Daisy & Andres - 2017-07-22
For a moment i thought he was using a mixtape cause doesnt sound like him but if it is his real voice its so good

Jenyfer Andrew - 2017-07-22
The music start and im like "wtf???!!!!! My fav sooooonnnnggggg!!!!!! 😍😍"

Mario Gotze - 2017-07-22
Please brother to know my song in 6:10 minutes....

Pat D - 2017-07-22
he sounds awesome !
and definitely hot !

Cute Cat - 2017-07-22
There's a waterfall under me

sesi lavemai - 2017-07-22
keep it up

sesi lavemai - 2017-07-22
love it

Ben Noel - 2017-07-22
Bet you him and his ex had sex that night.

Nathan Henry - 2017-07-22
Omg, he really is hott. Then when he cried...I can't even!

leejlee lee j - 2017-07-22
\m/ 👏👏👏

Sam Mills - 2017-07-22
Dude has a great voice, looks good and loves his kid. All these ladies ovaries are exploding.

joy jade - 2017-07-22
His childs mother probably regrets walking out

old warrior star - 2017-07-22
I can't get a bitch

Crazy-British-chick - 2017-07-21
2011 throwback🤘🤘

UnbornTurd - 2017-07-21

sherri abreu - 2017-07-21
Oh my god! He's smoking!

Hudaa M - 2017-07-21
I think the female judges were more attracted to his image than hiss vocals 😂😂😂

Temujin Khan - 2017-07-21
4:08 playing with her tongue...

Temujin Khan - 2017-07-21
Its always ok for the female judges to drool and strip male performers with their eyes but dont ever see the male judges doing the same thing over female performers.

colon john - 2017-07-21

Janice Haley Roy - 2017-07-21

Bell Zara - 2017-07-21
He kinda looks like justin bieber

mohd hasif - 2017-07-21
sekeras mana hati seorang ayah..anak2 tetap pelembut jiwanya..

A New Generation - 2017-07-21
His son is so cute.

BabyBloom - 2017-07-21
Half of those Awws in the audience were girls hearts breaking over the fact he already has a kid.

Rachel Chillari - 2017-07-21
Omigod his ex is missing out not only is he hot but he cares about his son

N1GHTW1NG - 2017-07-21
3:47 at that moment, his ex knew, she had fucked up

The Animal Lover - 2017-07-20
Wow Good Peformance and Voice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Dev - 2017-07-20
RIP "Hot Dad". Cause of death. Drowns in pussy

prostoman7 - 2017-07-20

Shenna Carter - 2017-07-20
I seriously can't get over how ADORABLE this guy's son is, I mean yes he is hot and very good voice but I can't even lie what drew me in was how amazingly cute that little one is. ♥

yemsi chang - 2017-07-20
um crazy about u n ur voice 👍

Kalani Newman - 2017-07-20
Hey are y'all blind? You missed the like button. Silly Gooses.

Billy Noon - 2017-07-20
Wow...would liked that to have been 'Whole Lotta Rosie' much better singer than Axel Rose is doing.

FMboo - 2017-07-20

Larry Ong - 2017-07-20
movie videos

Rilynn Arnold - 2017-07-19
I legit cried when his son walked on stage and he started to tear up!! So cute!

renny west - 2017-07-19
He's not that attractive..

Black Panda - 2017-07-19
I loved his song but his gap is making me laugh 😂😂

Alan Deans - 2017-07-19
Think regardless of his voice the females on the panel were going to see him get through one way or another - did you see the looks they were giving at him ?. It was like hungry tigresses eying up their next meal - they were literally devouring him with their eyes !!

Felicity Mo - 2017-07-19
Forget the guy, the kid is hella adorable :D

fotoguy7891 - 2017-07-19
I think Mel wants to sample his Tool.

Alex Sloane - 2017-07-19
Holy shit that was amazing 😉 that was phonominal

Uswatun Agung - 2017-07-19
if in indonesia is judika indonesian idol

zie brewer - 2017-07-19
Keep replaying the part when his lil boy came on the stage (6:12) XD

hurera ibrahim - 2017-07-19
I feel like crying and laughing at the same time. such an adorable parent

Marc F. kikz - 2017-07-19
Such a loving dad to his son, this man for sure is a good hearted one..Jesus, I'm in tears 😭 lol..

sahil hussain - 2017-07-19
this guys age was 26 so that means he gave birth to his son when is was like 21....wtf man too young to get sacraficed.

Karen hardy - 2017-07-19
and he's so understated, brilliant to watch....love it!

Beth x Sheerio - 2017-07-19
Just cryed a bit...

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