Norway's West: Fjords, Mountains, and Bergen

Norway's West: Fjords, Mountains, and Bergen
For Scandinavia's most thrilling sightseeing, we sail under towering fjord cliffs, hike on powerful glaciers, and find surviving traditions in remote farm hamlets. Then we delve into the Hanseatic heritage and enjoy the salty hospitality of Norway's historic capital, Bergen.

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Norway's West: Fjords, Mountains, and Bergen



dontzenyourselfout - 2018-01-19
...this is the most boring guy
on the planet

virgorouge - 2018-01-17
This scenery is breathtaking. Thank you for posting. I just received a donation from Norway.

Atramentar1 - 2018-01-08
"75 years ago this glacier filled most of this valley". That's pretty worrying.

Sam Alison - 2017-12-28
It's a beautiful place .. she wants to stay there! But our places, there is nothing out there! Let's see what happens in our place, look what our seats are!... Azerbaijan!

RC RC - 2017-12-20
Norway 😍

Michael Bleidistel - 2017-12-19
The tallest sea cliffs in the world are in Hawaii, not Norway

Kipper Lane - 2017-12-07

The Linthicums - 2017-12-07
Fun series but the churches and Jesus focus gets old really, really fast.

Wat - 2017-12-06
That was great

Martin Lanigan - 2017-12-05
that is nice

Veenna Rao - 2017-12-04
Great video

yvonne squadrilli - 2017-11-24
so beautiful thank you

Darvin Darvin - 2017-11-23
I live in Norway and i love Bergen very much , Bergen is most beautiful city in the Norway

Alex Haydn - 2017-11-21
Norway and Norwegians are deadly boring

TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity - 2017-10-17
climate change is not man made, the sun's cycles are more than any human activity could ever dream of doing...

Regina Fox - 2017-09-20
Heaven on Earth

Dennis Reed - 2017-09-15
Norway sounds like a good county

Dennis Reed - 2017-09-15
really cool video makes me want to travel there i subscibed loved it 5/5 good video ill watch more

Roger Paice - 2017-09-14
Rick Steves & his crew ............"fan.... tas.... tic" Norway's West, a most inspiring nation a wonderfully put together film. 10/10 *** Thank you.

Carol Laranja - 2017-09-06
I already been here, now new ventures!

fphedman - 2017-08-21
Belarus next? :-)

MrPh30 - 2017-07-22
West and Aust Agder you need to visit also later , Arendal,Grimstad , Kristiansand, Kvinesdal, Sira, Setesdalen .

brannlyn - 2017-07-14
Visit Preikestolen and Trolltunga for a spectacular View. They are just a few our drive from Stavanger and Bergen.

Dogancan W - 2017-07-12

Fazal Mehmood - 2017-07-02
jeg er ikke en kvinne :D I am learning Norwegian. Man that's a tough language to master!

Akon Story - 2017-06-15
Oslo ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Easybakeoven 21 - 2017-06-10
Is that a bloke 9:30 ??

Judy Charis - 2017-06-08
When is the best month to go Norway?

Aftab Mugheri Aftab - 2017-06-03
beautiful Norway, wonderful place to visit, love from pakistan

Iza Costa compositora - 2017-06-02
I want back to Norway... ❤ so beautiful

Plecakiem Po Mapie - 2017-05-23
really beautiful!

Animated gif - 2017-05-21
Great scenery

Big Pharma - 2017-05-20
I love my Norwegian heritage.. it's so pure there in Norway unlike the USA :( I've always wanted to move there...

Jakob Frisvoldsen - 2017-05-15
West Norge = Best Norge

twatty mc twattface - 2017-05-13

Susan Evers - 2017-05-11
I am of Norwegian heritage, proven by Ancestry DNA. My great-grandparents left Bergen in 1902 to come to Minnesota. My grandma was 2..Thank you for your videos of Norway for they allow me to visit my forefathers homeland via YouTube. ❤️ I hope to visit one day.

Joachim Macdonald - 2017-05-09
and americans claim that socalism doesnt work

nisachol wongjampa - 2017-05-06
Norway seem like heaven.The road is very clean. The peoples are look like kind.

Exotic Food - 2017-05-05
I have never known how beautiful Norway is until I see this

I will see you for sure this August

Mez KherC - 2017-04-29
If I were Rick Steve I wouldn't get any dollar to do those episodes of heaven, I would just enjoying the sightseeing and tours all over the world without getting salary

Asiya K - 2017-04-11
Amazing video. now I need to travel to Norway & follow your experience. Thanks Mr. Rick

Samantha Bell - 2017-04-06
whats the classical piece at 22:30???

Angelica Morales - 2017-04-05
wow beautiful place ever..😍😍😍😍😍

transgender macaroni - 2017-04-01
Such a beautiful country. I hope to visit it in the near future

مجنون في بعض الاحيان - 2017-04-01
i like this country so much

History Traveler - 2017-03-24
hahaha. massive infastructure? We pay 30% of our own budget for roads. and 0.1% is spent on roads. That Lærdalstunnel is the only proud monument of West Norway.
Still it takes 8 -9houers to drive the amazing 480km from Bergen to Oslo.

AndyHarpist - 2017-03-21
Rick. You must learn to pronounce things more correctly. It's really the mark of a real presenter. Americanising words is not really acceptable on a world net.

Schyler Manley - 2017-03-18
Adore Bergen, spent an entire summer traveling through Norway and fell in love with the country.

Emily fang - 2017-03-13
so fantastic

Egil Ove Nysather - 2017-03-13
Bergen the most beatiful city of Norway !

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