Bill Ridgway - 2017-06-22
Wow! Talent and looks and he is selling tools?? I'm sure that will change very soon. Cute kid too. I enjoy father and son bond.

Remo Sangan - 2017-06-21
1:46 Federer Sister!

Anthony Aiello - 2017-06-20
I'd smash

Carrie frank - 2017-06-20
He's gorgeous and he has talent ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Kamaria Johnson - 2017-06-16
i got alot of onions in my room

Sharon Miller - 2017-06-15
I`m in Love!

Keith Purdue - 2017-06-14
One the first monster auditions! Surprises started coming. Whelan was one.

wednesday moo - 2017-06-13
not a hot dad

Charles Joven Salunga - 2017-06-12
oh I really miss my son😢😢

Marion Rogosch - 2017-06-06
nochmal bravo

Angel Nicholas - 2017-06-04
He's a hottie

Mimy Barra - 2017-06-02
i love u

Ron Bacus - 2017-06-02
2:08 I was surprised nobody said "will you smash my pu***

Hayden The Wolf - 2017-06-02
this is adorable.

Sky Barnes - 2017-06-02
omg this w as so amassing I loved it how they all cheered and.... read more

Misty Days - 2017-06-01
looks kinda like Neval

Beth -182 - 2017-06-01
He's so sweet

Lea Sophie - 2017-06-01
when he speaks he sounds exactly like zayn malik

HANNAH SMITH - 2017-06-01

julia bel - 2017-06-01
...am I the only one who think he looks like hot Neville longbottom?

Kylie Padila - 2017-06-01
i want to volunteer as his wife and take care of him & his child

Girls.... i know his got a talent.... his got packs.... but ladies his got a son!!! 😏

DOLAN TWINS 4 LIFE - 2017-06-01
😲this is me the whole time😲

Annie Riley - 2017-06-01
And they say men can't cry

Jamie Reid - 2017-06-01
All the girls are soaked through 😂 haha

Diane Hummel - 2017-06-01
So proud for him and his adorable little boy .God bless him .

Brandon Lozano - 2017-06-01
This guy is a living example of "pure awesomeness". Really nice, cool guy and a damn good rockstar. I wish I could sing like that

Mirela Kinney - 2017-06-01
u sound terrible get the fuck of the stage

animal kittie girl kittie girl98 - 2017-06-01

Davian Cela - 2017-06-01
1:53 Mel B checkin' the abs and the D.

sweetlikehoney31 - 2017-06-01
I can't believe this I am crying in the of my breakfast!

Dem Luerc - 2017-06-01
that's the hottest thing l saw this day! the moment you see a man cry!

Angel Gonzalez - 2017-06-01
damn the acsent mmmmm

Crashing Jellyfish - 2017-06-01
Daddy's hot 😂😍

Mike Genson - 2017-06-01
https://twitter.com/JosephRWhelan this guys is amazing

Conny Brown - 2017-06-01
Oh heck ya!!! Awesome voice and of course awesome looking. To be young again

Ricardo Fajardo - 2017-05-31
Is he still alive?

Rahul Kapoor - 2017-05-31
too much floss my friend...

abed haj yihia - 2017-05-31
this man reminds me of a boy couple years ago, don't remember the act, but the crowd hated him and he started to swear...haha

Kawaii Narwhal - 2017-05-31
😜he's greaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!

Neo Darwin - 2017-05-31
highly fuckable

Mikael Berntson - 2017-05-31
He´s ok . . .

Marion Rogosch - 2017-05-31

Rafa S. - 2017-05-31
Please, put the name of the peoples in the Title!

Johnny Utah - 2017-05-31
He's like one of the lost Hemsworth brothers😉

_ DoN_ - 2017-05-31
Nice Tweety Bird shirt on that chic : ]

Tereza Dietmar - 2017-05-31
so sexy...so talented...

parisbrat - 2017-05-31
...and he's HOTNESS!

Wyatt H - 2017-05-31
Sorry youtubers and mainstream but in the words of a rockstar......
" Hello, this is Jimmy Page and I want to hear some rock n roll"....

whoever kept that big fat onion at my room, it was such a mean thing to do!

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