udghatan maine hi kia hai

Prateik Mehta - 2017-03-24

Christoper A.Xavier - 2017-03-23
Actress N actor when they r young r pure. hypocrite , they deliberately dress revealing , hoping for Camera man to photo Their. Assert n hope people wil subscribe magazine n they make money , they tie sexy saree to advertise n make money , end of the they say it is private n personal , n make a fool of all non intelligent people ..everything is money , they wil become redundant at the age of 30 .pity them women legacy

crazy indian - 2017-03-22
yah hramjadi ladke mumon ki numayesh karti rahti

Kavita S - 2017-03-21
Such a wannabe !!

Kavita S - 2017-03-21
Malaika is such a waste !

NOISEPOIZON - 2017-03-20
esa outfit hi kyu pehenti hai jab theek se khadi bhi nahi ho sakti, girls can wear anything to look attractive so guys can get a boner, they dont care how uncomfortable they will be all they care about being attractive......fuck you lame girls

Anwar Motorwala - 2017-03-18
pls respect women we are all having mother and sister . we have only hate in us why

Samia Islam - 2017-03-17
why do stars wears dresses they cant
even handle

kalyan chary - 2017-03-14
randy malaika..

Nas J - 2017-03-14
Another one trick pony bites the dust..
Like dominoes they keep on falling..

Sharik Shaikh - 2017-03-13
nice boobs

Isaie - 2017-03-07
She is hot ,but what is her job ? I never see her in a movie

GS - 2017-03-07
i love malaika's BAGAL also

Shantanu Madhavi - 2017-02-11

Ali Raza - 2017-02-11
lanti urrat

cool dude - 2017-02-04
karan johar is like a pig..He looks like a gay.

Savage Monkey - 2017-02-02
aaj pehli baar mujhe ye maal lagi hai

amo b - 2017-02-01
couldn't she sort her own dress out? these ppl are no way near humble.

Satish Shah - 2017-01-22
Don't miss out on the confused and intrigued dog n the background in the beginning. ha ha ha

Farid Uddin Ahmed - 2017-01-20
Fucking this kind of bitch...
Mr. Arbaz khan whr r you...?
How did you marry the bitch...?

Amarindra - 2017-01-16
She cant even dress properly allways like a slut.

gudia patel - 2017-01-12
shame to khans

Salman Khan - 2017-01-04
fuck off Malika you are cheap and disgusting, and you are bad mother, your mother is bitch who give you wrong advice, should slap your ugly face, after little while when all the money will finnish then send your mom to make money

Mohamed Molhar - 2016-12-31

Arman Smart - 2016-12-30
So sexy fig...

Chandrakant Rathod - 2016-12-29
kutta karanjohar our raand malaika do no bhenchod.

ishwar rajput - 2016-12-27
She is going to Marry Mr. Karan Johar. Happy Blessings.

Rohan Dhar - 2016-12-27
Heard that there is no permanent ownership over her ass currently. Will she allow multiple ownership?

Tiger King - 2016-12-26
go to hell she even can not walk with that thing

Maula marsi - 2016-12-25
She's got a fit body shame about the face. No self respect feel sorry for her husband. Gandoo

Hassan Ali Anees - 2016-12-23
Khan Family ko is gashti ko Bahu ni bana chaiya tha. She is a bitch

sudhir sharma - 2016-12-23
milf of khan family in bolywood. no dressing sence

noor mohd - 2016-12-20
what a bitch

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