Pulling Down The Strongholds - Nancy Missler

Pulling Down The Strongholds - Nancy Missler
In this segment Nancy Missler discusses pulling down the strongholds. This segment comes from the "Kingdom, Power, and Glory Weekend" commentary published by Koinonia House.

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Pulling Down The Strongholds - Nancy Missler



Kristey H - 2017-12-30
Thank you so much for uploading this wonderful empowering video!

Larry Medina - 2013-08-10
She is so cute! "Strong holds are like, I gotcha" hahaha

aimeecurry46 - 2013-08-07
That is a great message Mrs. Missler. I think you should review some of Derek Princes old sermons and reinvent them in some way for the Koinonia House audience. He is superb in my opinion when it comes to spiritual warfare and truths. You rarely ever hear the things that he speaks on and I think they are paramount for these end times.

EndlessWonder - 2013-08-07
Thanks so much for the wonderful words of wisdom! Nice to see you Mrs. Missler!

MeInTheCornfield - 2013-08-07
One great teaching, I'll say!!! Amen, Mrs. Missler! Let the Word & the Spirit renew your mind; renew our inner man!

HoodMinister - 2013-08-06
Thank you Mrs. Missler and may our great God and mighty Savior Jesus Christ, bless you and your husband for the encouraging direction you give the Brethren from the Scripture. Thank you for reminding believers that the Word of God can and should be applied in our daily life and against the onslaughts of the enemy. Glory to God! He is always sooo GOOD to us!

Brenda Lindsay - 2013-08-06
Thank you for the great teaching, it has armed me with clear direction of application of God's word. May the Lord continue to bless and use this ministry in the lives of many.

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