Mallerlyn - 2017-09-06
such a gorgeous mom seriously

MyWorldAt5feet - 2017-08-11
Chriselle !! You are looking more and more amazing with time 😍😱 my fav outfit is vitamin sea, you rocked that crochet dress like no other ~

Christina Yang - 2017-08-08
vitamin sea!

Sally C. - 2017-08-06
loved all the outfits!! but where are the white heels from? they're not on the blog post

Misami • - 2017-08-06
Stunning x vitamin sea 😍

Karen S - 2017-08-06
arent the shoes too small in the first outfit?

Victoria Hong - 2017-07-31
Nice looks, editing, and music. I love the music so much! can anybody tell me what the song is?

ChelleBelle718 - 2017-07-31
Your style is everything! 😍 Loved the bodysuit and skirt combo!

dainty deities - 2017-07-28
I wonder if I can still enter the giveaway😓 sun kissed look02 was my favorite! and look 04 that dress is so beautiful

tanvi gupta - 2017-07-26
Hi, Chriselle
Could you maybe do a review of the best products for men's skin??
There is a dearth of information on the same! Please help!
Forever you follower! x,T <3

Evelyn Park - 2017-07-25
I loved the breezy maxi look! Loved how the dress consisted of a green color for poignancy and a solid pattern for simplicity!

Jacklyn Quin - 2017-07-22
Love the max dresses because they are so airy and you can bring them from day to nite out with your friends. As always thanks for all your up dates with skin care. Jackie.

Halston Brash - 2017-07-22
Love those sunnies! The first look was my fav

queendarkness666 - 2017-07-21
Love all, but my fav was number 3!

Jena T - 2017-07-21
such a beautiful video. the aesthetics <33

Merinette A. Genao - 2017-07-19
I LOVE Vitamin Sea <3

muhleekuh - 2017-07-19
Loving look #5!!~~ The whole time on instagram I thought it was a dress, but you are killing the game with that look!!! Also, loving the simplicity of the t-shirt dress. One of my fav looks for summer with a great statement shoe.

Valery Leng - 2017-07-19
Love look #3, maxi dresses are the way to go :)

Appy kofe - 2017-07-19
cannot believe that she is married nd got one baby 😲😲 bcoz she is still got so good body and here I am still single nd struggling fo slim body 😢😢 god save me 😐😐😐

Alice Chang - 2017-07-19
Love look #5! That crochet dress coverup is so beautiful!

Nashy T - 2017-07-18
s u n k i s s e d <3

Chelsea Vang - 2017-07-18
My favorite look has to be Summer Blues 💙

Claudia Areli González Gómez - 2017-07-18
Chriselle, please make a video about underwear and tips on how to wear clothes with no bra! I loooooove how more women are embracing not wearing a bra, but I think it's still is a tabu this "free the nipple" thing and it is still hard to get use to it on a daily basis. A little talk about it would help to gain more confidence. thank you <3

Claudia Areli González Gómez - 2017-07-18
I loved "Easy Breezy" & "Vitamin Sea"

janicexarcalas - 2017-07-18
Love the tiny glasses on your last look on you!

Lisa Yee - 2017-07-18
I'm loving Look 5! Modern cold shoulder look paired with a retro crocheted swimsuit vibe. Perfect for summer!

Becca Boop - 2017-07-18
I loved Vitamin Sea!! Love white in summer!

Jane Hong - 2017-07-18
I love love the girls just wanna have sun outfit :)))

maryum salam - 2017-07-17
outfit no.1 aka summer blues perfectly compliments your body! ☀💖

Mika Ohata - 2017-07-17
The video editing is amazing and all the looks are so great for those hot summer days...especially in LA! I am in love with looks 3 + 4! they're both the perfect getaway outfits. I love the shape + colors + patterns....

CeeCee Wang - 2017-07-17
Gingham outfit aka Girls just wanna have sun was definitely my favourite! Planning to go out on picnic soon so this outfit was just what I needed😍 Your one chic hot mama🔥

ivy lucas - 2017-07-17
Girls just want to have sun and vitamin see has got to be my favorite

Ruth Leslie - 2017-07-17
No 6 with those oversized trousers and scalloped bikini.. yes please!!!

Elk Karagöz - 2017-07-17
That magda butrym dress & cushenie et ochs bodysuit from your trip 😻

Mikaela Pineda - 2017-07-17
Love love love the editing and all the outfits! 😍 But my favourite would have to be the oversized tee/dress outfit because you can never go wrong with one. (:

Belinda Ng - 2017-07-17
I love look 4! Easy Breezy That Summer Feeling! I already love maxi dresses, simply because its breezy without showing too much skin! And if its flow, it just makes me feel like a princess!

Haiyun Chen - 2017-07-17
Love "sun kissed" outfit! Who doesn't wanna look sun-kissed all the time!

Sharon Jiang - 2017-07-17
The editing is so beautiful! Loved how you paired all the swimwear for 'daywear'

yurisforfools - 2017-07-17
The Easy Breezy maxi dress was my favorite!

1) the dress itself was G O R G E O U S . I mean, that color alone was to die for.

2) it was such a wearable look. I could really see myself wearing that!

Thanks Chriselle! Great content as always!

tibluv - 2017-07-17
Hey Chriselle! Would love to see a what you normally eat in a day video :)

June Han - 2017-07-17
Look four! Obsessed with how convenient and beautiful maxi dresses are

Amy Saito - 2017-07-17
lovvee the 2nd outfit! Girly yet playful and sexy. Would def rock this outfit on vacation. Lovee you and Clobear 🐻 💕

Vivian Li - 2017-07-17
I love love the silk pants and bikini top look!

Heather Saba - 2017-07-17
Look #5 is BEYOND stunning and so inspiring!!! You look like a vision in a dream. Bravo for pulling this sexy, sophisticated, yet relaxed look. Xoxo

Nicole Sonobe - 2017-07-17
all look fab on you!

Cécile Nguyen - 2017-07-16
sun kisses and vitamin sea are my favorites! 😍

grace - 2017-07-16
Great work as always Chriselle! I'm travelling to a fairly conservative country that requires for an example no exposed shoulder and the weather is going to be hot and humid, any ideas on suitable styles?

Darya Lefroy - 2017-07-16
I really loved the third one!

Paulina - 2017-07-16
Dear Chriselle, such a cool video, i really love your hot mama style:)

I'm obsessed with all of the looks😍 but the sun kissed look is definitely my favourite!


Kim Bui - 2017-07-16
Ahh I strive to look as elegant and as sophisticated as you Chriselle!!

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