Me TV - 2017-11-23
there always hating on kalid cuz hes Palestinian

OPRA - 2017-11-22
Don't know who he is 😂😂

Abir Mazumder - 2017-11-21
5:55 hasan simply laughed in his mind

Luqmanul Hakim - 2017-11-21
hot ones with.....stephen hawking

Cameron Drummond - 2017-11-20
Worst than water boarding! Lol! Could do an entire sketch com with this show as the conclusion! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Spencer Meow Choi - 2017-11-20
These interviews are so entertaining ive never heard of this guest before

Tommy Ory - 2017-11-20
Come out to the laugh factory to see mike tyson's stand-up tragedy routine

matt dupont - 2017-11-19
Litcherally said it too many times 🤣

Jan Christian Frodahl - 2017-11-19
10.12, cosby looks like he just put some ludes in his drink..
Rapist fuckin scumbag..

Blu Techer - 2017-11-19
He needs some milk

BlainSphere - 2017-11-19
He highlights mob mentality so well. People dont even realize what they VORACIOUSLY defend or stand up for.

Santos Nañez Estrada - 2017-11-15
Im just watching all of these... I just liked this b4 im watching it. . .. Im okay with it. Xo hasan

Prophet Muhammad - 2017-11-14
Hey guess what, he's your president now booboo 😉

kk kat piter - 2017-11-13
TRUMP is a great President for your country......grow up from the liberal brainwashing.

kk kat piter - 2017-11-13
OOOh...this is the 'comedian' that slammed Trump FOR Obama..... so, agenda scumbag.

kk kat piter - 2017-11-13
LOOOUUURVE THIS ...................take on Heston and Ramsey!!!

Haixus - 2017-11-11
I'm with Bill Cosby, I don't like this guy either

Actually Tasteful Productions - 2017-11-10
Wow this is the first video ive seen where they dont do the last Dab. He was real sneaky about it too.

Patrick Foley - 2017-11-09
You know you're impactful when the first 3 minutes you talk about someone else besides yourself...

drew 15 - 2017-11-08
Shaq needs to be on this show, it's an absolute must

Emily Bushnell - 2017-11-07
sean dead ass has an iron butthole

Just A Guy - 2017-11-07
get Hanna Hart on this show

monkeypolicd - 2017-11-04
Hahah called his kids dipshits lol tru story.

Adrian Castillo - 2017-11-03
Malcom Gladwell's 10 000 hours is from his book Outliers not The Tipping point. That's probably the nerdiest thing I've ever said.

OoMASEoO - 2017-11-02
Amy Schumer, Natasha Leggero

Sean Burnette - 2017-11-02
Can't wait to watch this. I'm super late.

Cephas Bethlehem - 2017-10-29
Hasan is the man hands down

Drifter - 2017-10-29
Sean Evans is moving his hands and arms even more than usual this episode lol

Gucci Jetty Bruce Shagg Shaggy Lee - 2017-10-28
Bring 44 Barrack Obama

James Morrison - 2017-10-27
We need the rock on this show

Luckybit e. x. player - 2017-10-24
Hot one with Avenger

Bacall McElroy - 2017-10-21
It’s interesting that Hassan has comments about bill Cosby but nothing about mike Tyson, a convicted confessed rapist and wife beater.

BoM - 2017-10-20
Trump watched this episode and sent a tweet: "FAKE INDIAN... Can't take the hot sauce... SAD!" :D

Pop Comic Mainiac - 2017-10-20
The dramatic music is awesome and the changes in sound when the hot sauce hits the person adds a lot to the viewing experience

John Lemus - 2017-10-19
I really feel this complete and utter disdain toward Hasan Minhaj. I liked hearing how he got body slammed by Michael Jordan's Body Guard. I also liked seeing him in pain.

Marco Alvarez - 2017-10-19
Played yourself. Trump is president now and it sucks.

Amanda San Pedro - 2017-10-17
Holy shit the Mike Tyson part had me dying

L - 2017-10-17
He's so well spoken, funny, and intelligent

phil verhey - 2017-10-16
that Truman show white house thing is GENIE-IN-A-BOTTLE-OUS!

Mr-EfTi - 2017-10-13
6:15 Ooooh man. The twist is soooooo fine 😁 you guys were making fun of Trump n little you do know 😁 a month later and he is the President

Shalom Stevenson - 2017-10-12
This is great, I love Hasan. I would love to see Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon on this show!

luz posada - 2017-10-12
I love him so mcuh

Lee Donoghue - 2017-10-11
He's not even eating the full wing the pussy.

Nonya Bizness - 2017-10-11
Who is the chick at 4:03? She looks evily hot as FUCK!!

Gil Fiazon - 2017-10-10
Possibly the softest little pussy on this planet

dawgyv72 - 2017-10-10
This was hard to listen to. I like Hasan but every other sentence pointed out race or color .

Büñnû Bøî - 2017-10-09
Wow im so late for this guy 😂 by the way tf is up with these booty hurt comments if you dont like the guy or what he is saying or his views on politics please leave Islam and the fact of him being a Muslim or muslim people out of it, the things some of you say is really hurtful how can you bully a religion or a race for being terrible when really no ones race is if you look back alot of people who represented our religion , culture etc has done some pretty fucked up shit that we want to forget . also dont come at a whole group of people for the retardation of other people who do happens to claim to belong in that group I'm Muslim lmao and I dont wanna be labeled a terrorist and dont call me a sand monkey if you get offended by me calling you a cracker or a nigger/negro

Muhammad Faizan - 2017-10-07
Do this with Jennifer Lawrence

greenytaddict - 2017-10-07
I love it when the guests hit that nirvana state😅

C McCollum - 2017-10-06
He is Beautiful like wow...

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