Bella Thorne Plays Question Or Confession

Bella Thorne Plays Question Or Confession
“Famous In Love” star Bella Thorne answers fan-questions and offers unprompted confessions.

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Bella Thorne Plays Question Or Confession



Iggady Poppin - 2018-01-20

Amber Arlette - 2018-01-20
"I'm not really hygienic *laughs*" CRINGGGGEEEEEEE

Heidi Maverick - 2018-01-20
She changed so much i miss the old bella thorne like if you agree

Rebeckah Bird - 2018-01-20
That glow!

Cheddar Bob - 2018-01-20
“I’m really not hygienic so...”

Mmmm where can I sign up to meet her in a dark alley? I gotta get me summa that

bby. destiny - 2018-01-19

Nevah Markey - 2018-01-19
What is she doing why is she so not cute anymore Bella thorne are u dating tana

Roselix - 2018-01-18
She spunds so sarcastic idk why 😂😂 but she has changed alot. Sge looks really pretty though.

Lil Wolfhard - 2018-01-17
She is an actual thot

Vaani - 2018-01-16
I don't know but I started liking her, she seems interesting and someone cool to hang around with. And just because she's carefree or something doesn't mean she's a whore or a slut.

Nawfa Khan - 2018-01-16
she has changed soooooooo much from Frenemies , right ?

Abril urbano mejia - 2018-01-16
Buy a fucking dog so you won't be alone :) and you won't cheat :))))

Abril urbano mejia - 2018-01-16

Aaron Elite77 - 2018-01-16
What happened to her?

TikiLuv 7 - 2018-01-15
I love the fact Zendaya and Bella are still friends

Emily Dunn - 2018-01-15
She needs to be a girly girl

Sid The Kid - 2018-01-15
SHES 19???

Alyssa Rosa - 2018-01-13
I love how honest she is and how she is not afraid to be weird and freaky (in a good way)

Catherine Bailey - 2018-01-13
"I'm really not hygienic, soooo..."

yeah hun we could tell

Mad Hatter & Cry Baby - 2018-01-13
can people stop being so rude she can dress how she wants jesus fucking Christ -.-

Neeti Patel - 2018-01-12
So many haters up in here, but she’s got a good heart and people can’t see past her appearance. Grow up and stop judging people who aren’t like you or who don’t fit into your little box js

Lavdrim Arifi - 2018-01-12
When i see her im glad of me. LOL

Lps Cupcak3 - 2018-01-12

A.Isabella 93 - 2018-01-12
You can tell this girl is dying inside. She's so fucking awkward but damn, you can see she's just dead.

Hidalgo VG - 2018-01-12
why is she using so much lip stick lmao she used to be so hot.
just saying, no hate

Drowzy Haji - 2018-01-12
Bella needs to dye her hair orange again and take of all that make up because that's too much and she looks high

Jaylene Torres - 2018-01-12
Nipple Piercing 😶😐🤨

Bellstone_ Vlogs - 2018-01-12
she looks like she got shook up too much...

Mariah Vanegas - 2018-01-11
who remembers when Bella was innocent and was on Shake it up?

Mia Turner - 2018-01-10
Confession: Bella Thorne is Bi. 😊 I think

Robyn Murphy-Erickson - 2018-01-09
" I have a fear of being alone" I know we can tell. You fucking slut

Holly Fernando - 2018-01-09

llllllllllllily - 2018-01-08
Wasting your time to make stupid comments and the mental gymnastics y’all do just to justify it is just pathetic or admirable (I guess if people consider extreme delusional justification of petty hate admirable) Oh well it is easier to hide behind a computer screen. I would understand having constructive criticism but this is just bitchy catty lowkey bullying. “OMG she’s so annoying and fake, ugh.” That’s more gross and unattractive than y’all are claiming Bella to be.

Naudia - 2018-01-08
Bella seems like a nice person and she's just being herself! I don't get why people watch videos of people they hate just to hate more.... I guess people like to be negative

Jevany Perry - 2018-01-08
I love bella thorne she's a cool person

Joe - 2018-01-08

cookieworld girl - 2018-01-08
I remember ttyoxox it was my song also she looks so different and she says words that are in appropriate for me it's sad I can't even remember who she is now 😢

Shiloh - 2018-01-08
Stop talking about her looks it’s getting annoying.You probably see Emo people walking around and don’t say shit about them.So stop talking about Bella and leave the video.

Reaction Girl - 2018-01-08
When she said she was 19i was like what the heck

hurricane katrina - 2018-01-08
“we’re on different schedules”

yeah you’re making out with Tana Mango while Zendaya is showing up to awards shows like a queen.

ambercloey123 - 2018-01-08
She’s honestly so gross and just the way she carries herself.

Katie Sabatino - 2018-01-08
I have a good question! Do her and Logan Paul still talk? Ya know, after the fallof Logan?

Clever-Little-Liar - 2018-01-08
Can y’all just leave her tf alone

Oakenshield ring - 2018-01-07
Why she famous tho

Courtnae Denny - 2018-01-07
She looks like a ceramic doll, chill on the makeup dude.

suwee - 2018-01-07
This video makes me want to kill myself.

Evans freak - 2018-01-07
I hate she and every other old/former disney star gets judged about how they look :( i completely agree that she should be able to wear what she wants,and just be a "normal 19 year old" but ppl do judge and i just feel bad🤷‍♀️

Elizabeth Anne - 2018-01-07

Sammi Sue - 2018-01-07
shes super depressed. idk if anyone can tell.

Itsjuststeph 330 - 2018-01-07
She used to be a pink princess of of Disney channel now she looks like a New York teen, not saying her new style is bad but what happened to her old style

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